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    Includes Expert Content
    strep throat carrier
    An_187757 posted:
    there is a possibility my son may be a strep throat carrier. we are on the third round of antibiotics and will be tested this time after 3 days on meds. dr says if still positive he may be carrier and nothing to be done unless it bothers him. this didn't sound encouraging because what about infecting others (my daughter and children at school have been battling also) or can it develope into rhumatic fever if you are a carrier? has anyone had any experience with this and what worked best for you. My son is still young and as much as I try to remind him, he forgets to cover when coughing or sneezing. we've changed toothbrushes frequently throughout. Any ideas? thanks
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    do not know the details of his case (not even his age), but a Strep carrier can be treated. First, he may need to get a few injections of penicillin or Rocephin (antibiotics), but if this does not do the trick, he should see an ENT. Removing the tonsils -- the likely place where he is harboring Strep -- may be the next step.

    Any time a person has Strep, he can spread it to others, or have the Strep cause complications. Rheumatic fever is relatively rare, but it can occur.
    An_187758 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Thankyou so much. That makes me feel alittle more comfortable with how we might need to proceed. Thanks again Dr.Moser
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_187758's response:
    Remember that exposure to a potentially-infectious pathogen, like Strep, does not automatically mean that the exposed person will become ill. Up to 10-20% of the population are felt to be Strep carriers, so don't treat your little boy like a leper or Typhoid Mary.

    Yes, teach him good hygiene habits (ALL boys could benefit from these lessons).

    Ask for an ENT consultation if this last round of antibiotics does not help.
    nmarienelson replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    My 3 kids have been sick with strep so many times since October I have lost count (I had to start a word doc to document symptoms/rx/dates etc to keep track of everyone). All 3 kids finally had their tonsils (and adenoids) out in February 2011. We were told their chances of getting strep would dramatically decrease. 6 weeks later my oldest had strep. Thought it was just a fluke. I finally took my younger 2 in tonight after 6 days with fevers that would spike to 104 and go down to nothing on their own. They complained of occasional headaches with the fevers and were more tired than normal. I figured that these last 6 days they were fighting the flu since I was sick and doctor suspected I had influenza. Well, they each tested positive for strep. I immediately put a call into our pediatrician to find out if we need to test for a carrier in the hosue. He'll be calling me back tomorrow with a gameplan. This is beyond frustrating. I have a feeling the 3 kids would be in the same boat had we NOT removed their tonsils.
    amandab93078 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Dr Moser, Im sorry to bother you but i have an 8 year old he has had his tonsils removed and he complains of a sore throat and i take him to the dr and they tell me he has strep and we have treated it with antibiotics like 4 times just recently. Could there be something wrong that he keeps getting it? Or could he possibly be a carrier? Does a child that is a carrier have to just suffer from sore throats?
    Probiotics1 responded:
    Antibiotics is the ONLY answer in the west where most doctors don't look at any other options. There is an emerging world of probiotics. I use Blis K12 probiotics and I hardly ever get bacterial sore throat. Go to and find out for yourself how it works. Antibiotics does have a place but look at all the problems it is causing these days with bacteria resisting antibiotics, a lot of people believe it is the overuse of it!
    Probiotics1 replied to amandab93078's response:
    Have a look at BLIS K12 natural oral probiotic.

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