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    Round 3 of Clomid! Need Support
    Wildsholly posted:
    I just started my third round of Clomid yesterday and need some support this round. I have ovulated both times. First time day 17 next time day 18 or 19. I take Clomid days 3-7. Hoping to Ovulate sooner this time. I was over 4 days late last month but I think its because Im Ovulating so late. Plus the TWW is killing me. So trying not to stress this month and what happens happens but its easy said then done. Just wondering if anyone else needs support too on this round. We have been TTC for almost a year now. I just hope there is nothing else wrong with me. Hubbys been tested and he is fine. But my Doc hasn't checked my tubes or monitored me or anything on Clomid. I have bought the Preseed this month and also will be using a ovulation kit. HELP!

    Prayers needed!!
    hmknight responded:
    I would love to offer support to you!!!

    I too am on my 3rd cycle of Clomid I think AF will start full force tomorrow which means I will start my Clomid on Thurs. I take 50mg on CD 3-7 as well. I to O'd on CD 17 the 1st month and CD 20 last month. I am really hoping that this month is the ticket!!

    They say once you start to O on the Clomid you should get prego by the 3rd cycle but for some ladies it takes 6. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and let you know I will be your cycle buddy and will be here all the way for support. How long are your cycles typically? Are you being monitored this month. They monitored me the 1st month and not last month but they are monitoring me again.

    Good Luck to you and hope that we have great news to share with each other this month. Do you us fertility friend or another site to track your cycle if so post it on here so that we can compare each others cycle.

    Also Welcome to our board!!

    hdfields responded:
    Hello and welcome! This board is great for advice and just for venting because we all can relate! I was on Clomid and went up to 150mg, but it did not make me ovulate. I am now using Gonal f and that seems to be responding better. Although I am no longer using Clomid, I will be happy to lend any support that I can.

    As Heather stated, usually people on Clomid get pregnant after 3-6 cycles, I pray that this is your cycle.

    I was monitored while on clomid and still monitored while on Gonal (I actually go every two days while on Gonal). Your doctor may monitor you this cycle and if you are really concerned just ask them. I have gotten very comfortable in asking my doctor questions.

    Hang in there and stay positive....the end result will be worth it!

    AJRoth responded:
    I know your concern. For me, my doc is constantly monitoring my cycles and medication regimen. It should be common for the doc to do that. Maybe you can ask the doc for more support. I remember when I first started, I felt intimidated. However, I became more and more comfortable with asking questions. My doc keeps asking me if he can check my tubes, but I told him I wanted to try clomid first. I heard that the test to check the tubes can be somewhat painful. Has anyone else had that test?
    Also, using the O-tests is a great idea. I too bought one this round. I am on round 2, starting on Friday.
    On a positive note, it's great that your hubby was tested and he is all good. My doc asked my hubby to get tested. He still needs to go for that one.
    Good luck Girl! Stay Strong! Always keep your mind on the goal. A beautiful baby!
    AJRoth replied to hmknight's response:
    I never heard of that site. Thanks for posting this. I will check it out.
    Wildsholly replied to hmknight's response:
    Thank you for being my Cycle Buddy. I hope your AF doesn't start tomorrow.

    I wonder why the later O each month. Hope that doesn't keep happening. Thats when I start stressing. I have O each time on Clomid. First cycle was the best! I got progestrine checked on day 23 and it was 34.2 and ended up my yearly check up was days later and shes like well your numbers look great. Actually they are pregnancy numbers, even your cervix is a little soft..BUT AF came a week later or so. Hoping for Threes a Charm!

    My cycle varys every month. I mean last year I only had like 5 periods. My problem is im not ovulating. They have not monitored my progrestrine since the first time.

    I have not done the fertilityfriend but I will try it out and see what its all about as well.

    Have you heard anything on these items> Mucinex, Baby asprin and Pineapple Core??

    Thanks Again for being there I am sending you my prayers and baby dust!!!

    Wildsholly replied to AJRoth's response:
    Are you going to a fertility doc or your OBGYN? I just don't know if my OBGYN will do that for me. She basically gave me the meds checked my progestrine the first month and said only other thing I can do after the clomid is check to make sure your tubes are open and then I will have to send you on your way. THANKS

    I really like the O test cause I just need to know that the medicine worked or I go crazy..You really should get your hubby checked. I just worry cause you can only take Clomid for so long and so I made sure he got checked right away.

    I am for sure keeping my mind on the prize.. A BABY!!
    AJRoth replied to Wildsholly's response:
    I didn't think of that! Your right, if my hubby is not 100% than taking clomid may be just a waste. I think I am going to have him go next week. Thanks!
    As for the Doc question, I see an OBGYN. I haven't been to a fertility specialist yet. I don't know if your Doc is the best for you. You deserve more than that. If you lived in my area, I would refer you to my Doc. He is very thorough. At times, I was getting frustrated cause he wanted to keep testing me for everything. Finally, we decided to try the clomid and see what happens.
    Just remember, you have the right to take your file to another Doc. It is very important for you to feel your Doc is behind you. Having the stress of no support is not good for you.
    If you ever need to vent or talk, I am here.
    klucero5920 replied to Wildsholly's response:
    Hi ladies.. My prayers and hopes for everyone.. I had a question, what time do you ladies take your O test?
    hmknight replied to klucero5920's response:
    If you are talking about OPK's I was instructed by my RE's office to take them with the first morning urine. When they start to get dark I take them twice a day with the second one being around 11 to 2 pm so that way I don't miss when I O so I know for sure.

    Good Luck to you to.

    Wildsholly replied to hmknight's response:
    Huh- I thought you were suppose to take it later in the day. Good to know! I just bought some online for this month. MUCH CHEAPER and free Pregnancy Test with them.

    Thanks for the prayers they are always welcomed.

    Heather- Did AF come yet? Today is last Clomid pill and thank goodness cause I am emotional today. Had a tear fest this morning.

    LovesPH replied to Wildsholly's response:

    It depends on the OPK. The ones I am using said to take them in the afternoon. Just go with whatever your doc or the box of OPKs suggest, whatever you feel comfortable with.

    Also, when I finished my Clomid I was an emotional wreck too. I had my DH change the channel because I was going to tear up and, no, it wasn't anything sad. Crazy side effect? No fun!

    Baby dust,
    hmknight replied to Wildsholly's response:
    Yes Holly she did. Today is CD 4 and I am on my 2nd day of Clomid. I am really hoping that this is the cycle cause I am so ready to be done with all of this.

    This month I ordered Preseed, Instead Cups, OPK/HPT combo packs. So I am all ready to go just need to O.

    AJRoth replied to LovesPH's response:
    I hear ya! I was emotional as well. Not fun! I start my second round today. Not looking forward to the tears! LOL!
    Wildsholly replied to LovesPH's response:
    Ya Im taking it in the late afternoon. The box said anywhere from 10-8 pm.

    What round of Clomid are you on? What day of your cycle are you on as well.

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