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    Where to go from here
    mom2bhopeful10 posted:
    HI everyone, I havent posted in a awhile, so here is a little update. I did clomid for the first time at 50mg in Feburary, according to my 21 day progesterone I O'd but we didnt get a BFP. Tried Clomid again in March with the same results. In March we found out that my husband has low testosterone : ( my ob thought that it might be the cause of us not being able to get PG since I had O'd and thought that maybe we should take a break from Clomid while he started his replacement therapy. Like all of us do I wanted answers. I wanted to know if his Low T was causing our infertility so I called our family doctor and got SA script. It took me two months to get him to actually go in and do it. He was embarrassed, I love my DH but do they not know how uncomfortable it is for us to have to go to the OB GYN every year!?! We got the test results back and he is in the words of the nurse perfect. WOW that was a blow, if it isnt him then it has to be me. DH also doesnt quite understand how heart breaking it all really is for me because he has two sons from a previous marriage, which makes it more frustrating for me. So I went back and consulted with my OB on this new information and we decided that I should go ahead and have an HSG done. Went last friday and had that done, and let me tell you it was not a fun experience. The Dr. at the hospital had a really hard time getting to my Cervix which caused a lot of discomfort. She didnt say so but I am wondering if I am tilted and that is making it harder for us to get PG? After the test she showed me all the images and everything appears to be working the way it should. So here I sit with no explanation of why I cannot get PGt and it is killing me. DH and I have been talking about what our options are now, we have talked about trying clomid again for a few months now that I have had the HSG and see what happens.
    Me(25)DH(36)TTC(12months)Clomid 1st(1/12)
    Leah25Brooke2 responded:
    I've read that a retroverted, or tilted uterus really doesnt make that much difference in getting pregnant. I've got a retroverted uterus, tilted towards the back, and I've been pregnant three times. I hope you find your answers. Good luck!
    TTC 2nd- 11 mos, 1st round of clomid - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Now, periods are regular, trying to conceive on our own.
    mom2bhopeful10 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    Thank you that makes me feel better, I know like everyone else on here I am just tired ot playing the waiting game. And it makes it harder when they cant find anything wrong....
    Me(25)DH(36)TTC(14months)Clomid 1st 50mg(2/12) 2nd 50mg(3/12). DH SA (05/12)Me HSG(06/12)
    maragayle replied to mom2bhopeful10's response:
    It doesn't sound like your OB is overly attentive! My advice would be to ask for a referral to an RE. It will be well worth it! OB's aren't fertility specialists. They don't have all of the tools that REs have because they haven't studied infertility to the extent of an RE. I have been EXTREMELY happy since switching. While I'm still not pregnant, I feel as though the care and expertise I'm receiving is much, much better quality. I love my OB, but she knew her limitations and sent me over to the experts. A good doctor needs to know when to do that.

    Hang in there. I had the HSG as well. All normal, no explanation. Normal SA from DH, too. Sometimes I wish something was least then there'd be an answer? I guess what I'm getting at is that we know how you feel. Vent away if it will make you feel any better.
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,8 rounds Clomid,round two 7.5mg Femara this cycle, test 6/19 BFN, waiting for AF
    HealthyHoosier replied to maragayle's response:
    How long did you all wait to seek a RE instead of your OB? I'm currently on round 4 with no success and zero testing throughout this process (minus at the beginning) and I'm wondering it if it time to ask for a referral. I feel like I am wasting my time sometimes...
    maragayle replied to HealthyHoosier's response:
    It was pretty quick with my second OB. I was with my first OB for a year. He was a moron. The second one tried up to 150mg Clomid for me. She knew her limitations, so when it didn't work she referred me to an RE. I was only with my second OB's office for six months or so before being referred. She treated me like I was a brand new patient based on the prior doctor's incompetence, so that should be an applicable amount of time.

    It's up to you, too, though. You don't need to wait for them to refer you. You can always ask for a referral. If it would make you feel better to see an expert, then do it! I know I like seeing the RE more. They just know a lot more because they specialize in infertility.
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,8 rounds Clomid, round three 7.5mg Femara this cycle, test 7/23

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