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    2WW started -- anyone else going nuts?!
    Stenya posted:
    I started my 2 week wait on hoping I dont drive myself completly nuts this next week or so! I have to go for blood work Monday the 22nd, but that is to test my progesterone levels (this is my first month being on Clomid). Next Thursday I go in for an ultrasound with my OB/GYN.

    Anyone in the middle or just starting their wait? How was your last month? I took an OPK last week and I think I ovulated 14 & 15. Im very anxious to see what happens the next two weeks.

    Hope everyone is doing well...stay sane ladies
    BabyParks responded:
    I am in the 2WW i guess but we weren't on any meds this month or trying as I am scheduled for surgery aug 25th. I will be on cycle day 24 that day so I am thinking I ovulated around day 11-12 not sure tho. I hurt pretty bad so could have been a cyst this month. Hoping this surgery helps with all the pain I deal with. I have been on clomid 4 months total with baby #2 and IUI one of those times. Still not pregnant but hoping this surgery makes me more fertile and helps with the process. Hoping your first month works. With my son I got pregnant first month on clomid 50mg and carried him full term. First time to ever be pregnant also. We had tried for 9 months previous to that! Baby dust to you
    Stenya replied to BabyParks's response:
    I hope everything works well for you with this surgery. You will have to keep me posted. Is your doctor having you go off clomid or are you still going to be on it after the surgery?

    Oh I so wish this first round of clomid works. I have read that it has worked for a few women on this board for the first round....I sure hope I can be apart of that group. This will be our first baby and everything is very stressful, exciting etc. Im trying to figure out how to make the time pass by a bit easier this next week.

    How early did you take a HPT with your first baby? Im wondering how soon I can take one.

    All the best to you!
    BabyParks replied to Stenya's response:
    I think surgery will help me with my pain if nothing else and that will be good.
    I hope clomid works for you 1st cycle as well. I started spotting on cycle day 29, I remember exactly what happened. My LMP was Jan 11, 2009 and I went along exactly with the days of the month that cycle, this is how I remember it so well! I started spotting on Feb 8th early AM. around 1 or so and thought i had just started like normal and was very upset and started crying. Well next day I didn't really think about it much and went and changed like normal but noticed nothing on tampon so I just put another in and went about day. Around lunch time I changed again and nothing so I thought, hmmmm I know I am not pregnant but i'm gonna take this test just to see(that i had left over) and bam it shot up 2 lines really fast so I had to run to walmart and get 2 more to make sure. Went to dr. next day and confirmed with blood test. 8 months later Oct. 8th had my son
    BabyParks replied to BabyParks's response:
    I will decide about clomid and IUI after surgery depending on how i feel, he said I can do a cycle next month which would start around Aug 30th or so. So only a few days after surgery i'll see how i feel!
    BridgetBurke responded:
    I start 2WW on Saturday and I am going crazy! I have never been good at waiting. . . I think I just got my first positive OPK this morning. I am doing the strip kind and the test line was about the same shade as the control line. I go for bloodwork on August 25th. This is also my first cycle of Clomid and I am so anxious to see if it works! Please keep in touch. I need some Clomid buddies to help keep me sane especially in the coming weeks.

    Baby dust!
    Stenya replied to BabyParks's response:
    That's such a great little story! I can only imagine how excited you were.

    Im trying not to get my hopes up, but as you know its hard not to think about it. This time next week I hopefully will know either way. I go for blood work on Monday (to check progesterone levels) and then an ultrasound on Wednesday to check the lining etc. I keep praying that the doctor will have some good news for me...but who knows.
    Stenya replied to BridgetBurke's response:
    Dont you hate those strips?! It seems really simple but I hate that you have to use your judgement on wether the lines are the same shade. In our mind we want the lines to be the same shade so I worry that I will make myself see it that way. When I got my positive OPK I took the test to my husband and asked him. He laughed and said "did you just pee on this stick?"! hahah thats love.

    Yes lets please keep in touch. We are basically in the same situation. I just finished my first round of clomid and next Thursday is my CD 28. I have PCOS so I dont know if my cycle will be 28 days or not...but im just hoping that it willl be.
    kmf09 replied to BridgetBurke's response:
    I was using the strips as well. Someone on here said they used the Clear Blue digital ones (with a smiley face). They are pricey, but so much easier than trying to decipher if the strip is the same color or darker. I was going crazy with those. The smiley face is great, there is no guessing! hopefully you don't have to use them again but just incase--try them!
    The first round I tested with the OPK, i didn't get a positive until CD 14, and the second was CD 16. The fertility dr told me that anywhere from 14-16 is what they usually look for!
    WisGirl24 replied to kmf09's response:
    I do really like the Clear Blue Easy Digital OPK's! I ordered them on and it was $25 for a pack of 20, which got me through two cycles. It's so nice to see a smiley face instead of always second guessing the darkness of the lines on the manual ones.
    zuzyque responded:
    Am I the only one that my dr. hasn't done any test to see if I'm ovulating while on clomid?
    UE1997 replied to zuzyque's response:
    You are not the only one that the OBGYN has not had any test run to see if you are ovulating. I started my second month of clomid 50mg on 8/14. I do use the OPK. I have tried the First Response Ovulation Test but they are very hard to figure out when you get a LH Surge. So, I have also bought the Clearblue Digital they are a little bit more money 7 test for about $23.00. I was glad to hear someone found them on for a good price. I do have to call the doctors office every month to check in. I had a miscarriage in April when I was almost 12 weeks, so when I could not figure out if I ovulated in June when we started trying again the OBGYN put me on Clomid. We are praying we can get pregnant again! Blessings to all!
    BabyParks replied to BridgetBurke's response:
    I will keep in touch Bridget. I hope you are doing well today! Keep busy these next 2 months! baby dust!
    BabyParks replied to Stenya's response:
    just keep positive, i just knew i wasn't pregnant with parker and even after starting I still thought i wasn't. I took that test and was so shocked. I ran to hubby and cried first then to walmart to get 2 more test Forgot to post that part! We were thrilled!
    BridgetBurke replied to BabyParks's response:
    We were very surprised with our BFP with Jason. I finally found a dr who was willing to start a "pregnancy plan" as she called it. I discussed my concerns and problems with her beginning of May 2009. She said June 7 ,1 week after AF should arrive, if I didn't get it to take Provera and then we would do Clomid. Took Pregnancy test end of May - another awful negative, but I was optimistic because we had a plan this time. On June 7th I took another test, fully expecting it to also be negative, but the prescription directions said to take one before starting 1st dose. I was floored when it was actually positive! You never know when it will happen. Like BabyParks said: "just keep positive."

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