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    Fluid trapped in my inner ear again
    Xplorin posted:
    I will admit I'm a Q-tip user, I think I've learned my lesson finally. Once again my left ear is stoppped up with fluid stuck in my inner ear. I feel like about 1/2 my hearing is gone. Over the last year this has happened about 4 times , a couple of them turned into a pretty bad infection. Is there any home rememdy to help get my ear unstopped? My ear feels like it is trying some to drain outward, but whatever is deep inside will not budge. How can I get it out? About 3 months ago I had to go see my ENT due to a stopped up ear. He used a vaccum device to remove some type of debris. He said it looked like dead skin. It feels like right now the vaccum would help , if I can handle that loud noise in my ear again. Thanks for any help with my re-occuring dilema.......john
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    John, you can't vaccuum your own ear, but you can remove excess wax, assuming you do not currently have an infection. I have an FAQ on earwax -- there is a link located on the main page of this board.

    Wax, either fully or partially impacted, can trap water. This water will break down the skin, cause inflammation, and of course, set the stage for bacterial or even fungal infection. Once this happens, you will most likely need medical intervention. Since neither one of us can look inside your ear right now, you need to assume that you may already have an infection of some sort, or at least another impaction that may need removed.

    Some people have underlying skin problems in their ear canals, such as eczema. This, too, can set the stage for this type of recurrent problems. And, you did mention the number ONE cause - Q-tips.

    Minor external ear infections may be helped by a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. A few, body-temperature drops, several times a day can help. If you have an impaction, this solution will not likely help until the impaction is removed.

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