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    Goodbye Cluster headaches
    MizzMo2 posted:
    I began my painful journey when I was 12. I had painful migraines on the right side of my head, behind my eye, and all those nerves. One upper tooth would also be affected by that cluster of nerves at the jaw joint. I've taken every drug for migraines, and even went to the dentist to see if there was a problem. It seemed to hit me in the spring, and I would get up to 2 migraines a day, for up to a 3 month period. In the last 10 years it also came in the fall. I've done everything, diet, exercise pain meds, but there was no way out.
    It wasn't until 4 years ago when my dentist wanted me to go see another dentist to drill into my tooth to see if the root was cracked. It was the same tooth that would explode in pain during a migraine. I decided to have the tooth pulled. I have not had a bad migraine since. I still get the aura, and the minor things that let me know that my cycle has begun, but there is no more pain. I am now 52 years old, I suffered for over 35 years with these horrid cluster headaches. If dentists would truly listen, and do some kind of better xray to show the tooth root way clearer, I would not have suffered to the extent I have.
    My advice, is to find someone who can zoom in on the root system of your upper jaw to see if maybe you do in fact have a cracked root, I bet half of the people if not more, would not have to suffer with this anymore. There are several reasons it could have cracked, and I'm not sure why mine was. It could be from a hit to the face, you could clench your jaw. These are my two possibilities to why I suffered.
    I did go to the dentist a couple times when my cycle of migraines did come, xrays were taken, and they found nothing. So even normal xrays do not zoom in on these cracks, and the tooth that affected my migraines was the top 6th on my right side. Right next to a cluster of nerves that fed my whole right side of my face. When our bodies have pain, there is a reason. You have to be diligent and look at other issues before you live a life of being given drug after drug for over half your life.
    I hope I can help some of you, I believe I can if you can find a dentist to zoom in on your roots. Get that tooth pulled, and live a normal life.

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    Getting rid of cluster headaches
    You guys try 500mg magnesium pill when u get up and 500mg magnesium at night be4 bed with a 5 mg melatonin at night.. Try not to smoke or ... More
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