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    fever symptoms with subnormal temperature?
    StealthBunny posted:
    I picked up something when at my clinic picking up a 'script that no one could find. 30 minutes later, I left with the 'script and an incubating something. Aches, chest congestion, sore throat, swollen glands in my throat, headache but no snuffling/sneezing or stuffed up nose... I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes, so there's a lot of overlapping symptoms.

    First hit yesterday, three days after exposure to the coughers at the clinic. Today, had a fever just over 99. I usually register normal at about 98.0. Subsequent readings today have been in the 96.7-97.8 range, but still sweltering and with fever aches. The subnormal temp with fever symptoms has me a bit concerned... um... should I be? Concerned?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    A temp in the 96.7 to 97.8 range is really not clinically significant. This may be seen in a viral infection. You have symptoms that seem to point in this direction.

    Many people, depending on the time of day and other circumstances, will register a lower than AVERAGE temperature. Temperatures vary all day long.
    StealthBunny replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Ah, good. Thank you. I was wondering why I was sweltering when my temp was in the 96s. I normally do register at about 98.0, but the last few times I've been ill, I seem to be getting subnormal temps with fever symptoms, rather than actual fevers.

    Since antibiotics won't help viral, and I'm already on both a decongestant and antihistimine for my allergies, plus vicondin for the fibromyalgia, all of which will help this, plus I'm taking cough syrup, drinking fluids every hour, and doing horehound throat drops for the throat... I don't see much point in going back to the clinic, since that's where I got it in the first place. I seem to be progressing through stages rather than getting worse.

    At least... I hope.
    RecoveredCFSer replied to StealthBunny's response:
    The last two weeks I have been running a temperature down to 95.8F. Hitting Olive Leaf, and other herbal anti-virals made a significant difference, as well as a vitamin A pulse (150000 IU for 3 days).

    Often subnormal temperature goes with thickening of the blood (response to the viral infection) which can become apparent when you take normal niacin (the flushing type). You might note a major cognitive improvement.

    Be warned that some people get stuck in subnormal and end up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome where subnormal temperatures are the norm. If it goes on more than 3 weeks, do whatever you need to do to get both prescription and herbal anti-virals. If it goes on longer, the virus may go occult.

    K, M.Sc.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to RecoveredCFSer's response:
    Thanks for sharing, but I am not sure that I endorse your theory on the "thickening of the blood" and getting stuck with a subnormal temperature, or having an occult virus. Do you have any scientific studies to back this up?
    StealthBunny replied to RecoveredCFSer's response:
    Interesting. I already have CFS, but I didn't know that subnormal temperatures are the norm with it. Still, there is so much Fact/Myth over it, it's hard to sort out which is which. Plus, I have fibromyalgia, which throws everything else into suspicion. Turns out, the above post condition went into bronchitis w/ sinal infection (or vice versa). Went on a Z-pack (azythromax), but six days after the ten day course (5 days on meds, 5 days still in system), I'm still having coughing and bringing up gunk.

    I'm on so many other prescriptions and am allergic to so many things that I never dare go on herbals.
    sheldonyoung replied to RecoveredCFSer's response:
    I have had a subnormal temperature for years. I also respond well to the normal niacin regime. I have myofascial pain syndrome as well as fibromyalgia. I was taking niacin to help with cognition but it didn't work well with the meds I was on at the time for depression. Never heard of the herbal anti-virals though. I will check on those. Do they work for more than just CFS? Thanks for the input
    S in Va
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to sheldonyoung's response:
    Herbal anti-virals? I would not put a lot of therapeutic faith in these untested and unproven treatments.

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