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    Includes Expert Content
    question about a lingering slight sore throat
    pleasehelpme87 posted:
    Hi, Im having a problem that is really starting to worry me now.

    -I had a cold start Sep 26th (sore throat, runny nose, weakness, mucous) and I can say most of it is gone now (Oct 5th, still coughing up/spitting out some mucous).

    -But for the past few days I keep waking up with a rough weird feeling in the back of my throat somewhere around or behind the Uvula.

    -When I go to sleep at night I notice that my throat is feeling usually ok, but when I wake up the sore feeling is back. My mouth is also dry upon waking, but Im not sure if I sleep with my mouth open because I TRY to go to sleep breathing through my nose. I have to lick the inside of my mouth and lips when waking to restore some moisture. When I awake my lips are closed as well.

    -It is currently 2 pm and I still have the feeling in my throat, and I can notice it when swallowing liquids or eating food (so this is always on my mind when I get reminded of it like that).

    -Here is an interesting point that I should point out because it just didnt start with this recent cold. I had a cold before this most recent cold in July and since that one ended, I had the same thing going on. I would wake up with a slight sore throat that would linger on and off. During that time I was taking vitamin c and oregano oil hoping it would fix it. But, I dont think taking those supplements helped.

    -So here I am after having this recent cold happened, and the same lingering slight sore throat is re-continuing again.

    -I told my doctor about this when I went to see him about the recent cold and he said: allergies can do that, acid reflux during sleep can do that, or sleeping with your mouth open.

    -I dont know what to do:
    ->I try sleeping with my mouth closed and when I awake it is still closed (but it could have been open while Im asleep and closed it unknowingly when Im waking.
    ->I gargle warm salt water each day
    ->Im thinking of taking Reactine soon to see if that helps?

    Does anyone have anything they can say?
    pleasehelpme87 responded:
    I should add that I want to go to the doctor soon and state my concerns and ask for the proper tests that can help:

    What kind of blood tests can I specifically ask for?

    Im thinking of asking for a chest x ray too?
    pleasehelpme87 replied to pleasehelpme87's response:
    Male, 23, non smoker, non alcohol drinker
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Sinusitis (with post-nasal drainage) is always a consideration with the AM sore throats that linger. And, yes, when you have a very stuffy nose and breathe through your mouth, you will get mouth and throat dryness. Like your doctor mentioned, allergies, reflux, and a few dozen other things can be contributory. Without knowing your complete medical history or have the ability to examine you first-hand, I would only be blindly guessing as to the true underlying reason. Clearly, if you are still having symtpoms, there are other tests that can be done (again, based on an examination).

    A few supportive measures:

    1. Get a cool mist humidifier and run in your bedroom all night. It doesn't have to be blowing in your face, but it will humidify the air your breathe.

    2. Use saline nasal spray OFTEN

    3. Take some honey to coat your throat before going to sleep, and have some at the bedside if you wake up with a dry throat.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to pleasehelpme87's response:
    Any blood tests would depend on your doctor's examination. A CBC would be fine to do, or even a EBV panel (mono test).

    I don't have enough information to know if you need a chest x-ray or not, but you can certainly bring it up to your doctor. Based on the limited information you posted, I would guess that a chest x-ray would not likely be an important diagnostic test.
    pleasehelpme87 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Hi Dr. Moser, first, thank you for replying to my posts.

    -I went to the doctor today, I told him what is bothering me, he checked: my blood pressure, check my glands under my jaw/neck/and collar bone, looked into my mouth and used a stethoscope on my back.

    -He said it all was ok.

    -He suggested to keep on gargling salt water.

    -I purchased a nasal saline spray today too.

    -He asked if I was coughing (I cant remember if it was before or after the checkup), I said maybe a little. When I got home, I coughed a few times which helped me spit up some mucous.

    Im not exactly too sure, or if Im making too big a deal, but right now Im thinking of daily:
    -nasal saline spray
    -gargle warm salt water
    -take a ginseng product similar to cold fx that I have
    -halls lozenges
    -inhale steam (standing in the shower)

    Any ideas about this or after hearing about the doctors checkup?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to pleasehelpme87's response:
    No throat culture? No blood test, like a CBC? Your doctor is assuming this is a virus that will be self-limiting, so if it doesn't, you will need to have a further diagnostic work-up...including an EBV panel (mono test).

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