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    Mid cycle bleeding. Clomid cycle 2
    An_254195 posted:
    Took Clomid , on my first cycle my day 21 bloods came back negative at 0.5. My dr repeated on day 28 which again came back at 2 so said to repeated day 7 but still to start next cycle of clomid on day 3. My day 7 bloods came back at 32 so positive for ovulation but clearly late to the surprise of me and my dr. I'm now on day 20. Today I'm having quite heavy spotting, not enough definitely to be af but a bit heavy for spotting. I'm concerned. Is it af? A Burt cyst or ovulation bleed? Or even implantation bleed? But considering how late I ovulated last time makes me think it is af. So confused. I have to take clomid as I have amenorrhea for unknown reasons.

    Does any one have any idea and what the next step will be?

    Thank u for your help in advance
    An_254195 responded:
    Not that anyone responded! But just in case your interested or have something similar, the dr said as it was day 46 of the first cycle, and hadn't bled, to treat it as af, and start on the 3rd cycle in the hope it will regulate the hormones into a regular cycle. Fingers crossed. This is my second time ttc with clomid. I caught first cycle last time so this is all new.
    jhjan2 replied to An_254195's response:
    My apologies for not responding. Best of luck!! Keep me updated.
    An_254195 replied to jhjan2's response:
    sorry not meant to sound narky! upon reading it back it does sound off!!! although i must say i had been feeling ready to kill somebody. must have been the hormones! even my hubby was hiding under the

    on clomid day 13 now and feeling much better. its just awful all this not knowing.
    never mind only another week for day 21 bloods.
    jhjan2 replied to An_254195's response:
    I hear ya. That dreaded wait is hard. I passed the time by reading baby books or looking up what could be happening to my body this week. For some people this gets their hopes up way too high. But after my last miscarriage #7 in August. I was determined to not get my hopes up and whatever happens, happens. Still best of luck to you I hope you've found something to pass the time. I go in for my ultrasound tomorrow to see and hear the heartbeat and find out if i'm carrying multiples. I hope to update everyone tomorrow ) best wishes update me soon!!!!
    donnio replied to jhjan2's response:
    How did your scan go? Yes I been doing a lot of reading too. Found cassava a kind of root veg increases your fertility so going to buy some tablets tomorrow, hope they work, had my day 21 bloods today so gonna have to wait till tomorrow for my results, it's so hard not knowing!
    butterflys97 replied to donnio's response:
    Yes the wait suxx lol...Hope you get some good positive news when your results come back. Also let me know how the root veg tablets work out for you, it's worth the try.
    donnio replied to butterflys97's response:
    Well the dr called with the results and I hadn't ovulated yet as the progesterone level was too low, but for got to ask what it was as I was so tired. When she phoned I knew her answer and sai it to her first, as I had been awake all night unable to sleep and have had a migraine come and go for the past 48 hours so I think I am ovulating now, plus at school today thought af had come, went to toilet and it wasn't it was clear. I have never had ovulation symptoms as strong as this so I'm hoping its a positive sign. Fingers crossed.

    P.s don't mean to gross u out!! Lol

    Have to go back next week for another blood test to see if my theory is correct! I'm now on day 23 so it's earlier than the last cycle where I ovulated between day 28- 35 but didn't find out till day 8 off the second cycle hence the confussional overlap! If that makes sense!

    I'm hoping for my 9th pregnancy and 5th child. I have lost four babies previously. Two in first trimester and 2 in the second. I now take aspirin to prevent miscarriage. I have had a placental abrution with my first born surviving at 32 weeks, my second I had major bleeding my third a brain infection and pregnancy induced liver problem and forth child placenta prevail major which bled out at 36 weeks. My last child is the one I conceived with clouding after Menes have stopped. I'm praying for my last pregnancy to be normal, with the hope of being able to refuse a c section as I have had 2 already and in the uk after your second it's compulsory. But I can try!

    I always wanted a large family. Originally 6 but don't think with my history I will go for the last. I'm al ready blessed and to be honest my oldest is 11 and I think I would like Togo back to hospital nursing after thins one starts school, before I get too old!!
    butterflys97 replied to donnio's response: are not grossing me out at all's part of life..and yes sometimes we know our bodies too well... I have always had ovulation pain and symptoms but the Clomid I feel the discharge (clear egg white) is more prominent/heavier. I am also praying to get pregnant I had 3 children one passed in a horrific car accident with his dad at the age of life hasn't been the same ever since...I have 2 children now...I would love another one even two more...all 3 of my pregnancies were full term and healthy...but now I have nothing but more heart ache and disappointment.. I have had 4 miscarriages back to back...not including some chemical pregnancies. I tend to lose them very early on around between 5-7 weeks...I have done numerous blood work everything is fine with the exception of a lupus anticougalant disorder that came up...which pretty much means my blood clots faster than others..So I am on Lovenox, baby aspirin and folic acid and of course the Clomid...this is my 3rd round and AF came today so no baby..I will have to do it all over again...Which sucks I am going to have to save up to go to a specialist. But it looks like you have been having a tough time with your pregnancies as well...I wish all the best of luck...By the way what is Clouding? Hoping for a blessing for both us...Please keep me the way I also want to go school for nursing
    donnio replied to butterflys97's response:
    Sorry auto correct changed several words in the last text! It's supposed to say clomid. So sorry a our the losses you have had especially with your child and his dad. I can't begin to em aging your pain.

    My clotting is a problem, I had itp when I was younger, my platelets don't clot right now, but when I am pregnant the hormones have the oppersite effect and I get clots in between my placenta n uterus, so I now take aspirin when pregnant too. That was the cause of my miscarriages but my lupus came back neg. so I completely understand your pain. My daughter was a blessing from god and do t know how she lived as the miscarriages where after her and before th aspirin with the 3 boys.

    I am sorry AF came, I know how disheartening it all is.

    Ifor the 2 previous days I had lh lines on the urine test, today there was. No line so I'm hoping I just ovulated. They are a new type I tried and wasn't sure if they were right till I got one today with no line! I been smiling all day!! It's crazy, that a negative result could so that!! Lol.

    I wouldn't worry about a specialist just yet. You still have another 3 rounds to go. I know it's hard but try not to put pressure on yourself. I know it's hard cos I do it especially when I got my af on the first post as you can read, I was gutted and actually so narky. I cried my heart out after writing it. I was an emotional wreck, think that's y I joined the site. I can't talk to people about it as no one knows I'm trying. I'd be gutted if it doesn't work and people knew.
    donnio replied to donnio's response:
    today i have suffered terrible migrains again, been really ill with it. i am hoping its a sign of positive things to come, i am also not at all sleepy but extremely tierd, its 1 am here and im still wide awake.
    butterflys97 replied to donnio's response:
    Hi donnio I am so sorry you are having migranes. I get them from time to time and they are the devil, I hate them. Have you tried drinking a Coca Cola with Motrin 800 and laying down in a dark room, laying in one spot without moving at all, sometimes that does the trick. Or when they are out of hand Imitrex(prescription) works great.

    Yes back to trying this month. So disappointed but gotta keep going today is day 3 of my cycle. I don't know if I should switch it up to cycle days 3-7 I have heard some ladies have had better success with those cycle dates. My doctor told me cycle days 5-10 but I haven't had any luck It can't hurt to try something new. I already had 3 disappointing cycles.

    Try to take it easy. We are always here for support. Well I will always try to be. Infertility is new to me. My hat goes out to all the ladies who have always dealt with this horrible condition. I pray that we all get that BFP and it stays like that for 9mos

    Yes I ran out of folic acid and I have not took it for a few days I know no good, will try to get it today. Make sure I am getting the injections with the Lovenox and drinking my baby aspiring and back to my Clomid for 5 days ohhhh...gotta it all. But I won't complain they are ladie that have it far worse than me. I cant wait to hear from you be well hun
    donnio replied to butterflys97's response:
    I use it cd 3--7 it clear. I'm hoping it's worked for me! My overies have a burning sensation, it's not painful as in I need to see the dr but burning to make me think something is happening.I'm really bloated too. My boobs since starting clomid has shrunk 3 British cup sizes so I currently look 4 month plus! Just starting with another migraine too. We don't have Motrin 800 we have an equivelant of a 400 but that's only to be used 3x a day max, as that's what's licenced here. I usually take an equivalent brand to your imitrex, I take 2x50mg I then take 2x30/500 codiene/paracetamol. A equivilant to your motrin usually 400 or a diclofenic. As these have not been taking it off I also added a trauma doll yesterday and a naproxen out of sheer desperation and it did the trick. It was just so severe, it was either that a trip up to see a neurologist!

    I agree this infertility lark is not fun. I wish you well on all the tablets. It's just hard emotionally during the first 10 days. X

    I look forward to reading your responses too. It's once to have someone tontalk to who understands exactly how I'm feeling )
    donnio replied to donnio's response:
    Well I had af like symptoms today, my belly is huge, have backache and a lingering headache but trying not to take anything. Even heavy cm, kept thinking it was af and running to the bathroom to discover it wasn't! I think I'm only 4dpo? Ish. The burning overly pain not as bad today but had a bare down feeling this am.

    Did you remember to get your folic acid, I haven't ordered the cassava tablets yet gonna c what happens Tuesday with my results. I'm praying I worked it out right and the opk was right.

    Been moody today too don't like feeling moody like this, loose my temper too quickly!

    Have you started the cloning today?
    butterflys97 replied to donnio's response:
    Hi Donnio, I am sorry you are having all these symptons. I started to get the migranes too. Its the Clomid. I get bad headaches, hot flashes (sometimes), I tend to be a little more moody and my boobs get fuller, well that last one ain't so bad lol. But yes I feel your pain. When I dont have motrin 800 I take (2) 400 but thats just me. Because 400 will not do. And yes I got my folic acid thanks for asking. I got them on Friday and I started taking them right away. I had been for nearly a week at least without taking it. I may look into the cassava tablets as well. I started my Clomid November 29 cycle date 3. I changed myself from cycle dates 5-10 to 3-7 to see if I have better luck. So I have two more days to go. I take them at night time so to avoid waking up with such a bad headache I take a motrin 800 before bed. I hope we both have better luck this month and hopefully we can get those BFP's I can't wait to hear from you soon.

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