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    I'm Ovulating.... YAY!!!!
    Lopersgrl posted:
    Hello ladies, i just wanted to give a little update on me. Anyone who knows my story knows that I am having problems ovulating and even with clomid I had no success.. The hubby and I decided to take a break after the 3rd round of clomid failed. So here I am. I am on my 3rd cycle since I quit taking clomid and I finally got a positive ovulation test. I know it seems a little odd to get so excited over ovulation but when you havent ovulated in atleast 5 months it is monumental. Especially since ovulation is key to getting pregnant. I think I am as excited to get a + ovulation as I would be if I got a bfp. YAY for me.. even if it doesnt result in pregnancy I am still excited I atleast had the opportunity to try this month..

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to everyone
    ATT76 responded:
    Lopersgrl that is awesome!! It is those small victories that we need to celebrate! Glad you actually get to 'try' this month. Enjoy the month and baby dust!!

    Thanks for sharing your happy news!!!!
    Me(35), DH(36), 3 rounds clomid, TTC for 14 months, First round IUI 12/14
    ChloeMcG13 responded:
    Hooray Lopersgrl!

    It is definitely a big deal - to know that your body is finally doing what it needs to be! I was also as excited last month when I ovulated! Enjoy the BD!

    Congrats and Best of Luck!
    Me 32, DH 33, TTC 12 Months, First Round of Clomid 11/10 followed by Ovidrel Injection 11/19. Currently in 2ww - u/s and bloodwork 12/5 to see if it worked!
    BabyParks responded:
    Hey girl just read this. HOw are you doing? I've been thinking about you alot. SO excited you got a on Ovulation test. That is huge! I will be praying for you like crazy these next weeks!
    deliela999 responded:
    Congratulations!! Each step just gets us closer to that BFP.
    maragayle responded:
    It doesn't seem odd at all to be excited! In October I was excited to see AF appear on her own since I hadn't seen her naturally in years. I was almost as excited as I would be with a BFP! I agree that we need to celebrate the "smaller" victories!

    I haven't ovulated on my own yet, but I know I'll be just as excited as you are when I finally get a smiley face on that OPK!
    Me 22, DH 24, TTC 17 months, 4 rounds Clomid
    Lopersgrl responded:
    THANKS LADIES!!!!!!!! I really appreciate the support. It is good to know that I am not a wacko for getting sooooo excited. You guys were the first ones I had to tell. After my husband of It was so funny the way I ran outside holding the ovulation test. it looked just like I had gotten a BFP. I was jumping and waving it around screaming "I am ovulating, see the smiley face.. "

    BabyParks I am doing great so far. This time off has really been good for us. We haven't had baby talk in a while and it is a lot of stress off my shoulders. We have also been staying very busy with work so I havent really had the time to think about it. I bought the ovulation tests just to see if I would ovulate so I would have more info for the doc when we went back to see him. I couldnt believe it actually gave me a smiley face:-)

    How is the pregnancy going? I was so excited when I read about it.
    BabyParks replied to Lopersgrl's response:
    Hey girl. I am so glad you got that smiley face When will you find out if you are indeed preggers? I will be praying for you and I know you don't want to get your hopes up at all but a positive O is huge. If you aren't pregnant this time when will you start back to the doctor again?

    So glad you took this much needed time off. I know I for sure needed the time off and just to not think about any of it for a while and I just knew for sure that this month we would be starting our clomid and IUI again. I am so thankful that I do NOT have to go thru with that. I was dreading it due to the breast cancer history I have and all. SO relieved my mammogram was normal and I am now pregnant and 9 weeks. I am doing good. Everything seems to be going right as scheduled. I go back Jan 10th for the Scan to make sure all is good. Keep me posted on you ok. I am praying for you.
    ATT76 replied to BabyParks's response:
    Babyparks it is nice hear that things are going good for you. I have been thinking about you and wondering how everything was going. Good luck with the Scan in January! Keep up updated on your progress! We all need that little sign of hope!

    I did the Clomid/IUI thing this month. I will find out the end of the month if it works. Here's to hoping and praying!!
    Me(35), DH(36), 3 rounds clomid, TTC for 14 months, First round IUI 12/14
    Lopersgrl replied to BabyParks's response:
    I didn't really plan on testing at all until I was like 2-3 weeks late on my period because they are so crazy.

    I should start my period any where from the 28-30based on my ovulation test. It would be nice to find out around Christmas that I was. I think I am going to test on the 31st if I haven't already started my period to make sure if i am or not because we want to go out and drink for the New Year and I would like to know before we do. My hormones should be high enough by then to test and get a somewhat accurate result.

    Dh and I both have been praying this is our month but we don't want to get our hopes up so we don't really talk about it and I try not to think about it to much.

    If this round is not successful then we have not decided when to go back yet. Our Insurance takes effect on Jan 1st so I will be able to start getting a diagnosis soon... Hopefully...

    I am sooo glad to hear everything is going good with your pregnancy... It is always nice to get updates on success stories..
    BabyParks replied to ATT76's response:
    Thanks so much! I am still doing ok. Going back tomorrow cause I am having some pulling in my uterus which I had with my DS but i just want to make sure it's normal so they are bringing me in for an ultrasound tomorrow. I am pretty sure it's from all the severe scar tissue and that is what is hurting. Let me know when you find out your results! Yay to clomid~!
    BabyParks replied to Lopersgrl's response:
    Let me know how you are doing. I have been thinking about you alot lately! I am still doing ok. Keep me posted on you tho. Thinking and praying for you!
    Lopersgrl replied to BabyParks's response:
    Hey BabyParks. I am doing good. AF came on New Year's Eve. So I didnt bring in the new year in a good way but I am still excited I ovulated on my own. I am just hoping the same thing happens this month. I still have not gotten a diagnosis yet. We finally got insurance from his work and it is so crappy I have to come out of pocket $5,000 before they will cover ANYTHING.. it is ridiculous and I am starting to think we shouldnt have gotten it to begin with. Oh well though, just another obstacle on our journey and hopefully everything will work out.

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