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    Includes Expert Content
    aural fullness, ear pain, dizziness, vertigo, brain fog
    LisaJulian97 posted:
    Hi Rod - I've had all of the above for about 3 mos. now. Tried antibiotics, allergy meds, sinus sprays, antihistamines, decongestants (although I don't really feel congested and ENT doesn't see any fluid) etc. and nothing works. My left ear wouldn't pop for 2 mos. and just started popping a couple of weeks ago and dizziness subsided slightly. But still it feels mostly plugged and the right to a lesser degree. ENT did video tests and said my eyes moved vertically, circular and horizontal so he suspects something in cerebellum (although I hear my ears popping) and referred me to neurologist. Meanwhile, no relief. I had a carotid artery dissection last July (2nd in 2 years) and have had a variety of weird symptoms since then. Any thoughts on a possible nerve dysfunction or anything else? I'm having a biopsy on a small thyroid nodule (9 mm) in a couple of weeks) but don't think it's that. Is it possible for tubes to malfunction but not cause infection? My dad had terrible sinus trouble when he was alive but I haven't really had such problems to date. Thanks for your thoughts. Lisa
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    All of those symptoms -- the ear fullness, the ear pain, dizziness/vertigo, and the "brain fog" -- can have a central cause: the brain, or even the inner ear. It does not seem likely after three months, that your Eustachian tubes would be this hidden, underlying culprit. A person can have more than one medical problem at the same time, however.

    Based on what you have posted, I agree with your ENT that a central cause (brain) is a likely source. Unfortunately, even if this can be medically-proven, this is not an easy problem to treat. I don't believe your thyroid nodule is contributory, Lisa. I don't have enough information about your carotid issue to comment.
    treybrunswick responded:
    Lisa, just curious if there was a resolution to your situation. I have very similar symptoms and have also been tested for Meniere's, etc.
    LisaJulian97 replied to treybrunswick's response:
    Trey - Not really - it has subsided a bit (the vertigo is gone, and my ears and surrounding bone area is not nearly as painful, and my left ear has opened up a bit and isn't quite as muffled) but I still have the head and ear pressure, a bit of muffling in left ear, occasional pain (feels like nerve pain) in and around my ears and the bone surrounding my ears, and even the side of my jaw, oh, and the dizziness (but it is tolerable). I tried an ear tube and that didn't work, actually made things worse, adn they removed it and that all went fine. Also tried vestibular therapy and that didn't help. I tried ginseng for dizziness, and it didn't work. I've had lots of scans and they don't see anything. ENT is stumped - says I have something but they aren't sure what and therefore they don't know how to treat it. Could be a nerve dysfunction from my dissection??? What have you tried and what symptoms are you having?
    rouga87 replied to LisaJulian97's response:
    been having same problem I started to do some reasearch about aural fullness came across this Meniere's disease. I been to ent several times too no luck so i been so tired of feeling like i got sock stuck in my ear. so i found this link check it out hope it helps.

    undefined replied to rouga87's response:
    Have either of you tried Chiropractic. I have been experiencing some of the same symptoms and thinking about Chiropractic since I had something similar 10 years ago. It seemed to work back then so I am going to go back and try it again.

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