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    Includes Expert Content
    Can Head Lice Live In Nose
    An_247221 posted:
    We are on day eight of treating my grandaughter for head lice. We do some sort of treatment everyday. Wet combing, dry look throughs, Robi-combing, home remedy, etc. Everyday we are finding 7-8 new eggs. They are not ones we have missed. This leads me to believe that there is one louse that we can not find or kill that is laying those eggs. For several days my grandaughter has complained that her nose itches and that it feels like something is in it. Can head lice migrate and live in the nose?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    I don't think that head lice would really like taking up residence in the nose....even if your grand-daughter had a very hairy nose. I have never seen it, and I have seen a LOT of children with lice in my career.

    What are you using to treat the lice? Not all pediculocides (head lice medications) kill the nits (eggs).

    You will eventually get a handle on them. Lice are harmless (they eat very little) but high on the yuck factors. Don't panic and end up over-treating this child.
    witsendagain replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    I was panicking a bit on the possibility of it being in her nose, just because there was no way to get rid of it there and I have read on the internet some people that said yes they have had them in their nose. We are treating originally with RID and the second of the two treatments is schedule for tomorrow. In the meantime we were doing olive oil treatments, comb throughs, and an enzyme shampoo treatment. It just bothers me that we are still finding new eggs. I know the treatment doesn't kill them and that is why we are going through the hair every night. We just feel this many days later, we should not be seeing 7-8 eggs (new) a day, just 1 or 2 that we might have missed! On the flip side, I kept telling myself it would have to be a very smart louse to hide in her nose and then crawl to her hair to lay its eggs! Again, maybe panicking a little bit.
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to witsendagain's response:
    There are better (prescription) medicines than Rid. Call her medical provider and have the call in a prescription. Head lice are one of the few medical conditions that doctors will not insist on you coming in....

    So, don't panic. There are no nose lice.
    queenquitealot replied to witsendagain's response:
    Hello, I hope all is well in your world by now, but this doctors information was incorrect. I unfortuntley know first hand, and yes you were right they do hide there & lay there eggs there too.They were in the nose hair that I keep trimmed and plucked, but didn't recognize or know at the time and they just went straight to the skin verse hair. In my case in the bottom and sides of my nose & nose bed. In addition to this in both eyes and eye lids, the mouth under my gum line as well as every finger & toe nail, and femail parts too. Too horride to mention, and It has been three months of hell trying to figure it out, and the hardest time in my life with people giving wrong advise or thinking im crazy. I have never had any type problem such as this, and my heart goes out to you! I am still batteling this and holding on for dear life.
    okidoki replied to queenquitealot's response:
    yes nits and eggs can live in ears and nose, I know it is hard to believe but it took me years of despair to check myself there and I found some eggs etc in all stadia...just afew but enough to keep the problem going esp when the hair is kept nitfree with produce. That is why no nurse,doctor,even hair clinic ever found any in my superclean hair...they all thought I was imagining it just by thinking it! To test swipe some rescue remedy or similar very gently around inside nose/ear on cotton bud or finger and look through magnifier.
    An_252111 replied to queenquitealot's response:
    You are right!!!!! Not only can they get in your nose but your ears as well!!!!! I had scabs for months in my ears and nose as well as eyes and my doctor didn't know what was wrong with me. I was sent to an ear nose and throat doctor etc.
    One morning I got up and found them crawling out my ears!!!!
    I literally freaked out. The culprit was head lice. They can go anywhere on your face once you are infected. I am 68 years old and the doctor that said they can't is WRONG. My granddaughters gave them to me and because I'm disabled I couldn't fix this by myself. The kids have had them for six years because their mother won't do anything about it and therefore I can't even hold my grandkids. My youngest one got a secondary infection from the sores. So did I.
    needinganswers4 replied to okidoki's response:
    I am having the same problem and don't know where to turn. I can feel them crawling in my ears and nose. I have been to five doctors and they all think I'm crazy. I read that you can be prescribed an oral medication that will kill them but all the doctors I go to tell me it's not possible and won't prescribe me anything. I really don't know what to do. It's affecting all my relationships because I can't go near anyone without them getting head lice. Have you found a solution? Do you have any advice? I could really do with some.
    undefined replied to needinganswers4's response:
    I think I have your same problem. What is the Oral medication that you were mentioning ? Did you ever get rid of the problem? let me know.
    windommba replied to okidoki's response:
    How did you cure them
    windommba replied to needinganswers4's response:
    Did you ever cure them
    electrochemical replied to windommba's response:
    Windomma, hi I am wondering if your still having an issue with lice? If so I may be able to help. I just lived through such an adventure with lice in ears and nose, etc. Please contact me if the problem is still with you. This offer is for anyone fighting this problem. I can be emailed at: peace and God's blessings!!!
    Smariesavoy replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    You are wrong don't post stuff you don't know anything about.we want facts not want u think how and did u become a doctor
    Smariesavoy replied to queenquitealot's response:
    You are right I'm going through through this now.the docorrect is wrong .

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