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    Unusual (sexual) side effect after colon resection surgery
    TennisChan posted:
    I had Colon resection surgrey not too long ago. Has anyone had this effect there sexual performance in any way. I was fine before surgery but now its like my "plumbing" isn't working how it was. I had a badder infection and am currently taking antibiotics for it... but im still not sure if the surgery had this effect on me or not. My Cancer was succesfully removed and am glad for that. but I just want my life to return to normal.
    jbearva responded:
    When I had my surgery my surgeon went on and on about the issues with the surgery and the side effects it could cause. Apparently there are a lot of little nerves in that area that are easily damaged. He said there was a 20% chance of impotance after the surgery. Fortunately I came through with very few side effects. Since you asked I will tell you what they are - 1 is my ejaculate is much less than before, which caused decreased pleasure. This is getting better by the day (its been a year since the surgery). 2 is that I couldn't urinate without using the bathroom both ways. It was light they were both tied together. This too is getting better. Hopefully this helps and good luck on the recovery
    survivorsylvia11 responded:
    As my resection was over 10 years ago, I can tell you from experience that I am not interested in sex at all. My mind thinks of it occasionally, but there is no feelings of orgasm with any kind of stimulation. My husband is patient and willing to wait for me, but as the years creep by, it's not improved.
    I did have 35 radiation treatments and chemo, and I am told by the doc that the radiation "burns" that area, as my rectal cancer was within digital reach.
    I may be the exception, and I hope for your sake I am.
    ronanngilbert1 replied to survivorsylvia11's response:
    You are, I assume, a woman, and I 'm a man. However, I am 2 yrs past radiation, chemo, surgery and more chemo, and am still experiencing the side effect of "lack of libido". I don't know what exactly caused this side effect, but I know I did not have it prior to my treatment. Likewise, my wife is being very patient, God bless her. But is this condition permanent? For all of us, I hope not. I am 67 and my wife is 63, but we're not ready to hang it up yet. If anyone reading this reply has any definitive information to add, I would appreciate it. At my age, if I were not married and so deeply in love with my wife, I probably would not care. But that not being the case, terminating our physical relationship so abruptly was not something I was looking forward to. Can anyone help, offer suggestions, or direct us to other helpful links?
    cjtigers replied to ronanngilbert1's response:
    Geeze, I'm glad it's not just me. I had my surgery a year ago and have no sex drive at all. I am a 48 year old female and I feel very disappointed if this is going to be permanent. I saw my gynecologist and she put me on some hormone replacement therapy. She even suggested I take some low dose testesterone, which I was willing to try, but insurance wouldn't cover it and it was too expensive. So, it's back to the drawing board. If anyone has any suggestions, please share.
    DaveT responded:
    I know this post is old, but I was searching for something else and thought I'd post this for future help.

    Just an FYI - took me a long time to figure it out and thankfully I have a good, young open minded doctor.

    About 6 months after my surgery I was sick for over a year and my sex drive was nonexistent.

    To make a long story short, after the surgery my body stopped producing testosterone. Not low levels, like none at all. I went in for an injection every week just to get ramped back up, now I'm on the patch a completely different person.

    Have you doctor do a full blood test on you. That's how I finally found it.

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