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    Includes Expert Content
    Prolonged Throat Irritation
    SobchakSecurity posted:
    I'm very concerned about the worsening condition of my throat. I'm not sure if it's all related or if I'm just that unhealthy and have multiple conditions. I am a 26 year-old male, 5'9'' and 210 lbs. No history of anything medically, have never smoked, and rarely drink.I do sing in a rock band, but I am not very sexually active: only had 2 partners and it's been over a year and a half since the last one. About 6 months ago, I noticed that visually my tonsils looked different. I've always gotten small tonsil stones on occasion, but there were none present. My tonsils were red, swollen, and appeared "bursting." The soft palate around them became red and swollen as well, and the back of the throat began looking red, veiny, and inconsistant. As a month or two passed, I began noticing a couple of very small bumps on the soft palate around one of the tonsils. The tiny bumps began to spread in a random manor all over the soft palate, around the tonsils, up around the uvula, and all the way up the hard palate back roof of the mouth. I didn't think anything of this fact at the time, but I also occasionally began having very bad heartburn or acid reflux. It would occur for a day or two and go away for weeks. Anyways, my doctor thought I might need my tonsils removed and referred me to an ENT specialist. The specialist looked at my throat and, after a brief visual inspection, concluded that my thoat was just dry and that breathing dry air was the culprit. The specialist also recommended rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Since that visit, my throat has become worse: the bumps have multiplied (but not clustered), the soft palate is looking more red and also veiny, the whitish film that lighly developes on my tongue has become worse (I've always used a tongue scraper when I brush), and the sides of the back of the throat (just behind the tonsils) are red, swollen, and appear to have whitish lesions (partially hidden in the folds) running vertically with the throat. When the hydrogen peroxide is applied carefully to the sides of the back of my throat, the lesions foam up but they have not gone away. In fact, the hydrogen peroxide does not seem to be affecting my throat positively or negatively. Just this passed week my doctor did a strep test which came back negative. Also within the passed month I noticed something completey new. On my lips at the corner's of my mouth there has developed a small cluster of tiny whitish bumps. Just on the lips, painless, and almost unnoticable. After some internet research, I believe these could possibly be Fordyce spots, something I've never heard of. By the way, aside from the occasional heartburn acid reflux feeling, everything I've described in my throat is also painless, aside from a mild sore throat every few weeks or so. What do you think?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    I thought your posting sounded familiar....I responded to it a day or so ago. Here is what I said....

    Since I can't examine your throat first-hand, I have no choice by to guess. Pharyngeal bumps may just be ectopic lymph tissue, often called cobblestoning. We see this with allergies, viruses, and yes, even throat dryness --- anything that can cause inflammation.

    Clearly, you are not satified with your ENTs assessment and are worried, so my suggestion to you is to get another ENT second opinion -- from someone who is thorough and explanatory.

    I don't know you or your medical history, but is there something in particular that worries you?

    If you have any further questions or comments, just post under this string and I will see it.
    SobchakSecurity replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Thank you for your responce and your time. I'm just worried because my throat has never done this before. It's been over 6 months now and it's not going away and seems to be spreading and or getting worse. I am in the process of finding another ENT for a second opinion, but if it is just ectopic lymph tissue, will it go away if the cause (being allergy, virus, or general dryness) is properly diagnosed and corrected or will my throat forever look different like that? Also, is there any reason to suspect acid reflux as a possible cause? I've never had the greatest diet. Obviously it can't help the situation, but could poor diet have helped to cause this? And finally, what types of test can be performed (besides visual inspection) to be absolutely certain it is nothing more serious?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to SobchakSecurity's response:
    I really have no way of predicting outcome since you a cause has yet to be determined. Inflammation can be caused by MANY reasons, including pharyngeal reflux. The type of tests that could be ordered would depend on your examination findings at the time and could range from simple blood tests and cultures to endoscopic examinations and imaging studies (like an MRI).

    What is worrying you? Are you concerned that you have cancer?
    SobchakSecurity replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Well I certainly don't want cancer lol, but it could be a possibility. I think with such a wide range of possibilities, just not knowing for sure what is causing this is what's worrying me. I want to gather as much information as possible before I have my ENT appointment, because I wasn't prepared for the first one and I left without answers or decent explanations. Thank you though for what insight you are able to provide in this forum, I greatly appreciate it. And happy new year!
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to SobchakSecurity's response:
    Some people are sooooo afraid of cancer that they can't even say the word. Another common fear is HPV causing warts on the pharynx, however, this is not very common in the U.S. (assuming you live in the states).

    It is wise to be concerned, but probably not a good idea to lose sleep over these bumps which may be considered normal. Once an ENT....a GOOD ENT....takes the time and effort to do a thorough examination and talks with you, I suspect you will be relieved.

    I want you to post after you see the ENT. Ask around and find a good one!
    ellamw responded:
    Hey I have a very similar problem, the doctors are baffled by the white spots in the corners of my upper lips and I've got lumps on the back of my throat etc. I was hoping that you may have discovered what was causing all of this as I'm getting quite worried! Thanks, Ella.
    mrdjr01 replied to ellamw's response:
    I have this same issue exactly how you describe it. My throat is sore but not the same as the standard 'sore throat' if that makes sense. More slightly swollen maybe? It's been two months so far and I've had no luck with antibiotics and throat swab came back clear. I have also had a blood test for glandular fever. It is really stressing me out as I have no idea what it could be and I am worried it is a symptom of a more serious underlying issue. My doctor said to go back if this second course of anti biotics doesn't help, I will ask to see and ENT specialist. If anyone managed to get any answers please let me know
    atti_editor replied to mrdjr01's response:
    Hi mrdjr01,

    I am sorry that you have been suffering from a sore throat for so long. I think that making an appointment with an ENT is a great idea -- he/she is best suited to help figure out what is causing your irritation. Please let us know what you find!

    Best wishes,
    holley23 responded:
    did you ever figure out what this was? iv had a really bad cold the last few days..nd i have the red verticle veins on my uvula tonsils and throat..i was honestly expecting to see the white patches from strep or whatever but iv never seen red veiny things covering the back of my throat..only thing i can think of is that it hurts so much to breathe the dry air i have to keep drinking n keeping my throat wet because its so irritated and dry..idk i searched google and this is the only thing that came up that even sounded remotely similar..
    brownie4537 responded:
    Did you ever find out what was causing this? I have the same exact symptoms as you and it started a few weeks after I had oral surgery. At first I was treated for thrush because the mouthwash I had used after surgery had stripped my natural bacteria away but the medicine did nothing to change my symptoms. I also have acid reflux and had an endoscopy done 5 months ago and they said there was no inflammation in my throat from it so I am not sure what is causing it. I dont have the best diet either but I do smoke which doesnt seem to aggravate the symptoms anymore than if I didnt. I tested negative for strep as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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