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    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS posted:
    Hello to All.
    I am excited to the part of the WebMD Health Exchange. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I am looking forward to being a part of discussions and answering questions.
    Dr. Hope Uronis
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    It's wonderful to see you here, Dr. Uronis!
    jw1995 responded:

    My mom has been getting spasms in her rectum and nothing has helped her out. she has been to the gastro, colo-rectal, pain management, nerve block shot and nothing. do you have any suggestions?
    An_187331 responded:
    I am a 2 times colorectal cancer pt. with a recently reveresed ileostomy. I have a stricture at the cancer surgical site in my sigmoid colon which has been "ballooned" 4 times but through which I still cannot pass stool under normal circumstances. When vomiting I do pass small amounts of liquid stool. Pretty much constant abdominal cramping. I am distended throughout my abdominal area and vomit frequently if I attempt solids and or liquids. I am 3 months post ileostomy reversal. My surgeon suggest continuing with balloon procedure. Suggestions?
    cmr3of10 responded:
    Hi, for the past 2 or 3 years I felt a tennis ball sized pain in the middle of the left side of my stomach... if I moved in an awkward way or in a cramped space the "ball" felt like it was squirming and hurt a lot. I used to think it was a muscle cramp for that is how it felt... like a charlie horse in my belly. Two weeks ago I got a Colonoscopy... they found 3 polyps, one is a 20mm pre-cancerous polyp in that exact spot. It was removed and the area cautherized. I can feel pain in all three areas where a polyp was removed. I went to see the doctor today for the first time since the procedure..I told him about feeling discomfort in the exact place of removals and... he did not believe me. I told him about feeling that lump in there several times over the past few years and he said that it could not be. Why would he not believe me? Why wouldn't I have felt the lump.. it was about an inch in diameter and did not like it when I squirmed?
    I did not feel the other 2 polyps but I definitely felt that one.
    So, that is my question. Are colon polyps all silent, never making themselves felt? Has no one ever felt them before they were found? I am 51 years old and that is the reason I really had the procedure... that and that I am over 50 and one should have a colonoscopy done at that age. I was disappointed in his response, but specially in his demeanor. Why? I still feel where he burned the spot... in more ways than one.
    Ylili responded:
    Hello Dr. Hope Uronis, thank you for being part of this exchange!!! I need your help. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year, had a TT rai and while having a body scan, the doctors found nodules in my colon and bladder. I am now more concerned because I take calcium everyday and makes me very constipated. Should I insist with my md for a colonoscopy to check those nodules for cancer? My doctor only has these type of tests (colonoscopy) if other tests show sign of blood in stool-- none so far.
    purplelady0 responded:

    Hello Doctor,
    I hope you can help me. I had colon surgery in April 09 it was cancer. In Aug.09 I had reversal surgery. From that surgery I got C-DIFF & had it for several months, in Nov 09 I had more surgery this time because my" intestines knotted". than I got C-DIFF again. Now I have constant bowel problems & rectal burning.
    2 times already I have had pain in my stomach & than I have horrid vomiting this all lasts for 24 hours. Than it's over but, very scary. My doctor gave me Nexium. Will I ever get back to normal or will I continually have bowel problems the surgeon said, I may have the "knotted intestines" again because of all my stomach surgery. That is such a scary thought! 3 surgeries in one year I am 64 & so very afraid the next one will
    end my life. Already I can't go anywhere where I don't know where the restroom is. Forget going out to dinners 90% of the time because of my stomach problems & the super loud growling that goes with it. Is there any hope for me?
    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS replied to jw1995's response:
    This is a difficult problem and not one that we are really good at treating. I would suggest being persistent about looking for new and different interventions that might be available. If your mom only saw one colorectal surgeon, it might make sense to get a second opinion.
    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS replied to An_187331's response:
    Have you talked to your surgeon about options other than repeating the balloon procedure? There are situations in which a stent can be placed through the stricture in an attempt to hold it open. Perhaps you could ask your surgeon if that would be an option for you.
    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS replied to cmr3of10's response:
    First, I am very glad that you got a colonoscopy as colonoscopy if a very important screening tool.
    With regard to your questions...
    It is hard to know if "all" colon polyps are silent. Generally speaking, they are and feeling them would be unusual. That said, you describe feeling something before the colonoscopy that you do not feel now that the polyp has been removed so what you were feeling may well have been related.
    I have not had many patients who have described feeling discomfort after a colonoscopy to remove polyps but that does not mean that it could not happen.
    How are things now that another 2 weeks have passed?
    Hope Uronis
    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS replied to Ylili's response:
    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I would continue to discuss these issues with your doctor so that he/she knows that you are concerned. You may also have another scan as part of your follow-up and that would allow another look at these nodules.
    Hope Uronis
    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS replied to purplelady0's response:
    I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are having after surgery. These types of problems are not uncommon at all though some patients have more trouble than others. There definitely is hope because it can take quite a long time for your bowels to get back to normal (which will likely be a new normal for you) after surgery and/or infections. I would encourage you to talk to your surgeon about things that could help make things better for you. It may be, though, that time is what is required.
    Hope Uronis
    cmr3of10 replied to Hope Uronis, MD, MHS's response:
    Much better now, thanks. I still feel all three places where polyps were removed, sort of a burning feeling, but, otherwise I'm fine.
    The place from where he removed the large (20MM) polyp I feel something moving slightly, where before the Colonoscopy, I felt a fist sized object contorting (I thought it was a muscle spasm) whenever I moved in an awkward manner. That feeling is gone now... I am scheduled for another "C" in another 2 months. Hopefully, they won't find anything else.
    forestlady responded:
    How do I ask you a question directly? I have been a member of this site for quite a while and have yet been able to figure out how to ask an expert a question. As much as I appreciate the input from other people, I need answers from an expert. Any suggestions?
    forestlady responded:
    Dr. Uronis,
    My brother has had polyps for several years. He has had surgery three times, where one was removed each time.
    Now he is noticing blood. The doctor who he is seeing has recommended removing part of his colon. For whatever reason, my brother will NOT wear a bag. Here are my questions: If only part of the colon is removed, is a bag necessary? Also, his doctor told him that he may have to have a bag for a few months, but that it could be reattached. A friend of my brother's had this done, and died during the process. Could you please advise on options for this. Is surgery necessary if the polyps can be removed? What other options are there besides a bag? I did not know that your colon could be reattached. Time is of the essence here Dr. Uronis. Please help me.

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