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    Continuous beep in my ear
    ankrpb posted:
    Two days ago I was cleaning my ears with a q-tip like I usually do and suddenly felt the q-tip go a litle further into my right ear. As soon as I took it out I heard a beep inside my ear. The beep has been persistent and now I have pain in my right ear. I also feel fluid moving around and pressure against my ear. I have also developed a sore throat and slight fever. Is this tinnutis? Or have I damaged my inner ear? Is the beep because of the infection? Can you please help me out?

    I have an appointment with the ENT soon, but would like to know before.

    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Of course you would like to know sooner, my friend, but unfortunately, I have absolutely no way of examining you over the Internet.

    First, you definitely damaged your eardrum with that Q-tip which had no business being in your ear. I hope you learned your lesson and threw them in the trash. You may have cause bruising or inflammation of the eardrum, or even a rupture. Unless you put that Q-tip in to the hilt, there is no way for you to damage your inner ear. Midddle ear, yes, but not the inner ear.

    The trauma alone can cause tinnitus, which should resolve, if and when your ear heals. The "beep" is tinnitus. I really have no way of knowing if you have an "infection", but a sore throat and slight fever is often a hint that you may.

    You will need to see your primary care medical provider or that ENT in order to be properly examined. This is really the only way that you can be diagnosed and treated.
    ankrpb responded:
    Thanks doc. I went to the general physician yesterday and he looked into my ear and said there was no damage to my ear drum and the area around it. But I still have pain in my ear and it seems to be coming from the inside. Sometimes I feel it pressing up against my ear. The constant beep continues with the same intensity. I have been asked to use ear drops 'terra cortril polymyxin B' until I go see the ENT specialist on Friday.

    Could a middle ear infection cause the constant beep? Could it be something else? I have a wisdom tooth growing out on my right side and it was hurting 2 weeks ago. Could it have triggered this?

    I know I have a lot of questions, but your help is appreciated.

    ankrpb responded:
    Sorry..I forgot to mention - the beep I hear is a high pitched beep that seems like its coming from inside my head.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Your high pitched "beep" can be caused by many things. If you had a middle ear infection, your medical provider should have been able to see it. An inner ear infection, however, cannot be seen on a routine exam. Yes, your tinnitus can be caused by many things, including inflammation caused by that third molar.
    ankrpb responded:
    Hi Dr Moser,

    I thought I would give you an update on teh condition of my ear. I went to the ENT finally on Friday of last week and he looked into my ear. He said there was a hair on my ear drum and used suction to clean my ear canal. He said this could have caused the irritation and the beep in my ear. I mentioned to him about the sore throat and he looked and said I probably have a viral infection and asked me to discontinue the ear drops. He said the beep should go away when the infection in my ears clear. He did not give me any medication.

    Its been three days and I still have pain on and off in my right ear. The beep continues with the same intensity although I find it getting louder sometimes during the day...not sure if that is just a psycological reaction. Should I wait a little longer before heading back to the ENT? I am really worried, since the ENT seemed very confident that the beep would go away but so far no luck.

    Thanks a lot!
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    If you do not improve in another week, and don't go back to the ENT, he just going to assume that he was correct and that all is now well with you. You need to inform him otherwise. I suggest that you make another appointment in a week or so. If your symptoms resolve in the meantime, you can cancel the visit. If not, you will be able to take your evaluation to the next level.

    Viruses only last about a week. The inflammation caused by this hair should be well-resolved by that time. So, if you are still symptomatic, then the cuase of your "beep" was not either one of them. You could have tinnitus, and unfortunately, tinnitus can have HUNDREDS of causes.

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