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    Includes Expert Content
    sound like a cricket chirping
    An_187790 posted:
    Remember me? A few weeks ago I had pain in my right ear when I yawned or burped, and I went on an antibiotic for it (azrithromycin). I've had tinnitus for decades, but now I have a new sound in my right ear that sounds like a cricket chirp. It isn't constant, it comes and goes, and there seems to be no "timing" to it. It's not loud, if I'm in a public place I don't even notice it, but at home in a quiet room, I do. Following the antibiotics I took for the ear, I got a nasty UTI, and I was on another antibiotic (macrobid) for that, I just took the last pill yesterday. Could all these pills I've been on lately be causing this "chirp"? Or, God forbid, is it possible I've got some sort of live bug in my ear? (it doesn't feel like I do). I can usually ignore it, but sometimes it's annoying. Thanks.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    I have taken a few bugs out of ears in my career, but I can't imagine that this is the source of your chrip. Medications can cause tinnitus, or in your case, changes in tinnitus. A chirp can be a variation of your tinnitus, which can happen for no particular reason. If it persists, you will need to get it checked out by an E N T.
    An_187791 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    thanks for the quick reply and the info. Thankfully, this new sound is absent a lot more than it's present. I'm going to check into one thing tho, which is weird... I notice I only ever hear this sound at home, nowhere else. It truly sounds like it's coming from inside my ear, I have even put my finger in my ears to see if I still heard it, and I did. So I don't think it's something coming from my house. But I'm going to try to pay more attention to that possibility. But there's nothing new in my house to cause it, and no new wires or anything went up outside my house to suggest it's something from the cable company, phone company, etc. But I'm not dismissing any possibility yet. As far as the bug in the ear thing... YUCK!
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_187791's response:
    See if someone else can hear this chirp. At least you will know that it is not common from your environment.

    Good luck
    An_187792 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Well, good news! The chirp stopped a week ago, the day I posted about it here was the last day I heard it. Maybe it was a temporary condition brought on by the antibiotic, who knows? I'm just glad it's gone, it was very distracting at times. Thanks!
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_187792's response:
    It really doesn't matter at this point....

    We have a saying in medicine: "Gone is Good"
    joacann responded:
    For about 6 weeks now I have had the sound of a cricket chirpping in both ears when I yawn or burp. I don't have any pain. The onset of this chirp was sudden. The only thing unusual that has been going on is my hearing aides weren't adjusted properly and they were causing chirping and feedback sounds. For 3 weeks now I haven't been wearing the hearing aides, as they have been sent off for repairs. I, also, have had tinnitus for many years. Well, at least I now that I am not the only one with this. I haven't mentioned it to anyone because they would probably give me some strange looks. I hope you get better soon. It looks like I may have to consult my doctor.
    GAURAV004 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    undefined replied to GAURAV004's response:
    I had crickets for two years and thought they were crickets chirping. One night I was listening to the crickets and realized it was 20 below and there were no crickets. They continued for three months day and night and suddenly one afternoon they were gone. After about 12 years Cicada sounds were heard for two months. No real Cicada. Now after six months I have a clicking much like Morse Code (left ear only) but it spells out nothing. I guess I can wait and see what is next.
    An_262041 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    What is tinnitus?
    atti_editor replied to An_262041's response:
    Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling, or other sounds that can be intermittent or continuous, and can vary in loudness.You can learn more here .
    shelby48 responded:
    I have the same thing happening in my ear which started last night. I hear the cricket churp and when I move I get dizzy. Could this be tinnitis?
    shelby48 replied to GAURAV004's response:
    I have the same problem. Just started last night after a bath. I got out and starting hearing the cricket churp and got a bit dizzy. When I lay down it's fine. When I move around the next morning, I start hearing and feeling the, as you said, unsteadiness. What is it? I was thinking I needed to drink more water. I always here ringing in my ears, but that is due to my medication.
    An_263192 replied to shelby48's response:
    Nov 2013 I started getting the cricket chirping sound in my right ear - on and off. Started getting dizzy/vertigo when I heard loud sounds esp. "metallic & crinkly" type noises, even in the shower. Got tested and found out it was "sound induced vertigo." Ear CAT scan wasn't definitive but the symptoms matched this diagnosis. Then a week after I got the scan in Feb 2014, it just disappeared. Started up again this March 2015 out of the blue, one year later. Nothing new with diet, medications, etc. Still on and off, but past few weeks getting worse. Sometimes a continuous chirping for up to 6 seconds followed by a weird "boingy" type of feeling in my head, not quite dizzy, but similar. The one similarity I can see is that when it first happened in 2013, I was planning a trip abroad and under a lot of stress. Guess what? In March I was again planning a trip abroad and this past two months I have been under significant stress. I'm beginning to wonder if stress is the culprit - has anyone found anything that helps? It's now beginning to interfere with some activities. I'm making another appointment to get it checked out.
    victorbennetttales responded:
    I have had this cricket bug chirping in my ears of and on for some years. I have a cocktail of drugs that I take for blood pressure and C O P D. I check them out and also noted times to try to establish a pattern without success. On reading all the comments one person mentioned stress and bingo I think, for me, that is the answer. I do not 'do' stress but this cricket only visits before big occasions tomorrow I drive to Scotland for a short break and today 'Jiminy' is back. I normally have a high pitched whistle which over the years . like the traffic outside, I have got used too. I only notice it when it transforms from whistle to chirp. I will take note of his next visit and check my hidden stress level. Thank you this is the first time I have been able to identify a cause.

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