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    red and hot outer ear
    aldi07 posted:
    Hi, Ive been told my son has allergies to outside allergens during the summer, ragweed etc. However, for the past few months, since it's been cold here in northern PA and we've been inside all day, my son's ears (he's almost 5) ONLY on the outer part, will beome bright red and very hot to the touch. He never seems feverish, lethargic and never complains of ear pain when asked. He always seems to be running around the house with the same amount of energy as when his ears aren't red. He has no other health problems at all. I've just never seen this symptom, and tend to believe it may be some sort of late evening allergen as it only appears about 6-8pm. Very rarely is only one ear red and not the other, and very rarely are his eyes red while his ears are red. I hesitate to take him to the doctor because I feel like I would be viewed as an over-reactive mother unless a doctor could actually see it, which of course isn't possible as it only happens in the evening. I've been giving a small dose of Tylenol to reduce symptoms but am not sure if that is sufficient. Thank you for any time and attention.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    This is a relatively frequent question on the ENT Board. Red, hot ears are interesting phenomena that many people experience, not just kids. For some unknown reason, warm, oxygen-rich blood is being shunted to your outer ears. This is just a variation of simple blushing. Sometimes, people can even experience ear pain when this happens?not just embarrassment.

    Other than keeping the ears warm in cold weather, there are only a few medical options to treat it. Most involve medications that are not really appropriate for children, such as beta blockers.

    You are not an over-reactive mother....just a good mother.

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