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    needing some advice for my husband
    Feath77 posted:
    hello I am hoping someone here might be able to give me some answers. My husband has stage 4 colon cancer and has been through 3 months of aggressive chemo and radiation. As we wait for him to get strong enough for surgery I cant hardly bare to see him in so much pain. Ever time he has a bowl movement he screams in pain from the burning. Anyone else experienced this or know if there is anything that can be done to help him. Thank you
    tammyrobo responded:
    Sorry to hear your husband is in so much pain. I had 28 treatments of radiation and the pain started about half way through treatment and lasted till about two weeks after treatment ended. They gave me creams and stuff but they did not seem to help. I did take sidz bathes. I bought the kit at the drugstore for about ten dollars. It fits right over the toilet. I would sit on the bath for about thirty minutes and then I would put on a ton of desitin. I would do this in the evening. It did provide me with some relief so that I could get a good nights sleep. It also helps if you can control the diahrea. My doctor told me to stay completely away from dairy and that along with immodium really helped which made for less irratation.

    I wish you and your husband all the best. This Sat the 16th will be my one year anniversary of my surgery and the day I became cancer free. It's been a long year but it really went by fast. Keep in touch to let me know if my advise has helped at all.
    48becky responded:
    Rectal pain from chemo and radiation can be miserable to say the least. Keeping stools soft, yet formed is the first thing to help. A stool softner, a mild laxative such as senna and having a bowel movement every day or every other day is essential. Sitz baths are helpful. Your doctor may want to order a steriod foam or cream to help heal the rectum. Also there are medicated suppositories that can help heal this area, Canasa is one your doctor may prescibe.
    A diet that avoids alcohol and includes fruits and vegetables can bring relief also. See a cancer dietian, most cancer centers have a dietian that specializes in these problems. Sometimes a pain medication is needed, Talk to your oncologist about this.
    Immodium should be used if he develops diarrhea. This may turn into a balancing act to keep stools soft but formed. I have known many people with this problem. Using bag balm on the skin around the rectum is very helpful to sooth the skin from radiation reaction and to keep stool off the skin.
    I'm sorry for the pain, please know it will get better. God bless you both. 48Becky
    ScottsSissy replied to 48becky's response:

    Finally someone I can ask some questions to! My older Brother who is 52, was told last year that he has stage 4 Colon Cancer. My entire family had to be tested. I carry the "Cancer Gene" and had a colonoscopy. They removed 15 "healthy" polyps. My brother however....he had over 65 just in his rectum. He has not done any form of treatment. He is self employed and needs to put the food on the table. I have argued with him concerning this over and over. He promised me he would get what needs to be done before next March.

    I have talked to my reg. MD about it, as he is aware of my situation having the gene and all. I told him the symptoms that my brother is experiencing, and he told me that he thinks my brother has mere months to live.

    I didn't know that it spreads to other parts of the body such as the liver and the lungs. This site is very informative. My brother of course just tries to change the subject, laugh it off or tell me...."we're gonna be ok, don't worry about it". I don't know if he doesn't have all the information, or he does and won't tell me. Cause then he would have to think about it all.

    I really need your help here Ladies. I have lots of questions, and I can't talk to his Dr. My brother lives far from me, but is only a phone call away. I know his wasting this time is messing with fire. I did tell him that "it's ONLY money...and you CAN'T take it with you. St. Peter doesn't take bribes."

    I would appreciate any dialogue we could have that could help me better understand what is happening in his body, and could one day be in mine. I know that usually by the time you see the symptoms, it's too late.
    I was also told that this form of Colon Cancer is fatal.

    So Ladies you have an idea of what I'm dealing with here. I would appreciate a response ASAP.

    Thank you,
    48becky replied to ScottsSissy's response:
    To ScottsSissy, Cancer is a very scary disease but it doesn't go away by itself. Financial concerns keep many people from seeking treatment. You are correct St. Peter does not take bribes. Since your brother isn't responding to the threats of death, you might ask him what his worst fear is. This might open a discussion that is more productive. What does his wife have to say about this situation? You are wonderful to care so much about your brother. In this case as in most cases, I recommend keeping an open line of communication with your brother and keep telling him you love him. Asking one more time if he will seek treatment for you, if not for himself, then giving him some time. Maybe you can tell him you want him to go to the doctor for your Christams present and you want your Christams present early this year. I don't know if your brother is insured or not, if he does not have insurance, most states have medicaid that may cover his treatment. Also available, in most cancer centers and hospitals, are cancer social workers who deal with finances every day they can help your brother enlist and hopefully receive campassioate care for treatment. Many chemotherapy drugs can be given through campassionate care plans. A cancer counsellor can help your brother deal with his feelings toward his cancer in a healthier way, a cancer counselor should be available without charge, even if he doesn't have treatment, at his cancer center or Oncologist office. Truely the very best thing you can do for your brother right now is to pray for him, if your pleading isn't helping him, put God on your team.
    As for yourself, since you have had a colonscopy and only found healthy polyps, continue to have colonoscopies as recommended by your doctor and always tell your doctor you have a family history and carry the gene. Keep eating your fresh vegetables and get treatment early if you are found to have even one polyp positive for cancer. Remember that, colon cancer can be cured if found early enough. You and your brother will be in my thoughts. 48Becky
    divebuddy responded:
    Please look at thi site. Cesium makes the cancer enviremont alkaline and cuts down the lactic acid.

    I wish you all the best
    breakertruckeronenine replied to ScottsSissy's response:
    I highly recommend the ACOR listserv. Many knowledgeable survivors there who can answer all your questions.
    breakertruckeronenine replied to ScottsSissy's response:
    ScottsSissy, I highly recommend the ACOR listserv. Lots of colon cancer patients there who can answer all your questions.
    sparj64 responded:
    Hi i pray that the Lord God give him some relief from his go to this web site benprostate,com and learn more about cancer plus send him an e-mail about your husband problem he might be able to help you and may God you.
    sparj64 replied to ScottsSissy's response:
    Greeting in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.please if you have been diagnosis with any kind of cancer change your diet right now.please leave dairy products,Sugar,ed meat high fat food along because cancer feeds on them. I was diagnosis with prostate cancer Jan 14 my psa were 9.6 then went back may 11 it was 8.7 aug 14 it was 3.7 changed my diet left bad food along out doctors do not study diets they just cut on you thank about some research and may God Bless you.
    aroucha responded:
    My husband was the same way and had to do a colostomy. It's no easy, but he is much better and now can eat anything he wants,he gain weight and I am very happy to see him feeling better.He had the colostomy due to a blockadge. We know how he is feeling. Hang in there and things will be better.
    undefined responded:
    sorry to here about your husband,my husband is 54 and he also has 4th stage colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs.same had 3 weeks of kemo and radation he also screams in pain when he has a bowel movement from the burning.only thing is they told us that he can't have surgery because it has spread what kind of surgery are they doing on your husband may i ask.? they just up my husbands pain meds. for the burning and pain he also is in so much pain.

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