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    Includes Expert Content
    Problem with ear after perforated Eardrum
    damnmyear posted:

    about 6 weeks ago I perforated my eardrum, after it healed I was left with fluid in the ear and intense pressure in my ear, my GP said it would clear on it's own which thankfully it did, as this was happening I started hearing a high pitched ringing and went back to my GP by this time the ear was a lot better and the fluid was draining, he told me to comeback at the end of the month if the ringing continued.

    By this time I was in complete distress and had hardly any sleep, so I took a week of work and went to stay with my parents, during this week the ear almost cleared and for some days I hardly noticed the ringing at all, and when I tried to focus on it it was hardly there much quieter.

    Since I got back I can feel my ear filling up again and when I swallow I hear a popping or clicking sound in my ear, sometimes I do a sticking out motion with my jaw to unblock the ear, I have been using Sudafed for the last couple of days which seems to help but once they wear of it's back to normal, also the ringing is back and seems to be getting louder.

    I just wondered how long this fluid takes to drain, and can the ear continue to fill up and go? why was it getting better when I was at my parents and now it's getting worse, could my environment be a factor?, or does worrying about it make it worse? should I hold out a bit longer or goto my GP right away?

    Im getting more worried by the day, sorry for all the questions.

    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Your GP needs to send you to an ENT specialist to have an higher-level evaluation. There is really no way -- without a hands-on examination and perhaps, some diagnostic tests -- to determine how long someone might have these symptoms. Tinnitus (the ringing) can have hundreds of causes, and is very, very unpredictable. Fluid in the middle ear space is just ONE of the many causes.

    Worrying never cures anything, but it is wise to be concerned. I don't know anything about you or your environment plays a contributing role.
    damnmyear replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Thank you for your fast response, yes I have booked another appointment with my GP, he said if I continued to have problems the next step was to send me to an ENT specialist, so I will ask for this next week.

    The ear is not as bad today, does not feel as full and the sucking in feeling has gone, but now it seems the high pitch sound I hear is changing from a constant pitch to a whirring or maybe both, I just have to wait to see the ENT specialist.

    Thanks again.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to damnmyear's response:
    Let me know how things turn out for you. If your symptoms resolve, or you are completely healed before seeing the ENT....that would be good, too.
    damnmyear replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Hello Rod,

    Heres an update from me, my left ear is better I have less times when I feel like the ear is sucking in and I only notice it really when I swallow or push my jaw out, and the ringing seems to die down from time to time and I often forget it.

    I am worried about something which is my right ear now, I had this problem in my left due to the perforated eardrum, but now I fell like my right ear is clogging, it seems sometimes my hearing in much better in my left and the right feels slightly clogged, often when I pinch my nose and blow gently the right remains full and doesn't pop.
    I have not had an infection this whole time, can worrying make these things happen? I guess I'm trying to find the same symptoms in my right ear which was in my left and this is making the symptoms happen?, I know it sounds weird, of course this all started to happen right after I saw my GP the other day, I'm now waiting for my ENT appointment, It's frustrating because I think I'm so close to my left being healed fully.

    Thanks for your help.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to damnmyear's response:
    Both ears and Eustachian tubes operate individually, but they are both in the same PERSON (you)...thus, you can have a different problem in each ear, or you can have one universal, underlying cause affecting BOTH ears -- like allergies, a cold virus, sinusitis, etc.

    When do you see the ENT or are you just waiting? You may want to read a few of my recent blogs, including one called "hurry up and wait"....
    EarRing replied to damnmyear's response:
    Hi damnmyear,

    Notice the post has been 2 the "ringing" in the ear stopped?
    damnmyear replied to EarRing's response:

    I had a continued problem for about 6 months, I had an MRI scan to make sure there was no internal damage and the results came back good.

    There was no more help offered to me but at the time the ear was getting better so I just waited out. Obviously this is not what you want to hear(no pun) but I still have a slight ringing in the ear, but I am completely use to it and it does not bother me at all, I just continue as normal I get the odd flair up now and again but I know it will pass, I have learned to live with it, hopefully in your case it will pass, but if not, trust me it does get better.
    damnmyear replied to damnmyear's response:
    I forgot to mention some of the things I used to help me, I bought a pillow with a speaker in and plugged in my ipod and use to run a app called "whitenoise" it had a selection of ambient sound effects, the burning crackling fire done it for me, also I looked into my diet and caffeine was a trigger for me so I stopped it.

    The idea is to remove any focus you have on the sound in your ear, eventually I just stopped using the pillow and went back to my caffeine as these were things that reminded me of the tinnitus.

    All I can say is it's like having a loud fan in your room, because you hear it everyday eventually your brain just filters out the sound, then someone walks into the room and say "wow that's aloud fan" and then you hear it, tinnitus is exactly the same, the brain in most cases eventually filters it out, until you try to hear it or remember you had it.
    nam_advise replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    hi Rod, I had written about my problem some week back.
    I perforated my eardrum which doc says has healed but now have developed this popping sound whenever I swallow.
    The ent says its a middle ear injury . Iam taking sturgeon but not helping.
    earnoise replied to nam_advise's response:
    Hello, nam_advise and damnmyear.

    I sympathize, believe me. I had a similar experience a few months ago. Slap to the head, causing a 4-mm eardrum perforation. The perforation closed in about two months ago, but I'm now plagued with crackling, clicking and popping every time I swallow.

    And I mean EVERY TIME I SWALLOW!! It's like a broken speaker next to my right ear sometimes.

    Two ENT docs thought I was crazy when I explained this to them. The third, fortunately, agreed with me that maybe it's that the new tissue simply hasn't regained any real tensile strength yet (more vibrations = more sound). I hope this is the case and that I'm not plagued with this the rest of my life. I'm aware that the dimeric membrane that grew back is now weaker without its fibrous middle layer.

    Can either of you update me on your condition? (I'm aware that I found this thread much later than your postings.)

    (I wish you hadn't retired, Dr. Moser. I could sure use your medical opinion. This ear noise has caused me a great deal of anxiety and depression as it is CONSTANT - every day, all day.)

    Please respond if you can, nam_advise and damnmyear.

    Chris D.
    Austin, TX
    Hopeandfaith_2015 replied to earnoise's response:
    Hi Austin,

    I realise this is a year ago but did the problem resolve/get better for you? Did you ever see an ENT specialist to find out the cause?


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