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    Doctors orders to start taking Clomid w/o a period first???
    Maggie722 posted:
    Hi Ladies...My husband and I have been TTC for a year now and havent had any luck. My doctor gave me provera to try to get me to have a period. After waiting 30 days after taking it still no AF. I called my dr on Friday and she told me to go ahead and just start taking the clomid??? I am afraid that she is just setting me up for failure. My last period was Nov 2011. Why would she just have me start taking the clomid without having a period. Is it even possible to get pregnant with clomid without having a period? I am not being monitored at all during this cycle either. I had blood work and an ultrasound before we started all of this but she didnt think it was necessary to be monitored during the cycle to see if the clomid was really doing its job. I don't know what to think right now and I am a little nervous and thinking this is all for nothing! Any advice...
    maragayle responded:
    I've never heard of using Clomid without having AF first. My doctor made it pretty clear that it was important to get your period before starting the Clomid. That way your uterine lining is right where it's supposed to be.

    If I were you, I'd get a second opinion. If you're already questioning the competence of your doctor, you will feel much better getting a second opinion. In this process a great doctor makes a world of difference!
    Me 23, DH 24, TTC 18 months, on round 6 of Clomid
    Mercerswife responded:
    I've never heard of that either, that just sounds crazy. I also was only monitored on my first round of Clomid but have not been monitored since. I agree with Maragayle, I would get a second opinion and a doctor that you feel comfortable with. If you're questioning them now, you'll only question their decisions more as time goes on. Have you taking a pg test to ensure you aren't pg and that's why you haven't gotten your .? Hope that helps! KUP!
    maragayle replied to Mercerswife's response:
    Think of it this way...if you don't trust your current doctor with your fertility care, you're sure not going to trust them with a pregnancy, your delivery and your newborn! Now is the time to find someone you trust!
    Me 23, DH 24, TTC 18 months, on round 6 of Clomid
    Aj925 responded:
    Hey Maggie,
    I agree with the other ladies on this one. I have never heard of taking Clomid w/o a Period first. My doctor had me start on day 3 -7. They have also done a great job of montering everything from US to blood work. You should definatly get a second opinion. Best of luck. Keep us posted.

    Me (32), DH (31), TTC for 4years, 1st round clomid , HCG tigger shot 1/9 / US 1/9
    Sag76 responded:
    My Doctor also had me start clomid w/o a period. The good thing is that after 25 days I got a period!!! So now Im on my second round of Clomid and we will see where that takes us. I had not had a period for 3 year since I was on Birth control. I do currently have a 3 year old that I got pregnant naturally.
    ChloeMcG13 responded:
    I started Clomid without a period - it is perfectly safe - and I am seeing an infertility specialist/reproductive endocrinologist. My first round I actually ovulated, and then got my period - second round didn't ovulate but had cysts. They put me on birth control - just got AF today (strange - they had me on birth control to get AF to START clomid, and I still didn't get her) and will start my next round this weekend - hoping no cysts.

    Clomid will make you ovulate, so yes, you can get pregnant without having had your period before starting clomid. If you do not get pregnant, then you will get your period because of your ovulating.

    The main thing is that they do an u/s and blood work to make sure your hormones are in the right levels and your uterine lining is where it should be. I wouldn't worry too much, I started w/o a period and I ovulated the first month
    Me 32, DH 33, TTC 12 Months, 1st Round of Clomid 11/10, Ovidrel Injection 11/19. 12/05 - BFN. 2nd Round 100mg, did not ovulate. 3rd round Clomid 1/06, progesterone, estrogen, and ovidrel. IUI 1/16
    maragayle replied to ChloeMcG13's response:
    Glad to hear AF finally showed up! Maybe this is a sign that things are starting to get where they need to be hormonally. We can hope, right?
    Me 23, DH 24, TTC 18 months, on round 6 of Clomid
    att76 replied to ChloeMcG13's response:
    Glad to hear AF showed and you can put that month behind you and focus on the month ahead! KUP!
    Me(35), DH(37), 3 rounds clomid, TTC for 15 months, First round IUI w/ HCG trigger shot 12/14-BFN, Second round IUI w/ HCG trigger shot 1/10/12
    pcv1313 responded:
    My doctor just told me to do the same thing. I called him on day 39 of my cycle (after a negative test) to see if I should take provera. I usually do the provera first, then after my period I take clomid. But this time he told me that the latest studies show that taking provera to bring on a period might actually reduce my chances of conception or something like that. He said that I should just take the Clomid, period or not. It sounds a little crazy to me. But he has been doing this for 25 years and delivered my last 2 babies so I'm going to go with his advice.
    lovepugs replied to pcv1313's response:
    You are right ! My fertility specialist told me the same thing. Provera or a period is not necessary to start Clomid. At first I went to my OB doc and he told me that I needed to have a period before starting clomid. Well, after I never got a period after being on provera 10mg for 5 days and no period for the past 8 months I decided to contact a top fertility specialist. After being on the pill for 11 years, I couldn't seem to get a period at all. I'm glad I went to a specialist because I really didn't want to take provera again especially if I didn't have to. I'm glad to be finally starting clomid.
    chaos612 responded:
    My doc had me on clomid my last cycle with no AF so I think it is perfectly safe to do. clomid is for ovulation your period is your uterine lining shedding so they are really two different things going on each cycle
    sspraglin responded:
    So after reading this thread I wonder if its worth a try . I just did 2 unsuccessful rounds of clomid and was just prescribed 150 of clomid. The provera puts me in a horrible mood and the 2week wait to get the period in the first place is the pits. How would you track the ovulation though, or the cycle days?
    gannmaz replied to sspraglin's response:
    You should start using opk daily starting atleast CD 10 until you get a positive surge. If you are taking your Clomid with out AF consider your 1st day on Clomid CD 5 and continue to count from there. This is what I was instructed by my RE
    dcastellanos0917 replied to gannmaz's response:
    I am in almost in the exact same situation. I am entering my second round of clomid. The first time around my doctor put me on on 10 days of progestrone and then 10 days of estrogen. The first round obviously failed but now that I am starting my second round my doctor is not giving me the meds to get a period he is only starting me on a higher dose of clomid and he told me to consider it day 3. I was concerned and confused about taking the medication without getting a period first but my doctor told me that getting my period does nnot make me ovulate and that the clomid would help me to ovulate. Hope this info helps somebody.

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