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    leona1980 posted:
    so today happens to be cd19 and no symtoms or whatsoever, am thinking its only bcos am like 5dpo-----but then again i feel some kind of funny cramping and rumbling which isn't the AF type...... am really hoping this is the month cos we've been trying for almost 2yrs now and its been frustrating every other month------have used clomid 50mg 2cycles which all turned out a burst, couldn't be bothered doing a third cycle on it cos the side effects were 2much for me to handle but i did O on my own this cycle; good-luck and baby dust to us ALL
    mrs62610 responded:
    Good luck to you!
    Me-24 DH-38 TTC 1st for 19 months. 3 rounds of Clomid all BFN's. 5 rounds of Femara, 3 IUI's - BFN's. Taking a break, doing IVF in January.
    leona1980 replied to mrs62610's response:
    thanks a lot, and good luck to you too.........

    Leah25Brooke2 replied to leona1980's response:
    Good luck!!
    Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 16 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, 4th round 100mg Clomid - BFN, 5th round Clomid 100mg - BFN. Natural BFP 11/27
    Nagi08 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    Thanks Leah2brooke2, sure you're doing good with your miracle inside of you. 1question though, did you have any symtoms before your BFP?
    Leah25Brooke2 replied to Nagi08's response:
    Hi! I'm doing really well. I got my BFP last wednesday, so tomorrow I will be 5 weeks. I drew blood work and got the confirmation that I was pregnant last friday. Honestly, I didn't have any nausea, cramping or breast tenderness. The one thing that made my mother tell me I was pregnant before I found out was that I gained 4 pounds the week of conception. Some of that weight has left, but it stayed for a couple weeks. Must have just been water weight, extra fluid, etc. But it made my mother think I was pregnant. I really didn't have any other symptoms, and I'm still so early I don't have many symptoms. Usually I got AF cramps though, and with my BFP I didn't have any cramps. I don't know if it was due to pregnancy, but I did come down with the nastiest cold right before my BFP, when I normally never get sick. Maybe my immune system was busy elsewhere?? Dunno if that's a real symptom though. Good luck to you!!! I think what really really helped me was just relaxing!! I didn't use OPK's the month I conceived, we just BD'd when we felt like it and I monitored CM. Then I didn't stress about whether or not I was pregnant.
    Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 16 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, 4th round 100mg Clomid - BFN, 5th round Clomid 100mg - BFN. Natural BFP 11/27
    JKayasMom replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    Congratulations! It is stories like yours that make me want to keep trying. this is so stressful though. I am losing patience with everyone and everything waiting to get pregnant! My husband has noticed but I cannot seem to control my irritation. I know I need to relax and stop thinking about it. Or at least not think about every two seconds like I do now. LOL
    Leah25Brooke2 replied to JKayasMom's response:
    Thanks! It took me awhile and some major breakdowns to take a big step back and evaluate myself and tell myself that I needed to just have faith. It worked for me. Hang in there! It will happen for you too!
    Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 16 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, 4th round 100mg Clomid - BFN, 5th round Clomid 100mg - BFN. Natural BFP 11/27
    leona1980 replied to Leah25Brooke2's response:
    well, the only symptoms i seem 2 be having right now is breast tenderness (NOT THE KIND FROM CLOMID) and some rumbling in my ovaries----oh, and yesterday when i wiped there were some white CM like the O kind----not sure what that was about, but like you rightly said----i guess the key word is PATIENCE and RELAXATION!!!!
    thanks again and do have a happy healthy pregnancy. HUGS
    leona1980 responded:
    my hopes have been crashed wit AF this morning---------sad, upset, depressed and frustrated. but will still hope for my miracle this next cycle. baby dust to us all
    maragayle replied to leona1980's response:
    Sorry to hear about the BFN! This entire process is such an emotional roller coaster. Hang in there.
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
    JKayasMom replied to leona1980's response:
    Leona I understand how you feel. I missed my chance to do clomid this cycle and have to wait cd 11 today. i hope I ovulate normal this month on my own and a miracle happens. Good luck to you. Baby dust to us all!
    leona1980 replied to maragayle's response:
    Ughhhhhhhhh!!!! feels like depression isn't even enough to describe how i feel, but then again am still trying 2 keep FAITH and be cool about it like it's not so bad. thanks Mara, and to you all on this board------we'll keep trying until our miracle day. baby dust to us all........
    leona1980 replied to JKayasMom's response:
    I hope and wish you do too-------thanks a lot, but i feel awful that i have no choice but to wait until next year when i can see an RE. God is in control anyways. good luck and baby dust

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