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    pulsating tongue
    kath01752 posted:
    I'm am a 32 year old, healthy female. For the past several days, I can feel my tounge pulsating in my mouth, involuntary muscle spasms. What could be going on? I did some looking online and noticed BFS and it's link to anxiety. The past week has been pretty stressful for me. I don't have the twitching when I wake up in the morning, but as the day progresses, it starts, and doesn't end until I go to sleep. It's not very severe, just annoying, almost feels like my heart beating in my tongue. Any ideas?
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    BFS? I can't say that I have treated a patient with a pulsating tongue in my career, so I really don't have any idea what might be causing this unusual symptom. I do not know your medical history or have any way of examining you, so I have to rely solely on your brief posting. If you feel that this is stress-related, then by all means, do what you can to relieve that stress.

    I am sorry that I cannot help you with this one....
    An_187419 responded:
    I have the same symptoms, it started a week ago, it feels as you describe it, as like my heart beating in my tongue only, for me starts around 9 or 10 AM.
    I never felt it before.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_187419's response:
    I am very sorry, but I do not have any way of determining why your tongue is pulsating every morning. I would suggest that yo see your medical provider so that you can be properly examined and diagnosed.
    sherm80 responded:
    This could have nothing to do with anything, as they say, but I have this pulsating in my ears, obviously from the heartbeat. Mine also starts in the am, and I think your BP is higher in the morning, and I also deal with stress, just the general kind, but stress, nonetheless, so I do notice the pulsation MORE pronounced with the stress. The ears, throat, neck (where our aorta and jugular veins are, main thoroughfares for our blood!!), and all that is so close in proximity to each other, we are just experiencing a normal heart rate thru these pulsations, BUT I am seeing a dr next wk about it and the stress link, and see what she says. My pulsation is not a racing heartbeat, just a normal rate, but because I'm paranoid about anything medical, it's annoying!!! What I didn't finish in my line of thought there was the tongue also is very close to these pulsating major arteries (in the neck area), all intertwined, maybe a correlation . . .
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to sherm80's response:
    Probably not a correlation. The tongue and the areas surrounding the tongue, all have pulsating arteries of course....but the proximity to those big boys -- the carotids or jugular -- would not make them likely culprits.

    I would be interested to know what happens after your doctor examines you.
    sherm80 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    sure thing!!
    An_187420 responded:

    I had something similar for about an year and then had a grand-mal and have been on seizure meds ever since. I don't mean to scare you, however, I would advise that you watch your symptoms. Some of the other symptoms that I typically had was a mild nauseating feeling after the pulsating tongue and followed by a so-called feeling of acidity, though never had any after effects of the acidity. Just wanted to share my experiences.
    loli71 replied to An_187420's response:
    I had 2 gran-mal and then I got pulsing in the tongue. Due to the point where it would slur my words then when I ate it will spaz and pulse so I have difficulting eatting. Went to dr still havnt found out whats wrong. She said you might have MS and still dont know. Hope all is great.
    elainep1959 replied to loli71's response:
    was wondering if you have found out what has caused your problems as i am having the same trouble with some pulsating under tongue and sometimes like a little spasm, no one has came up with any answers for me but it has changed my life as i am scared when it happens, please let me know if you found out anything. thanks
    maciandparkersmama responded:
    I see this was posted months ago but "better late than never"....My daughter Maci is 9. Her tongue started twitching 3 days ago. More like muscle spasms. At first I said, "Your dehydrated and you need vitamins". She plays a lot of softball. I took her to the doctor because Google can put the fear of God in you. I seen all these scary illnesses associated with a twitching tongue. The night before I took her to the doctors I opened her mouth while she was sleeping and wanted to see if her tongue was still moving around while she was sleeping and it was sleeping just like she was. Not one spasm or twitch. The doctor told me that was good that I looked. That told him a lot. He did all kinds of neurological, range of motion, external tests on her and he was easily able to rule out anything wrong with her nervous system. He flat out said this is completely. Stress induced. He said within 1 week it will go away. So first and for most I would have a exam done to make sure you don't have anything wrong with your central nervous system and after that is ruled out. Stay as stress free as you can. Hope that helps and I would love to hear your outcome as well. Good Luck!

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