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    Dr. M: hope to hear from you-having bad days again--or should I say still!
    yanksgirl posted:
    Dr. Moser: Have tried everything to relieve symptoms of Meniere's.
    12 acupuncture treatments, tried herbs--not for long as they didn't help.
    Dizziness and really bad nausea is daily--and the worst is the nausea! I've learned to live with the dizziness but this nausea is awful.

    I've chewed ginger--helps short-term, drank ginger drink (that worked pretty well for awhile--I made with real ginger, taken meclizine, worn the wrist bracelets (nothing working).

    I waken daily with it already or it begins shortly after I'm up!
    The dizzy feeling begins then too. Recent colonoscopy for another problem ruled out any problem there as did and endoscopy--back a couple of years ago.

    I wasn't having nausea though like this, anytime.

    My stomach cramps but not bad--just more of an ache--and I'm in the bathroom with very loose stool about 3 times a day--then nothing on another day! But pretty often daily.
    I know I'm depressed--this has just gone on so long and I read that depression causes nausea. The strange thing is that about 4 or 5 in the afternoon it seems to ease and I feel almost 'normal'.
    Also, it will come and go on some days. When it's bad I get really more depressed. As you may remember I don't do anti-depressants well, but may go back on one I didn't give much of a chance

    May start that one tonight. The doctor told me if I did, to cut it in half since I'm so sensitive to these drugs. Xanax helps with the anxiety this causes (I take low dose and only 1 to 2 in a day sometimes),
    but doesn't ease the nausea. No vertigo has come back just daily dizziness and lately this awful nausea. Have called my ent and he just upped the Valium to 4 a day and it didn't help at all, so I've cut back to one a day now. Haven't seen him since last December either.
    I don't throw up, but try to and can't. Right now, after a bad day it's easing some, but decided to run it by you and see if you have any suggestions at all. Thanks. Hope you are enjoying not working so hard and your shoulder is better. Is surgery near again? hope not yanksgirl
    yanksgirl responded:
    Well, couldn't take the new one I tried--only for one week and dizziness and nausea got really bad. Called Dr. and he said go off of it--even thought I said I'd 'tough it out' another week if he thought symptoms would finally ease. He said, 'no those are pretty significant'. So back to just the Valium and on occasion, the Xanax due to the anxiety of the Meniere's symptoms.
    See the Ent in Sept. Hoping for something good to come of it.

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