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    Leaning on Faith & Clomid
    luswart13 posted:
    Hello ladies,
    First off, it is so encouraging to see how many other women there are like me out there. I have never had a natural period. I am 25 and my husband and I are trying to start a family. My gyno has ruled out a number of possible causes for my lack of cycle and ovulation. I am starting my third round of Clomid this month. I was supposed to have started my period yesterday but haven't, so if nothing happens by day 34 i will take a preg test and then they'll start me on provera to force start a period. Then they are bumping me up to 150mg of clomid. I started at 50mg... Lord help my poor husband. Any encouragement on success you've had on it? My progestorene levels were only at a 10.6 this last month when they should be at least at a 15. holding out hope, and trying to remind myself how worth it all this will be eventually. Thanks Ladies!
    buttons13 responded:
    I too have unexplained anovulation, first child when taking Clomid I conceived first time. I'm now trying for a second clomid baby on cycle 4 but still nothing.

    Waiting for a second blood test as to find out what next.

    N oh yes god bless your husband if you were out like me! Even the dog put her head under the pillow!!!! Lol

    Least we can laugh about it afterwards! Well till the next cycle starts at least!!! Lol

    Tc wish u well
    butterflys97 replied to buttons13's response:
    Hi are NOT the only one. I had done 4 cycles of Clomid but last month I took a break..I have 2 cycles left before I have to take a break..I am not sure if this month I will skip the Clomid also...I get really bad headaches/migranes, dizzines and sometimes blurred vision...not to mention the moodiness and hot flashes yes I am thinking about it..I wanted to wish luck and lots of babydust your way....Well its another unsuccessful month for me....AF is about to come with that being we go again....

    Good luck hun...
    swartzentruber13 replied to buttons13's response:
    Buttons13 thanks so much for your sweet encouragement! I am mostly struggling with the hot flashes, my word...night time is crazy, hot cold, hot cold. I didn't see the crazy side effects i was worried about being on 150mg this month, yet i am still in this cycle so it could take a turn

    Today is day 15 for me and i am taking ovulation tests, so far nothing but i am staying positive! Who knows.. this could be the month!! thanks again, hope you have luck with clomid baby #2! p.s i love that nick name
    swartzentruber13 replied to butterflys97's response:
    Thanks so much for your sweet words, can't tell you how much it helps seeing other women out there like me. Your side effects sound awful, i hope you are able to take a break from it all and let your body recoop. Hope all is well.

    lm123 responded:
    At 25 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS, and immediately doctors told me it would be very hard to conceive. earing tat news was very upsetting. But to make a long story short I was began taking 1000mg of metformin along with clomid. I recently conceived on my third cycle of clomid, and I am now 12 weeks pregnant and heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. The funny thing is my gyn thought I would not conceive that month because I never got a positive reading on the opt. Bottom line is follow your doctors orders and continue to have faith. You will get your happy ending

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