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    Includes Expert Content
    Orange Snot
    SCARLETTB1 posted:
    I'm finally getting over a bad cold. When I had the cold, clear water kept dripping from my nose like a faucet, all I had to do was tilt my head slightly forward and it would be a constant stream of clear liquid. . Now, everytime I blow my nose, the snot is bright orange, like the color of betadine. Should I be concerned?
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    It is not a normal finding, so if you are having signs of a sinus infection, it would be best for you to see your medical provider so that you can be properly examined.

    The color of mucous is not definitive of a child...but, in an adult, darker/orange is one indication of infection.
    netwebdave responded:
    Dr. Moser,

    I have been on antibiotics for about 5 days. I am suffering from what feels to be a horrid cold. Over the 5 days, my mucus has changed colors. A couple of days prior to the antibiotics, my mucus was greenish/gray and yellow. 2 days into the antibiotics, the greenish/gray went away and only yellow is being generated. Now, 5 days into the antibiotics, the mucus is orange. Is it normal for these colors to change? Do you think the antibiotics are doing their job (or job the doc. intended)?


    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    That is difficult to say, Dave....since the color of mucous is not always medically-significant. Color changes can occur simply from stagnation, not necessarily, infection.

    What antibiotic are you taking, and what was your diagnosis?
    Nottaweam replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
    I have been having this same thing! I was diagnosed with Bronchitis last Saturday in the ER and they put me on a Zpak. But I was having the runny-like-water yellow color before the antibiotics and still a little the day after, but now I'm on day four of the antibiotic (so I've taken 5 pills) and I just spent 15 minutes blowing orange/golden color snot out of my left nostril. This is definately not blood either...I'm on an antibiotic so I don't want to waste a trip back to the doctor....why is it this color?

    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Nottaweam's response:
    I don't know what is causing your orange mucous, but I also do not think this would be a reason to seek further medical care at this point.
    nagitsune replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    okay, could there be any home remedies that could aid in clearing up whatever this is, times are tough cant handle an outright medical bill, and i cant get insurance for atleast another 3 months, and it would be walmart insurance... not sure what thats like, as i havent had insurance for awhile, been relying on my body to do its thing... but if you have any good tips i would appreciate it. i dont think its contagious or my wife would have it by now, but i do work with the public, i'm the maintenance guy at walmart and i'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what that entails. i'm exposed to this crap day in and day out, ive watched the bathroom manners of people and it does little less than anger me, anyway, anyone have any ideas?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to nagitsune's response:
    Could you re-post and let me know YOUR PARTICULAR SYMPTOMS? Please keep in mind that the Internet poses some significant barriers when it comes to blindly treating anyone without having a definitive diagnosis. I may be able to offer you some general suggestions, but without the ability to examine you, or delve into your medical history, it would very difficult to suggest patient-specific (home) treatments.
    nagitsune replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    sure. it started with a heavy dizzy spell bad enough to where i had to take a moment before returning to my duties, later that day my nose was running like crazy, killed 2 and a half rolls of toilet paper in a day and a half, the mucous was clear at first then a couple days later it was turning bright yellow then orange and now today its starting to darken further containing bloody streams throughout, along with the nose is the mucous coming from my chest, at times it feels like its trying to suffocate me and i go into nigh uncontrollable coughing fits trying to dislodge it, the most i come up with is a dime to nickel sized clumps of thick green grey nastiness, at times there is alot of pressure in the sinuses leading towards the eyes, i chocked that up to the force of blowing my nose, hoping to rid enough of it to break its grip, wanting to get better. today i started getting headaches and needless to say my mood is pretty unhappy.. i'm just glad there are sites like this one, where someone is willing to help.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to nagitsune's response:
    A concern would be sinusitis....

    The good news is that most cases of sinusitis is viral (even the ones that cause green or dark mucous). The bad news is that occasionally, they are bacterial and may need an antibiotic to manage them.

    So some suggestions for right now:
    • Assuming you can take a decongestant, like Sudafed, take it during the day only. At night, it may keep you awake or cause more post-nasal drainage.
    • If you are having sinus pain, ibuprofen is your best.
    • Warm compresses or a hot shower in your face can help loosen mucous so that you can spit it out. Using a vaporizer or humidifier can help, too.
    • Drink plenty of fluids. The more water on-board, the thinner the mucous
    • A little bit of honey can coat your throat and quiet an irritating cough
    • Sleep with your bed elevated a bit
    If you are worsening, you will need to bit the bullet and see a medical provider.
    gwenwv replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Im having similar symptoms to the previous persons. However, I have been fighting this for over 2 weeks. It started out as a debilitating sinus infection. Sinus pressure, thick yellow snot, bad headaches, couldn't breathe through my nose. I developed 2 canker sores in my mouth that are just now starting to improve after several salt swishes and finally buying some Kanka, because I couldn't stand the pain any longer. Now it's moved down to my chest while still having the stuffy nose, now I have a cough. Today I'm noticing pain below my left ear going under my jaw toward my neck. I'm also experiencing orange snot, which is a first for me. That started yesterday. Running the vaporizer seems to make the stuffiness a little better, but I'm still miserable. Does this sound like sinusitis? At this point, do you think I should get on an antibiotic, or just let it take its course?

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