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    Includes Expert Content
    Morning Dr. M:
    yanksgirl posted:
    Beautiful morning here in the Midwest! Finally some rain the last few days and some sun and more rain tonight. Hope you are feeling better.
    I did get tests done this week--checking out my heart--w/EKG and also electrolytes including sugar, and magnesium and kidney function and potassium levels---all normal. Since my head has been 'so bad' with pressure and light headedness I was concerned enough to check in with the cardio doctor's office and he ordered the tests. All ok--that's good.
    Still, I keep saying 'why is this head thing not getting any better'? So I decided to call the Ent office and tell him how badly I've been feeling. His nurse called--said 'it's the weather'! I said, 'Really'?? It's only been stormy and rainy about 2 weeks off and on but this bad head of mine has been bad all summer--she said, 'he said it's the weather'!! Evidently other patients are having the same problems--I think she said alot of calls were coming in so I guess Meniere's will continue to make me feel this way---from now on. That's discouraging. The weather is always fluctuating. I'm reading the 'Feel Good' book, trying to learn how to 'cope' better with something I'm evidently going to have to live with. Anyway, does the differing weather patterns make your shoulder worse? I know many folks say their 'bones' ache more with those changes. So, I just have to 'deal with it'. Still have to sit back and let my head calm down---often during the day. Just having a hard time accepting the fact that there is nothing can be done. But---guess I have to. Talk to you soon. yanksgirl
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    Maybe the weather is making the nurse say these things? It is easy to blame external forces for internal problems, but to say these things to you -- knowing your medical history -- is very presumpuous. It was a brush-off. It's like blaming the full moon on the crazy people showing up at the ER. While medical science doesn't know all of the answers, I am raising my skeptical I often do....when I hear stories like this. Just let that weather comment go in your one good ear, and out the bad one.

    I lived a few years in the Midwest, too....good people, cheap roadside vegetables, nasty weather. Maybe all of my problems were cause by the Midwest weather, too? It is a beautiful day today, so enjoy it. More nasty weather is rarely far away.

    Like the weather, moods fluctuate, too. I am glad that you are continuing to make steps to cope with your stresses. I have my own good days.....and bad days. Tuesday (the day after the three day holiday) was terrible (too many patients, not enough providers in the office, overly-weird complaints). I didnt' get home until 10 PM, fantasizing about the day I can retire and finally give up this madness. It was so bad, in fact, that I thought yesterday was MONDAY! When I finally came to terms that it was actually Thursday and that Friday (today) is my day-off....I was elated, so I am having a "good day" today.
    yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Thanks Dr. Moser--I too have a problem with the answer of 'it's the weather'.
    Was it the weather that made me feel extra pressure when coming up the stairs a few mins. ago--and that has been off and on worse the last few months? I know Meniere's has serious side effects from reading other's complaints (which I'm not doing as the therapist told me to refrain from that for awhile)--but she didn't say I couldn't talk to you--but of course I didn't tell her I did. LOL
    Anyway, the Ent didn't feel he needed to see me until Dec. so guess I have to 'cope' the best way I can.
    I know depression can cause head pressure (at least I've read that) and other symptoms so maybe it's 'all in my head'. We'll see. You' need a good relaxing weekend-- yanksgirl
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to yanksgirl's response:
    We BOTH need one of those relaxing, symptom-free weekends, but of course, how often to we really get what we want?

    Not seeing the ENT until December? Midwest weather is definitely going to be a factor at that time.

    Next time you are in the office, "forget" your co-pay or insurance card, and then blame it on the weather.

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