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    Hi again, Dr. M: Ent visit yesterday--won't see again for 1 year--
    yanksgirl posted:
    Well--nothing more can be done for the symptoms of Meniere's that I continue to have---he said it's my 'new normal'!

    He was kind--pretty straight forward, and said he wishes he could offer something more--to which my husband said, 'we don't know anymore now than when we came in here'--and that is his way of showing his concern for me--and I understand that. The doctor's reaction showed that he probably had a different take on it.

    He replied that he certainly would offer something if he could, and I said, 'He knows that--but just sees me dealing with this and is concerned'! He really is a good doctor and a caring one too.

    He said if anything new is learned that will help, he'd certainly let us know. He did 'assure me' that I'd have 'no more vertigo'!!
    He was very adamant about that!

    That is good--but I told him my symptoms are daily and I feel like I'm 'this close' (holding up my fingers about an inch apart to demonstrate), to having vertigo when my head pressure is really bad.

    He agreed with the Neuro doctor I saw recently that some of my symptoms could be migraine related--all the symptoms without the pain--but mostly he leans toward it being the inner ear stuff--Meniere's!

    Anyway--he said he didn't need to see me until one year from now.

    So--I have to figure out (and I'm trying so hard) how to live my life with in the 'new normal' mode!

    Guess it's something we all have to do--like you too, with your shoulder problem. Anyway---just updating you and wanting to wish you a 'Merry Christmas' and a 'Happy New Year'.
    Hoping your MRI has shown your doc's something that can help you. It's never good to hear--there's nothing more to do but 'accept it'! But 'it is what it is'! Take care---yanksgirl
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded: tinnitus. As we get older, our list of ailments is like an "organ recital" since just about every organ has an issue. I consider my health issues just a part of life. We are all progressively wearing out, so to speak. Like you, I have the "It could be worse" credo that I stick least I have some movement in my shoulder, at least it doesn't hurt as much, at least I have my arm, etc. For you, not being totally disabled by your vertigo like you were in the past, should be a blessing of sorts. You still may have some vertigo, but not like the past. Hopefully, your days of vomiting and nausea are gone as well.

    As you know, Menieres can come in attacks, so you will always have a few bad days, but hopefull, the good days will outnumber them.

    I think we both knew that you would eventually reach in impasse about your condition. There is only so much medical science can do and you reached the limit. At least he was nice about it when he through in the towel. Many specialists are not as caring.

    Thank you for your Christmas wishes. If I had just one wish, I would give it to you.
    yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    How very kind of you to say that about the Christmas wish!
    Yes, it was good of him to be direct with me--he could have said, 'let's try this or that' and not be really sure it would work. He did encourage me but said nothing more medically--that he knew of, right now was available. So glad he's a good-caring doctor--like you are too.
    I actually drove today--first time in months. I told my husband, if I'm not going to have vertigo, my head isn't going to be better so I need to learn to 'drive' in spite of it. I love driving and he even says I'm a good driver. So, I did some today--short distances but 2 times today! yea! Talk to you soon. Take care --
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to yanksgirl's response:
    One step at a time.....or, your case, a few miles in the car at a time.

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