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    Best Wishes for the Members of the ENT Community
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD posted:
    For the EARS....
    • May your Holiday be filled with the beautiful sound of carols and bells, and not tinnitus
    • May you hear the joys of laughter, or if hearing-impaired, the smiles and faces of those that love you.
    • May Santa forget to give you Q-tips
    For the NOSES...
    • May you smell the smells of the Season -- pine, cinnamon, cloves, and peppermint
    • May you not smell "something burning" in the kitchen, or the holiday candles left burning in the living room.
    For the THROATS...
    • May you taste (and swallow) all of the carefully-prepared meals that are before you
    • May you chew your food throughly as to not choke on huge piece of prime rib
    • May you not have a sore throat so you can kiss under the mistletoe
    Have a Wonderful Holiday.
    yanksgirl responded:
    Dr. M: thank you for all the 'well wishes' for our ears, noses and throats! Mostly--thank you for thinking of all of us!
    To you--thank you for your time, energy and 'common sense, linked with good medical training' for your endless hours giving us 'free advise' and encouragement!

    I want to wish you and yours the best of everything during these days and that your shoulder ailment will get 'better and better'!
    Thank you again for all you do for all of us! God Bless!
    deach777 responded:
    Merry Christmas Rod and everyone. ~Deach~
    rohvannyn responded:
    Have a very happy holiday, Rod and all! May your brains recollect all the other happy times you've had, and store up some new ones for the future. Thank you for your wisdom and good humor, and thank you to all the others on the board for making a lively, interestin community.

    'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
    vaporizer responded:
    Thank you so much Dr. Moser!! thank you for all your well wishes, and Thank you most of all for helping us out with all of our ear, nose, and throat problems! You are the best MD I have found online ,) Also, I tried using a vaporizer when I was coughing, and when my throat was soar, and now, my cough went away, and my throat feels better ,) You're the best!I wish for you an amazing New Years, and I hope your Christmas was relaxing and filled with Love, warmth, joy and laughter ,)
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to vaporizer's response:
    All of you....have made my Holiday. Thank you. Thank you.

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