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    Has anyone gotten pregnant with clomid without first having a period?
    huggybear101 posted:
    I am so confused! My doctor rushed me out and it was my first time meeting him to discuss options, and I feel so lost and confused. I've been taking clomid but without a period. Is there any chance it will work? From my understanding, I should ovulate 5-10 days after finishing the clomid. Is that right? I'm so confused. I hope I can get pregnant even though I haven't had a period in 5+ years
    sproutkm responded:
    would go to a fertility doc instead of an obgyn. they are better at taking time with you and aswering all your questions. i dont know if you can get pregnant with clomid w/o AF.
    chaos612 responded:
    never did get pregnant but my fertility doc did have me take clomid before when my period did not show. They can describe pregestrone it helps bring your period down and then take the clomid, thats what i have to do some times also.
    maragayle replied to chaos612's response:
    I haven't done it yet, but the medroxyprogesterone only made me spot this time around. I'm sitting out this cycle. The RE said I'll do BW in a few weeks. Based on the progesterone levels in my blood, I'll either try the medroxyprogesterone again or start the Femara without having a period. It all depends on your uterine lining and whether or not it's the right consistency to support a pregnancy. Sometimes you need to shed some, sometimes if you haven't gotten a period on your own it's okay to O and TTC without one. Hope that makes sense.
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
    chaos612 replied to maragayle's response:
    No thats makes perfect sense to I have also been TTC for 2 years so that has been one of my issues before thats why my doc gave me clomid without AF becuase my lining was ready for a baby basically
    ntgps replied to chaos612's response:
    How much should be the thickness of lining ideal to become pregnant?....i heard some docs say atleast 8mm but some say anything greater than 6mm....

    When i did iui for the first time my lining was 8mm and became pregnant with twins but unfortunatley undergone d&c at 12th week and for next two iui's my lining was 6mm also i could not become pregnant.
    I dont say this is the only factor for BFN but just thought it may be one of the factor so asked this Q to my RE but they are not concerned about this.
    ntgps replied to chaos612's response:
    What is ideal lining to become pregnant?i heard some docs say atleast 8mm but some say more than 6mm.

    In my first iui my lining was 8mm and i did become pregnant with twins but unfortunatley undergone D&C at 12th week.But with my next 2 iui's my lining was 6mm and could not be pregnant.I don't say it is only due to lining but thought it may be one of the reason so asked my RE but everyone over there don't seem to be concerned about this.
    chaos612 replied to ntgps's response:
    My docotr always looks for mines to be 8 or greater i think you shold be concerned becuase if your lining isnt ready then the baby will not hold if my lining is not ready my doc never does the IUI everything has to be on point or we just do not do it.
    ntgps replied to chaos612's response:
    I dont know why DR is not concerned with the lining but i myself decided to wait for some more time before we do 4th iui because i thought may be my lining went to 6mm either due to D&C or because of clomid and just want to wait and see.

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