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    Tubes in, antibiotics, ear drops but still an constant ear infection
    jennierose1313 posted:
    My daughter is 3 years old. We have had tonsils and adnoides removed and have had tubes put in her ears. Yet she still gets ear infection and strep throat. Before she had tubes her ear infection would get so bad it would eventually rupture and release the infection on its own.

    Recently she has had ear infection in her left ear for over a month. She has had ear drops, that didn't work so on to antibiotics, that didn't work, so antibiotics and ear drops at same time. She still has ear infection. I have no idea what to do next. It seems like I am taking her to the dr every week and yet she is still in pain. You can always tell when she has ear infection because her behavior is very different (or I should say I can tell when she doesn't have it because a majority of the time she seems to have ear infection or strep.)

    The discharge coming out of her ears is white and thick this time, with no noticible smell. Typically when she gets ear infection it is more liquidy, yellow/greenish and smells bad but not this time.

    What should I do for her? Who do I take her to for advice?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    A few things....

    Many things have been done to combat the frequent ear infections and Strep, so perhaps it is time to modify her risks. Is she is day-care or preschool? If so, she is being constantly exposed to other children who are bacterial and viral vectors. Putting her in a home day care (about five other kids) or caring for her at home would reduce her risk considerably.

    Hopefull. she is not being exposed to smoke of any kind, even second or third hand.

    Has she been tested for allergies?

    Once you get your tonsils removed, there should be no Strep. Do not allow her to be treated with antibiotics for "Strep" unless a lab test proves she has it.

    Tubes can clog, so she may need to see the ENT again to make sure they are still fuctioning. Remaining on the eardrops for a longer period of time may be needed.
    jennierose1313 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    She is currently in a day-care/preschool setting. So she is at risk there. She has only been there 10 months though. Prior to that she was in an at home daycare with limited exposure to other children. She was having problems there and had the two surgeries while she was still in the at home daycare.

    She is not exposed or never has been exposed to second hand smoke. No one in our family smokes. However, I do have step children whose mother smokes. When they come home they do smell of smoke until they take a shower and thier coats do have the smell. Could that have an effect?

    She has not been tested for allergies.

    She has had one strep test that came back positive. I was surprised because I didnt' think she could get it with her tonsils out. I didn't argue though.

    I will set up another appointment with her ENT and check into getting more drops.

    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to jennierose1313's response:
    Statistically, smaller day cares or preschools with fewer children, equals less exposure. Girls are quite social, so they will get exposed (or overly exposed) at most settings. The younger the child, the more vulnerable. As she ages, her immune system should improve

    It is not likely that this remote "third-hand" smoke is a major contributor. Allergies could be a factor, so look for subtle signs: itchy nose, rubbing the eyes, rashes, a runny nose that keeps on running, etc. She can be tested if allergies are suspected.

    Good luck and hang in there....

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