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    They're Baaaaaack!
    Vohrock posted:
    I have suffered with Cluster headaches since I was 17 yrs old. I am now 31. I get them btwn Dec and March and every other day. (i have kept a journal) I read everyday and keep up on what we can do to prevent sure pain for us sufferers. We need a cure! I dont wish this pain on my worst enemy.

    Recenlty my headaches have come back. Last year was the first year I dodnt get more than one headache. This past week, I have had 3 in a row, piercing pain associated in the eye, forehead and spasims.

    If there is anyone out there, if there are people who know what I and others are going through, please understand how serious these are. The pain. Its "suicide headaches".

    I walk on egg shells everyday, scared that I will get a headache. I have excedrin ready to be popped in my mouth everyday when I wake. This isnt the way to live.

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    An_187854 responded:
    I have suffered for a similar amount of time. My first one was when I was 18 and I'm now 30. I had never been diagnosed correctly until last year when I battled it every single day for over 90 days until I finally found a great neurologist who knew instantly what it was - cluster headaches. He said it was rare since I was female. He prescribed Verapamil - a vaso dialator. When I sleep or am relaxed, my heart doesn't pump enough blood to my head causing the cluster headache. I've since moved and am on vacation and have hit this wall again. I am opting to treat it naturally. The key, the neurologist said, is to keep my heart rate up as much as possible with small amounts of good physical activity, and if you do or can a drink alcohol, a single glass of red wine before bed and/or a cup of coffee. By keeping your blood thin and flowing, it will help you sleep and wake with no headache. I hope you find this helps you as I am finding it is helping me.
    Tsaun responded:
    I've been having headaches for years. Nothing helped. Then I had a facial attack last July 2010. I thought I was having a stroke, I did not but after MRI test it showed that I do have trigeminal nerve damage. For the last year every single day my nerves on the right side of my face is sends false signals to my brain so my face/head on both sides gets this stabbing feelilng in my head, ears and eyes. From Dec 2011 to March 2011 was the worst time in my life. My doctor put me on amitriptyline for three months. The daily stabbing pain is gone. Now I just have daily grippiing, which feels like someone is squeezing my brain. On and off everyday my face feels like it is swollen but that's just the false sensations I have. PMS time is the worst. Cold, wind or anything that comes into contact with my face or head will trigger attacks.So you are not alone. Take one day at a time and be STRONG!
    Maldacht responded:
    Get to a neurologist as fast as you can. You need to let them try the standard protocol: prednisone to break the cycle, triptans for the daily headaches, and clacium channel blockers for longer-term relief. I'm a woman, too (which is why I was misdiagnosed for so long, despite my doctor seeing me with one red eye, a gushing nostril, and screaming in pain), and this combo works wonders. It's not pleasant -- the prednisone treatment is nasty -- but it works in like 75-80% of patients. Try this first, then if it doesn't work, go back to the neuro and ask for the next steps. The evidence is now very compelling that these are associated with sunlight and our natural circadian rhythms. I'm going to try a bright light table (the ones for seasonal affective disorder) next winter -- I have read that they can help keep these monsters at bay, especially if you're a spring sufferer (which I am -- every episode in 35 years has been within a four-week period in March/April). Good luck, and if the neuro you see isn't informed about clusters, find one that is!
    Maldacht responded:
    OMG. I can't go near alcohol when I'm in a cluster cycle. I'm surprised anyone can, as it's a telltale sign that it's a cluster and not a migraine or similar hemicranial neuralgia. You are lucky!
    mmafan1st responded:
    I think I can solve ur problem vohrock!! Trust me I want to kill myself when I get these headaches!!! So, I did a lot of research nothing reAlly works that well!! I tried feverfew and all kinds of migraine pills and they don't work that well!! Once headache kicks in u have to deal with it!! But, try this I swear it works!!! 500 mg magnesium pill in the morning and another 500mg magnesium at night be4 bed with a 5mg melatonin pill as well!!! I swear ur headaches should stop!! I haven't had on since I found that remedy!! You can feel it want to kick in sometimes but it won't!! Please tell everyone!!! Only side effect is you'll get a little diarrhea at times but not a big deal!!!! Do this only in cluster period!!! When cluster period is done u can quit taking the pills!!! I hope this works for you!!!
    mmafan1st responded:
    P.s. Try not to smoke or drink during cluster period that triggers the aches as well..
    mmafan1st responded:
    If a cluster manages to sneak in and it will once in awhile take 2 feverfew pills and you'll be good.. The headache will then be pretty tolerable if not just go away..

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    I've been dealing with cluster headaches for over fifty consecutive days. Each day has been a struggle either against people who don't believe...More

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