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    stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to liver and lung, treatment options?
    achievelax posted:
    I am looking for information on tomotherapy and therasphere treaments for cancer that has spread to my liver and lungs. I have been on treatment for 2.5 years, taking a small break this month and have to go back in June. I am looking into other treatment options other then chemo and would like opinions on the 2 treatments mentioned above, or any other treatment options?

    I also need help emotionally to prepare to go back for treatment. I am having a lot of anxiety about going back and fear that time enormously!! I become extremely sick on treatment and loss all my energy...

    I am 49 years old a mother of 3 children 26,23 and 13 and need to hang around a long time to see them grow!

    Any support would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Achievelax,

    Until Dr. Uronis and others have a chance to read your message and respond, I wanted to be sure to welcome you to this community.

    I am sure that others here will be able to offer you the support you need and hope you'll keep talking.

    Hope Uronis, MD, MHS responded:
    It sounds like you have been through a great deal over the last 2.5 years and I am glad that you are taking a bit of a break. Sometimes taking a break is a really good thing, though I have patients who feel that same way you do with regard to the dread of starting back again. Many of them say that just when they really start to feel well and like themselves, it is time to go back and it is very difficult. I wish I had a solution for the situation that you are in. One the one hand, it is encouraging that your cancer has been maintained for 2.5 years but on the other hand, it would be nice to have something more definitive than chemotherapy.
    Theraspheres are something to consider but there are drawbacks to their use. They are small radiolabeled particles that can be infused into the liver and then get concentrated in the tumors there. The problem is that they will only treat the area where they get sent - i.e. the liver - and not any cancer that is anywhere else. I would be sure to ask your oncologist what he/she thinks of this approach and whether it is right for you at this point in your disease. The other therapy you mention is similar in that it is something that is directed at one particular area. Again, that can leave behind other cancer. Your oncologist should be able to tell you whether either of these approaches makes sense for you. I would also discuss the fact that you feel so bad on chemotherapy with your oncologist, if you have not already, as there may be things that can be altered so that you do not feel quite so bad. This is not always possible but it is worth asking.
    I wish you luck with your treatments and in keeping up with your kids.
    Hope Uronis
    achievelax replied to Hope Uronis, MD, MHS's response:
    Thank you Dr. Uronis, this information and is very helpful! I will be sure to be more active in asking for ways/treatments to feel better during treatment so it's not so bad. Thank you again!
    sharilor responded:
    I just read your post, I just signed in tonight. Problems with !right side of colon and liver enzymes are elevated. Chronic diarrhea for 4 years. I have no insurance, so I just have to deal with iy
    I am 51 with 3 girls and 6 grandchildren, I so understand how you feel. I will say a prayer for you. I pray everynight, not for me, just my girls. My girls are are 30, 26 and 23
    I support you so much!
    CancerBattle2726 responded:
    Hello Achievelax, I am a T4 patient since Oct 2009. I've had 4 cycles of oncology... what I call being pickled .

    Each time has been somewhat different and minor adjustments have been made to address nausea and other symptoms, (anti-emedics). Cycle 3 we started using a drug called Emend. It completely eliminated the nausea for me, and I am very sensitive to nausea and always have been. The drug comes in a blister pack for three days of use (1 pill each day).

    I still have the same loss of energy however... at least for 5-8 days after infusion.

    Best of luck Chemo-sabeee
    bugspost replied to CancerBattle2726's response:
    I don't know if i am in the right 79 yr old father was diagnosed w/stage 4 liver cancer which actually is colon cancer that has gone to his liver. He has a 6 inch mass on this liver. We don't know what is going on in colon as he won't have a colonoscopy. He had one 6 years ago & they tore a polyp in half which ended him up in VA hospital for a week while they removed section of colon & sewed it back together. At that time, he swore no more colonoscopys. We have seen cancer dr which offered traditonal chemo, pill chemo, or nothing at all The dr wanted to do lung ct but dad said no..........OH, and my dad is in heart failure as his heart is only at 35%. He is going next week to do stress test to check for blocked arteries..........don't know what they will suggest he has primary doctor which knows all these issues....a cancer dr.......he doesn't seem to want to go see & a heart dr.......he is hoping going to perform magic to give him more energy.
    Problem is now,,,,,,,,,,3 weeks later....he is in pain...yes, in his intestinal area(probably colon & liver) He talked to primary dr but she won't prescribe anything for his pain. simply told him to contact hospice............he is not open to doing that & my mother is also saying no to hospice. I have call into the cancer dr to see if there is anything he could prescribe to help him w/pain. My dad is able to get around but it gets uncomfortable later in the day...and he has to sit down.
    My question is............what is effective to give him some relief from the pain? Any advice is appreciated....and should the cancer dr prescribe if something??? If not, is it possible the heart dr will??? THA NK YOU........for any and all help!! this is driving the family apart............I totally respect my dad's wishes to not seek treatment but it breaks my heart that noone is helping him deal w/the pain.

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    it worked for me!
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