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    Possible Black Mold Symptoms?
    Emilybsh posted:
    I have been unusually sick recently. About 3 or 4 months ago, I had the worst cold of my life and, exactly 2 months later, got sick again. The symptoms were slightly different from the last time. Formerly, I had severe runny nose (I couldn't believe the amount of snot!) and sore throat. I lost my voice and was home bound for a week with symptoms completely better in 2 weeks or so. Recently, my symptoms included: severe sore throat; pain upon breathing, swallowing and speaking; uncontrollable and unproductive dry coughing fits; swollen glands; and pressure in the ears/ partial hearing loss. I saw several doctors who said my lungs were clear. Eventually, a doctor prescribed a Z-pack. After taking it for 2 or 3 days with no result, I was at my wit's end and went back to the doctor. She said to give the Z-pack more time to work but prescribed Ciproflaxacin if I wasn't completely better after completing the Z-pack. The next day, the Z-pack seemed to have kicked in because I felt much better. But, a few days after the last dose, my symptoms started to come back so I started on the Ciproflaxacin. I finished that course last week and recently noticed I was getting a funny feeling in my throat. It's not really sore but it feels coated and it feels like I drank liquid smoke. My ears are starting to feel plugged again, too. It's been about 3 days and the symptoms don't seem to be worsening. I've been sick for over 6 weeks.

    I'm usually sick maybe once a year and then it's a very typical, predictable cold that's only bad for a few days. This past rainy season, I had a leak in my spare room which caused black mold to develop on the walls, carpet, and some boxes I stored in there. The drywall and carpet was removed and I threw out the affected boxes but I've since been cleaning and organizing my clutter to get the rest of the boxes out of that room. I thought my recent health problems might have been caused by the mold in my house. If they were caused by mold, would I have responded so favorably to the antibiotics?
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Yes, mold is a possibility. Mold can cause "secondary infections", like sinusitis or pneumonia that MAY respond to antibiotics, but typically molds are not cured by antibiotics.

    Since you are not improving or your symptoms seem to be recurrent, it is time to take your medical evaluation to a higher level by seeing a good ENT specialist. You may need some specialized tests or imaging studies (like a sinus CT scan), but that would be up to the ENT.
    lorimhallee responded:
    I am an expect on mold, having lost my home and everything to mold. Most doctors know nothing about mold. I lost over 40% of hearing to mold. I have walked in to a restaurant, and without seeing mold, reported the mold to the health department. They finally went to the restaurant and much to their surprise found green black mold in the kitchen, just as I told them they would. After many many doctors treating me as if I was crazy I finally found a doctor who was a mold expert. He was a God sent. I would be happy to help anyone who needs help. My doctor said I was one of the most reactive to mold that he had ever treated. Unfortunatley he died last year, but I had many appointments with him, and he taught me a lot. I would be happy to help you.
    l1d2335r4s replied to lorimhallee's response:
    Hi Lori,
    I too have mold in my home. the roof was leaking and I did not realize that it had ran down the wall and into my carpet. I also was getting sick often with upper resp. infection, sinus problems, rash, cough, and very tired. I ended up going to an ENT who did not mention anything about mold. He did send me to get my hearing checked and I lost my hearing in my right ear. He said that I need hearing aids. OMG, I am only 46 yrs old. I have two estimates on a new roof and I will get my carpet cleaned too. all those antibiotics that I took for no reason. I still have S.O.B. and I use an inhaler. I am hoping that once the mold is gone I will start to feel better. Not sure if they are going to need to replace the wall in my bedroom.
    NotFeelingGreat2010 replied to lorimhallee's response:
    Hi Lori,

    I fear I am highly suseptable to the effects of mold as well. For close to two years I have been trying to fight off problem after problem even though I'd not typically been sick prior. A doctor finally asked me about environmental exposures. Since I'm a stay at home Mom I started to focus on our home of course. Other family members have had different health issues as well. As it turns out, the is mold throughout our main bathroom having made the walls mushy even. It seems to go through the interior walls and down to the dining room ceiling. Prior to us moving in there was a leaking issue (and somewhat when we were here as well).

    I have suffered from several intense and long lasting ear infections, more than once losing my hearing. I lost it totally for nearly 2 months at it's worst. Very scary : ( I still feel fullness in my ears and have a level of hearing drop out randomly hear and there. I've had post nasal drip badly at times. A strange intermittent cough ~ kind of dry and I can feel it coming from my throat and lungs sometimes (I don't smoke). We all have headaches pretty often. I experience vertigo on and off with the worst hopefully having passed (confined to my bed for weeks). My 4 year old son tires easily on running and gets into these coughing spells for which he now has to use puffers to get rid of it until it comes back again. At this point I am terrified and don't know what to do! We don't seem to be able to get rid of simple colds... they just hold on to us. We all recently had a major flu like virus that for me was nearly unbearable and lasted 2 weeks!

    I realize some of these things may or may not be related but overall, we feel unhealthy and at times lethargic.

    I am thankful the extent of the mold is now being discovered but I want to be sure it is treated properly.

    Thank you in advance for reading and any information you can provide.

    gmac25 replied to lorimhallee's response:
    Hi Lori, I have recently been having alot of unexplained health problem and the Dr.s I have seen can't find anything. I know there is mold in the basement of my house. Is there any way to test to see if that's why I am sick or any kind of natural or other treatments?
    Davewool replied to lorimhallee's response:
    seen your post on here i was working in my basement in a rental house just rented and since then i have became ill. I am nnow even haven liver problems accuring i believe it to be related to mold posion for i had breathed in a large amount of dust while in the basement. my doc just thinks its in my head till my liver was showing signs somethings wrong. He still wont relate it to the mold.
    Heatherc13 replied to lorimhallee's response:
    Mamily n I have been living in a house for almost 4 years now, and they have been getting sick with strep, is there a possibility that mold can cause this, they took some of it out of the bathroom last year, after both my daughters got their tonsils and adenoids out, and my son had tubes put in but yet they my kids are still getting strep and ear infections, and we found mold again in the bathroom where they had removed it, just wondering if there is something else I can do ? My daughter also had a seizure 3 weeks after we had moved into this house, hasn't had one sense but maybe that was the cause of all this. I was just wondering if maybe there is something my family and I can do considering my landlords don't seem to care so much?
    mylifemykids replied to lorimhallee's response:
    Hi. I am having a situation in my town house,my property manager states that I am crazy... My children get ear infection and headaches..... Where should I go? Please help me...
    lisas888 replied to lorimhallee's response:
    I have been renting a house since August 2013. I am allergic to mold. I smell mold, get headache, sore throats, I've had pneumonia, my eyes itch, I've had about 5 sinus infections. They say there is not any mold. Where can I get an accurate test to say where mold is, and prove to owners my body, and nose are right? Lisa
    ken1037 replied to lorimhallee's response:
    My family of 5 has been exposed to black mold I've seen14 dr and figured it out with google! Our tested from 3,000 ppm to 10,000 ppm. We have an appointment with a allergist/immunologist June 16. We have had from flue symptoms to my oldest throwing up blood! Any info would be so greatful.
    atti_editor replied to ken1037's response:
    Hi ken 1037,

    Here is some information on mold allergies (including a section on black mold) that you may find helpful. I hope that your family is doing well!

    Best wishes,

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