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    To anyone who is or has taken clomid
    OneWish2010 posted:
    Hi everyone my name is Missie and my husband (Dennis) and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year now and are now on our second round of clomid. I was told I have POS and this has bothered me and my husband. We have one child who will be five in feb of 2011, but were hoping to at least be pregnant by then. I am actually on here looking for advice, If anyone on here is on or has taken clomid... how long did it take before you got the results you were looking for? I am on the 100mg a day for five days every month... any words of wisdom would be more than appreciated.
    carmel_2010 responded:
    have been on clomid for 4 months now and nothing yet...but I'll keep you up tp date on my progress...GOOD LUCK!
    eghorton replied to carmel_2010's response:
    Everyone is so different. I am on my second month of 100mg and have not ovualted either sister took 100mg and got pregant the first time (she also used Ovidrel a trigger shot). Best of Luck!!!!
    rooni222 responded:
    Hi OneWish! Yes i took first round of 50 mg in october but i just found out that it didnt work. I am currently taking Provera to induce a period so i can start the second round of 100mg clomid. I am very nervous and really hope that the second round works. Though I wasnt diagnosed with anything, what i "have" resembles mostly PCOS as well. I really hope that it works for you. I dont have any children so its very disappointing. Keep us posted on your progress. Its hard for me sometimes to stay positive but i suppose thats all we can do. Keep trying and hopefully soon you'll be giving us the good news!
    rooni222 replied to eghorton's response:
    Hey Eghorton, just thought id check in with you. Hows it going?
    carmel_2010 replied to eghorton's response:
    wow that is good about your sister!! I wish!!! I am on 50mg of CLOMID and I have had an unltrasound and the eggs are there just not understanding why its taking so long....but i guess its worth the wait...i am taking clomid no i take it on day 5-10 and i have one more dose to take tomorrow then i go for an ultrasound monday november 22nd to check for eggs... hopefully i will be pregnant soon...but the one thing that scares me is clomid has a risk of twins.... WOW! i only want one but i guess 2 would be a blessing from god....
    eghorton replied to carmel_2010's response:
    You will have to keep us updated! It is good they are monitoring you so closely!

    Hey Rooni222 I got a POSITIVE OPK today first time ever! I am just a little nervous that is isn't 100% accurate my husband is working out of town this week about 2 hours away and I am consdering driviing there tonight.....I know another girl that is on here took OPK's and got a positve however she really didn't O so I am nervous to drive out of town to do the deed for no reason......but if it is accurate it would be so worth it!
    fiannakyn replied to eghorton's response:
    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but to make sure you know Clomid is NOT a magic pill that will make you pregnant without fail. Each woman is diffrent and respond diffrently.

    I'm on my 9th month on clomid (7th on 100mg) and still nada. Not even sure if I ovulated properly on any of them, I've had mid cycle u/s on only one cycle and that one showed a 4.5cm cyst and no ovulation (Sept). I have 2 more cycle to go before I throw in the towel for good.
    Vicky Dh(33) TTC1 10yrs. PCOS w/IR. Met 1500mg,waiting on doctor's orders for this cycle. will be working towards adoption soon.
    triceypoo replied to fiannakyn's response:
    Egorton's I say take your chance, you have nothing to lose but time and gas. I will definately drive there, and who knows this could be your month. I'm still waiting for a positive OPK, hopefully in a few days for me. It's my first month on clomid, and I have crazy faith that this will work. I will keep you guys posted, and baby dust to everyone.
    rooni222 replied to triceypoo's response:
    OMG Eghorton! thats GREAT! i am so exctied for you! Like i said before even if you dont get to try just the fact that you might have ovulated is good!! is your doc going to do a 22 day test on you to test your progestrone? Keep positive! i'll be praying! keep us posted!
    babywanted26 responded:
    I was on clomid for about 8 months before we got pregnant. I too have PCOS and I have endometriosis. It was a long road for us but we managed to make it through. I had laproscopic surgery back in June 09 and then went on Lupron injections to stop the growing of endometriosis. We decided we were ready to try in March and in early October we got our positive pregnancy. I was up to 2000mg a day of metformin and 150mg a month of clomid. I was ready to throw in the towel in the early part of october when they told me my progestrone levels had dropped yet again to 4.9. At times I had up to 11.9 levels. The week I found out i felt like I was ready to start a normal period and my DH kept saying maybe you should take a pregnancy test to be on the safe side. I didnt think it was worth it because of my progestrone levels and I had take a pregnancy test the week before and it was negative. So not thinking I would get that positive I took one, then i took another, and another because I didnt believe it. So I know that Clomid works because I never ovulated on my own before I started taking it! Good luck to you and dont give up!!

    OneWish2010 replied to fiannakyn's response:
    Please do not throw in the towel, I have been moved to the 150mg a day fro 5 days now and still nothing but I am going to keep my head held up and make sure my dreams come true I will def. keep you in my prayers... Oh and just for the record I NEVER thought that CLOMID was a MAGIC pill.
    OneWish2010 replied to babywanted26's response:
    Thank you so much for your wonderful story of journey on clomid. I really needed to hear something like that. I am on 150mg of clomid now, actually this is day five now and I am hoping that when I go back to see my doctor for my scan he will tell me good news. I know that weight has some factors with this and I am not by and way saying that I am too big but I am not a small person either. My husband and I have been told that if I do not start showing some kind of reaction to the clomid that we will need to take another route, unfortunately I cannot afford to take the other road. My doctor is talking to us about injections that will cost upwards of a thousand dollarsa month. We just cannot spend that kind of money. Please keep me in your prayers as I will do the same for you. Happy holidays!
    creekat responded:
    Hey I just finished my 2nd round of 50mg of Clomid earlier this month and just got my 1st positive OPK. I also have PCOS so I know how rare ovulating is since my husband and I have been trying for 16 months. Keep your head up and don't throw in the towel. Good Luck to all of you ladies!!!
    babywanted26 replied to OneWish2010's response:
    I hope you guys dont throw in the towel on clomid. I was ready to give up actually more than once but my DH was my rock. I also could not afford to go another route. I knew if clomid did not work we would not be able to conceive any other way. I am also not too big of a size but I am a little overweight. I was also told that getting some weight off might help so while I was on Clomid I did calorie counting. Which helped me a lot! I lost a few pounds but nothing dramatic. I certainly will keep you in my prayers because I know exactly how you are feeling right now. It can really take its toll on you. Just remember that God has his time for everyone! It took me a long time to see it. Have a Merry Christmas!!


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