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    Clomid Questions
    BabyHope13 posted:
    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time posting on this forum. I am looking for some answers. My husband and I have been trying to conceive going on a year. I started my first round of 50mg of clomid in February due to having a mild case of PCOS. I am now on CD 35. I believe I ovulated around day 22. I took the clear blue ovulation test and the line was almost as dark as the control line. Those tests are stressful, if I don't get pregnant this month, I will do the digital test next month. My questions are the following: Around ovulation, I experienced cramping pains which I know are normal, however, I am still experiencing them. They layed off for a few days after ovulation, but have started back up again the last few days. I notice it most when I am driving. I feel cramping around my ovary that goes down in my leg. I know one of the side effects of clomid is cramping, but I guess I did not expect it to be like this. Has anyone ever expereienced this? I also notice it if I go on a walk or do anything active. I am going to wait anothe week to take a pregnancy test. If my period has not show its ugly face in a week or so, I will test. I will be on my 6th week next Sunday. Has anyone that has used clomid gone passed 6 weeks before their period started. I think I am second guessing myself because I wonder if I really ovulated. Any advice is welcomed!
    maragayle responded:
    Ask your doctor what his/her preference is as far as cycle length. I was told by my RE that anything past CD35 is too long. If I get that far without starting another cycle or a positive pregnancy test then I start medroxyprogesterone to bring on a period. I've heard different things from different people, though.

    Don't put too much faith into OPKs. PCOS is a hormonal disorder. If you read the information insert, it even says in there that results may not be accurate for PCOS patients. I have PCOS, too. I don't even use them anymore. The only thing they were successful in doing is driving me crazy. I NEVER got a positive, even with the digitals. I ovulated quite a few times, though and even got a BFP before an early miscarriage back in October.

    The cramping could be another side effect or it could be your cycle gearing up to start. Cramping with AF was way worse for me on Clomid than a normal cycle.
    Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
    chaos612 responded:
    I also have pcos i use the digital opk and they have never failed me yet everytime i get a smiley face i go for my folicle exam and boom there goes the mature egg. I myself can feel everytime i ovulate due to the cramping to the point i can tell my doctor which side the egg is mature on and i have been right all the time. my doc told me it is not necessary to check for ovulation when you are on clomid but i still do for my own peace of mind. well good luck and lots of baby dust
    ntgps responded:
    I have pcos and I get slight positive opk almost every day so I stopped checking.....also some times even with out Clomid I get cramping (even after few days after ovulation)which goes down in my leg and yes I get these cramps when I do exercise/ walk .

    Also from past 2 months I have been getting spotting and cramping at cd30 as though my periods starts but actual period is starting at cd37or cd45....i know when we have pcos periods are irregular but i couldn't figure out the reason for spotting on cd30 (with out period).....I tried to discuss all these things with my doc but she didn't give me any answer...

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