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    i'm a little coconut.
    sitting in a coco patch.
    somebody came and stepped on me.
    i am squished as you can see.
    i'm a nut.
    i'm a nut.
    i'm a nut. i'm a nut. i'm a nut nut nut.
    Lets Have a Labor Day Party
    ibex7 posted:
    Hey gang!! Whay don't we have a Labor Day Potluck Picnic this year at Coco Park?

    I'll bring oodles of Pickle-Mustard-Onion potato salad, ten pounds of charcoal and the usual condiments (hee hee), to get the party started.

    It'll be hot at the park so bring something like games, food, and toys, and dress summer casual. Even tanks, bikinis, and thongs (the shoe kind, please), everything will be en vogue.

    Everyone is welcome. Hope you all will be coming. -goat
    skypper responded:
    I'll bring some homemade lasagna, 5 bottles of red wine and some freshly baked choco-chip cookies!!! probably about 12 dozen or so, i always make tons!!!

    Just let me grab my flip flops and party dress and i'll be right over!!!!
    slik_kitty responded:
    i'm in. i'll bring the chips and guacamole. heya rodger!!!!!! nice to see ya. thought you had left us.
    If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work - steven wright
    ibex7 responded:

    Surprise all you nuts!! A friend of mine will be shipping 20 lbs of bratwursts left over from the Glen Beck gala at the Lincoln Memorial last weekend.

    The goat will be gigglin' and grillin' while a few politicians take the stage to explain the economy for us. (Whee!) ...... Waiter, more wine and lasagna, pleez.
    slik_kitty replied to ibex7's response:
    heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! who you calling a nut???? must be snowy.
    If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work - steven wright
    snowyowl33 replied to slik_kitty's response:
    Say what???? heeeeyyyyyyyyyyy we're ALL nuts!!! bwahahahaha... ok party picnic eh?? Ok I'm in, I'll bring the umbrellas and red and white checkered blankets, and the patio coconut lanterns to hang in the trees, and ummmm.... some cocomallows to roast over the coals, and weenies and burgers (veggie of course) and a gigantic salad (just to keep us all healthy (ish) .... and finally.... a HUGE chocolate cococake!! yummmm... Snowy starts to drooollllll.....she then tries to divide her tail feathers to fit into a thong just for her friend Goat, but alas.... humm it's not gonna work! So she flings on a sarong, and coconut shell bra, flowered purple boa, and matching flowered purple talon flip flops (with 3 dividers) and swoops into the party with her goodies.....
    purpledolphingirl4 replied to snowyowl33's response:
    I'm hoping in. aaaahhhhh Hiya Ibex. Good to see state buddy. hee hee. yum i'm bringing some queso con sauce. oh SMACK snowy good to see u.
    fuzzer29 replied to skypper's response:
    You really think 5 bottles of wine will be enough for this rowdy bunch??
    fuzzer29 responded:
    I am soooo in! I will bring a BIG dish of white tune pasta salad! It's a recipe of Cher's believe it or not, and it is yummy! I will also bring the salsa, in every flavor and strength I can find! And sour cream for the chips too! This is gonna be an awesome party! Oooh, I need to go get a nice summer dress! Fuzzer zoooooommms off to get a nice summer dress to party in! Thanks Ibex! And cool, you are bringing the condiments? LOL!
    bipolargal responded:
    I will bring vegetarian corn dogs mmmm.

    We can have a bipolar sack race and tug of war. Go team manic!
    snowyowl33 replied to bipolargal's response:
    hahahaha re the bipolar sack race, wayyy to funny thinking about that one... can you imagine someone in a mania in one sack, and someone in depression in another sack?? all you would hear would be go go go go... come on GOOOO movvve!, and slooow down, easy, leave the ref alone!! your going too fast!! bwahahahahahahaha
    good one, and thanks for the morning laugh!!!!

    mmmmmmm veggie corn dogs with lots of mustard...... drool...
    ibex7 replied to snowyowl33's response:

    Great time, nuts!!! ....... Hope you have a super holiday and get out for some fun!!

    A beautiful weekend for a road trip here in the Midwest. I don't want to spoil my new boa so will leave it in the bureau. Eyesore's going to keep me company and my biker buds will supply the entertainment. Whoo Hoo!
    slik_kitty replied to ibex7's response:
    sounds like a fun time!!!!
    If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work - steven wright
    snowyowl33 replied to ibex7's response:
    ..... I am sooo jealous..... I want to go on a giant bike run......
    bpcookie responded:
    a bikini? OH CRAP!!!!!! All that weight that I worked so hard to get rid of for vacation, I gained three pounds of it back. So now I have two days to lose it all again. I wont eat for two days.

    I will bring 10 cans of black olives and 5 bottles of imported green olives. Also a mixer, Vodka and bloody mary mix.

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