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    Mucus retention cyst?
    mfr16602 posted:
    I have had these terrible headaches for over a month now. When the headaches began I saw my primary care pysician who ordered routine blood work and a CT scan of my sinuses. Both my blood work and my CT scan came back normal. So being a migraine sufferer I was reffered to a Neruologist because I was not getting any relief. I was then put on beta blockers which dropped my normal BP down to zombie level. The Neruologist ordered a MRI of my head. I was given the read the results but not much explaination was given by the CNP. She said that I had a Mucus Retention Cyst in my Right Maxillary Sinus. I just had a MRI in October and here it is March can a cyst grown that fast? Can a Cyst be caues headaches? What do they do for cysts? Why did I not have an increase white count? No signs of infections.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Mucous retention cysts are usually just "incidental findings". They do not cause headaches and yes, they can grow fast. Most of the time, they are not treated. Mucous retention cysts are not infections nor do they particularly cause inflammation, so your white count will not be affected.
    medica1 responded:
    My daughter is 9 yrs old and suffering extremely bad headaches she sometimes bangs her head against the wall because they are so bad, The CT scan diagnosed that it is a mucosal retention cyst, what can I do to reduce her pain, she has been given a course of antibiotics and steroids however, it is getting worse in the afternoon and evening, she can't sleep. She has seen an ENT specialist I don't know what to do?
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    There can be HUNDREDS of causes and types of headaches. That mucoid retention cyst may not be the underlying cause, but merely an incidental finding on the CT scan. Her ENT is trying antibiotics and steroids to see if an underlying infection or inflammation may be the culprit, but this may or may not help. The next step may be for her to see a neurologist (headache specialist).

    In the meantime, her doctor can prescribe something more effective for pain control. There is really no reason for her to unnecessarily suffer.
    Sojurner responded:
    My wife is going through the EXACT same thing. We have been bounced around from doctor to doctor and all we get is "I Dont Know" from each one. We are going to see an ENT tomorrow and hope that he will be able to do SOMETHING. We know that she does have a retention cyst in her maxillary sinus. We found this out by looking at the CT Scan Report our self. the Neurosurgeon never told us about it when we got it. We are wondering what could possibly be causing the headaches she is having.

    She is presenting with sharp stabbing pain behind the bridge of her nose and behind here eyes. She just recently had surgery (they went through her nose) to remove a Rathkes Cleft Cyst. This paint started a couple of days after she was out of surgery.

    We need help. Her neurosurgeon, 2 neurologists, and an endocrine doc have no idea why she is having this paint, and we have been left with researching on our own trying to find out.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Finding the source of her pain is not an easy task, and unfortunately, it is not something that can be done over the Internet, as you probably know. Sometimes, the pain impulses from nerves originate in other areas and travel to the point where she actually feels, and of course, the nerve impulses can be generated at a microscopic level -- far out of the diagnostic rhelm. Even MRIs and CTs scans often fail to find that exact source of the pain. Since there can be hundreds of causes of headaches, it would not be possible for me to know if her retention cyst, or something else, was the underlying source. Usually ,retention cysts are incidental findings -- not the source, but again, I do not know the details of her case.

    As much as I would like to help your wife, I do not have any profound insight or wisdom that I can offer in this context. I do wish you both the very best and hope that a cause/source for her pain is determined, or better yet....a solution.
    kittykat751 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
    My daughter is 14 and has a mucus retention cyst. She also suffers from migraines, however the cyst is not the culprit. Her ENT told us about the cyst in a "not to worry kind of way". I guess Im just curious in that isn't something in you'r body, like a cyst, not a good thing? How can one tell if it isn't cancer? I always thought that a cyst or a tumor is a bad thing to let sit and stew? I dont want her to have surgery however if it doesn't belong shouldnt it be removed?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to kittykat751's response:
    I can't give you a patient-specific response, since I did not see her scan, but most mucous retention cysts are nothing, and do not require surgery. Cancer, which would be extremely rare, would appear quite different on a would not likely be missed by any radiologist. Cysts are just fluid-filled sacs....and in this case, the fluid is mucous. I don't know the location and size of this mucoid cyst, but it may not be anything more serious than a big booger, so relax and trust the ENT. ENTs love to do surgery, so if this needed to come out, I am sure the ENT would be on-board to do it.
    tiredofsickness79 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    I've had an open abscess on my left upper cheek for over a year. Finally the doctor I have now(!) had me get a CT scan. All they told me was, "it looks fine." So, being me, as obviously a 4mm hole in my face is Not Fine, (& no, I'm not a "picker," so I don't squeeze, drain, poke, prod, etc...), I asked for a copy of report. It said, "left maxillary sinus mucous retention cyst." It also went on to say, "new area of subcutaneous fat infiltration in the right infraorbital /malar region with 3mm area of central low attenuation suggesting evolving abscess." I have a what, exactly? I am getting severe headaches, and pain now traveling down my face into my neck. Is it the sinus cyst thing or is it the other thing I just wrote that I have no clue what it means?
    There has not been, not even One Doctor, willing to treat me for Anything. My labs are all off, I have continuous fevers with no breaks of around 101-102 degrees and my cheek is turning black. Can someone offer me some form of input? I'm really sick!
    tiredofsickness79 replied to tiredofsickness79's response:
    I should also say, I've had a history of "unhealing cellulitis" and one doctor did some labs called IgG and IgG1 & my results were abnormal low. Then the doctor couldn't tell me why, but only said it had something to do with no immune system. I do have Periportal fibrosis of the liver, but that's about the only thing I've been diagnosed with. (not a drinker/not a drug user, etc)
    1D234S replied to tiredofsickness79's response:
    I had a similar sore when an upper tooth apsesed. This was several years ago. Had the tooth removed. Dentist said something about sinus, but don't recall specifics. Have you had any teeth isses? I'm not a doctor, just wondering....
    VanessaMarie1613 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    im simply curious, i had been experiencing migraine headaches an was sent to have an MRI of the brain done about a year ago, and was never told anything about the results, an just today i managed to see the results and the report myself and seen that i had a mucous retention cyst the occupies the entire left maxillary was never told anything about this after a year...How do i know that this is safe? I have been diagnosed also by my ENT with Chronic TMJ on the left side that get very bad... Could this cyst be the cause of it?
    katcoder replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
    I have been diagnosed with multiple retention cysts in my maxillary sinuses. My headaches are getting worse and makes my productivity at work lower than usual. I was also diagnosed on the same ct with chronic microvascular ischemic changes. My thought process is getting worse, I also stumble and have to grab the wall or the arm of someone and bad memory loss. Would this be due to the chronic microvascular ischemic changes?
    luvnuttydog replied to katcoder's response:
    Have you ever been checked for Chiari 1 Malformation?? Look it up, my husband was just diagnosed with this. He has had a chronic headache everyday for 8 years.. I had to be his doctor and discover this, push the issue and finally..... A diagnosis.. Its not a very known brain disorder. Its where the skull is too small for the brain and the cerebellum tonsils get squeezed into the spinal canal. Your symptoms is what caught my eye to suggest this.. He too had a CT scan and another MRI which this was looked over. Doesn't hurt to check it out..Good luck

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