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    first month of Clomid
    SharleeR posted:
    This was my first month taking Clomid 100mg and my dr just wanted me to take it for 4 days days 5 thru 9 of my cycle. I got my progestrone tested and it came out good that I did ovulate this month with Clomid. Now I am a week late with my period and I took a pregnancy test it came out postitive but I am nervous I took a second one and it came out positive too but my question is can you get a false positive bc of the Clomid or did it get out of my system since I only took it for 4 days. Please help i really hope that I am pregnant I dnt get to see my doctor til Aug 18th
    Jmp4joy responded:
    The pregnancy tests are pretty specific for hCG ( human chorionic gonadotropin-the pregnancy hormone). I'm pretty sure that Clomid couldn't cause a false positive- so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    bricheyuncc responded:
    Have you called the doc's office to see if they'll do a blood test for you? Then you'll know for sure...

    CONGRATS and share some baby dust with the rest of us please!
    Swilson44 replied to bricheyuncc's response:
    You are most likely pregnant! If you read the test box it says that clomid will not afffect resaults. Call your docttor they should send you over to have blood taken! Yay congrats!! Send some baby dust my way!!!
    BON1978 replied to Swilson44's response:
    SOO exciting!!! Keep us posted!!!
    yoginee responded:
    Dat is awesome news ! Congratulations ! Hoping clomid works for the rest of us too

    bopbop07 responded:
    Wow, congrats..I hope I am as lucky as you are. I'm starting clomid 50 mg at the end of the month b/c I'm not ovulating regularly. Did you go on provera before clomid?
    SharleeR replied to bopbop07's response:
    Thank you so much everyone and I really pray that clomid works for you too. We have been trying for a long time and I took ovulation tests every month and realized I dnt ovulate for two months and that is when my dr decided to put me on clomid and it worked! I was not on anything else b4 that though. Oh and I was suspose to be on clomid for 3 months and each month on my 21st day of my cycle my dr ordered me to get my progestrone level checked to see if I ovulated. Talk to your dr to see if they can order that too it helps. Im still a little nervous bc I read that it can cause ectopic pregnancy. Well Baby dust for everyone!!!! And have fun trying
    GDussell1 replied to SharleeR's response:
    Congratulations! It is great to hear success stories bc it gives the rest of us a lot of hope.

    Lots of luck to you!
    plparker2010 replied to bopbop07's response:
    I was on provera before starting clomid....i'm new to all of this stuff-this is our first try at the clomid.....
    her_mommy responded:
    GOOD LUCK !!
    SharleeR replied to her_mommy's response:
    Hey everyone thank you so much and I am pregnant I am now 10 weeks but have been going through hell sorry! but I have extreme nausea and have been to the hospital twice I've tried everything and different medicines they said it should end soon I really hope so bc I cant move off the couch seriously thank god for laptops lol. I hope everyone gets their wish and has a beautiful healthy baby and good pregnancy. Pls Pray that I get better soon and I'll be praying for everyone too! Good Luck everyone!!!
    volley17 replied to SharleeR's response:
    I got pregnant on clomid with my daughter and had pretty bad nausea until 13 weeks ( I woke up one day 1 of week 13 and it was as if nothing happened) My RE had done an ultrasound at 6, 8, and 10 weeks and they found I had a leutal cyst on my right ovary (they said probably left from the clomid but not dangerous) but it can cause nausea until it goes away. Congratulations!
    eghorton responded:
    CONGRATS!! Today I was prescribed Provera followed by Clomid. I am really excited and nervous to start the process but your post gives me hope. I hope that you feel better soon and enjoy your pregnancy.....any advice please let me know!
    MrsGizmo84 responded:
    I think you are knocked up. Congrats.

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