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    Husband just diagnosed Stage 3
    abc4me posted:
    I like the positive posts here, so here I am. Absolutely devastated at the diagnosis (I was sure it would be negative!), so I'm eager for encouragement. It's all so overwhelming for so many reasons.

    Hubby is doing OK, we have our first appointment with the best oncologist in town next Thursday. Wish it was sooner.

    In his case, he went to the ER with pain, had his appendix removed with a large mass around it, turned out to be a tumor, and a few lymph nodes were positive. Now it's the unknown that has us on an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. I'm thinking since his experience started with the surgery first, maybe that is an advantage since that's been done. (I know there are good things that have happened in here somewhere.)

    Both of my parents and my grandmother had cancers, so I'm familiar with what they went through. My dad was very involved with an online support group for multiple myeloma and it helped him so much to know he was also trying to help others. He was awesome that way! He believed that he could choose how to deal with his illness and he chose to stay positive and when he knew his heart wouldn't hold out much longer, he chose quality of life over quantity.

    Thanks for letting me get started here. It's just what I was looking for to find someone to talk to with this new diagnosis.
    ADHisStory responded:
    Right now, I do not have the time to give you my experience but I would like to suggest getting some Blackstrap Molasses from the health food store and take one Tablespoon in a glass of warm water before bed. This is loaded with nutrients. Of course, check with your doctor or look it up on the internet...I've only been online since the beginning of this month...
    An_240177 replied to ADHisStory's response:
    Thanks, I'll look into that. I've heard natural maple syrup is loaded, too, may be similar?

    I've been looking for a good online support group, not having a lot of luck. I appreciate any suggestions.

    I lost my mom recently, and she was always my shoulder.

    Thanks for taking a moment.
    ADHisStory replied to An_240177's response:
    When I read your response I had to respond NOW...
    I don't think maple syrup is a good idea...maybe for pancakes or waffles but not to is more expensive too. I think that until you know you're not going to have a problem with the extra sugar, I'd lay off of ingesting both...I am not diabetic and I never had a problem with too much sugar BUT when I was drinking the BSM two or three times a day I started to have symptoms that I had read were early signs of a problem with sugar...but I was also starting to put sugar in my coffee...I always drank it black... I have learned so much over the last twenty years about how the FDA is not protecting us. They returned my original letters stamped as being received by them and another consumer's original letter also stamped. Based on what I have learned...I call them the Fool and Deceive Agency...I know where my cancer came from 22 years ago and changed my way of eating and got better, then maybe 5 years ago, when I felt out of the danger range...thinking I was OK, I started "cheating" by eating food I know I should not have and started to have problems again...what started to open my eyes was I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom...I lost mine about 5 years ago but we had been estranged because of this food issue...
    ike1954 responded:
    I also started out with the discovery of the colon cancer and an immediate surgery, after an ER visit. I kinda lucked out and had no lymph nodes affected. I actually got the appendectomy as a"get that thing out of the way" surgery while they removed a section of colon and rectum. No ostomy and after a year of PET and regular MRI's no resurgence yet. I have not been given any special diet suggestions and have continued to eat exactly what I want. My oncologist actually asked me if I wanted chemo - the PET scan indicated nothing and I asked" what would we be killing besides good stuff" . I send my thoughts and best wishes that this all slowly but surely resolves and Hubby gets back to the good life.
    ADHisStory replied to ike1954's response:
    I started an addendum last night to correct my time frame...once I made it past the five years that you hear so much about, I thought I was safe to eat similar to the way I had before I had the surgery so it's closer to ten...I believe we are all predisposed to many ailments but it depends on how we eat as to whether we fuel the disease or we arrest it. Eating habits are hereditary. I don't want to get into a battle here so I will give you a site that saved my I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT MY LIFE HAS BEEN EXTENDED BECAUSE OF WHAT I LEARNED FROM THEM. In 1993 we stood before the FASEB committee with a world renown brain scientist and a toxicologist from New Mexico to give testimony of how we knew what we no avail...the FDA does not care.
    ADHisStory replied to ADHisStory's response:
    Failed to mention we are poor...cannot afford any "special" diet...fresh or organic produce is not necessarily safer. I get the canned vegetables WITHOUT SALT and the frozen and use "RealSalt" from the health food store because the salt that is used in canned goods, processed food, and restaurants contains a flowing agent or an anti-caking agent (used in a variety of spices) that is the culprit and can be carcinogenic...depending on what combination is eaten. Forgive me for being so piecemeal as I had sustained a fractured skull with severe brain injury and was in a coma for a month. I process slow and cannot retrieve everything I need at the time I need it...I also have stone age fiber optics (DSL) I get angry but I have to be more self-controlled about what I say about the FDA.
    Physicians are not trained to think outside the box. Everyone eats differently and everyone is going to react differently but the fact that soybeans have been developed to resist the application of ROUNDUP and other food is being engineered to last longer is it any wonder that there are many commercials for indigestion, heartburn, GERD or constipation...our food has become harder to digest and when it contains carcinogens there is only one outcome. It is hard but I have had to learn to eat to live instead of living to eat. Food does not have to be sinfully delicious to sustain life. Even though there are many things that cause cancer, there is food and spices that have been found to fight the disease.
    ADHisStory replied to ADHisStory's response:
    Since I have a hard time with communication this will probably be my last...I meant to say to you "With all due respect, physicians are not trained to think outside the box..." surgery did save my life. It was during my recovery that I learned how the food was affecting us and what I had eaten that contributed to my cancer. It was also during that time I had to be taken back to the ER three times because I was hemorrhaging...the church had been preparing meals for us but the meals were loaded with various sources of MSG...they didn't know...I didn't know, until I saw the news briefs and 60 Minutes.
    abc4me replied to ADHisStory's response:
    My goodness, what am I thinking that my husband is in the worst boat ever? Of course he isn't the only one to be going through this. I apologize for whining.

    I want you all to know that I'm looking for support and to share some knowledge and experiences, but I'd also like to offer the same.

    I will check out the for sure. I know we are all exposed to chemicals that we don't even know about, let alone the ones we can't pronounce. My comment about the pure maple syrup comes from learning that it is loaded with nutrients and minerals. I don't mean a common syrup. But, I hear what your saying and will heed your warning and look at the site.

    ADHis, thanks for your time and your thoughts. Best wishes to you. And please, do not excuse yourself for offering up some human kindness here.

    ike, same to you, I appreciate your words and your sharing your experience.

    I'm sort of new to this online group thing, so let me know if I have anything to learn about belonging to the group, if you would.

    Take care all!
    jb0730 responded:
    I am new here we just found out my husband has colorectal cancer he has a tumor in the colon as well as the rectum we have our first visit with surgeon tomorrow I am praying that the news will be good we did the ct scan yesterday of the abdomen and the pelvis no results yet hopefully tomorrow. I will pray for your husband and with all the new medical breakthroughs and new technology I have hope as we must all have. Good luck on your visit.
    ike1954 replied to jb0730's response:
    Hang in there JB - wait till you get some results to start ANY worrying.. There will be some, and there is no need to get started on it until you get the results that may have you worry - or not.

    This is a long process and to get het up too soon may wear you and the hubby out. Take it slow as the doc's do and follow as they say.

    Best of luck !!!

    ADHisStory replied to abc4me's response:
    I am very new to this group thing too and when information has been made available to me that I know has improved my health, I want to share...
    I am sorry to have fired back the way I did and I was not directing my remark to has taken me over twenty years of, literally, piecemeal learning about what the food has been doing to me. My husband recommended ike to give us a report in five or ten years. He observed me when I was ill then watched me improve as I applied what I was learning. I would also recommend watching the two-minute trailer at The DVD is well worth the purchase price because it contains 40 minutes of deleted scenes and reveals information that is not contained in the movie preview. I don't know if this film can be viewed over the internet (I've only been online since earlier this month) because it contains inflammatory information about our government.
    ADHisStory replied to abc4me's response:
    My husband wanted me to make sure that you knew I was not accusing you of whining...I felt as though "ike" was saying I didn't know what I was talking about. As I mentioned in another response to you here, posted down further...I was not firing back at you. By the way...Nutrition Almanac states that "Blackstrap Molasses is a truly rich source of minerals and vitamins. As the last possible extraction of the cane in refining sugar, it is the richest in nutrients of the sugar-related products. It contains more calcium than milk, more iron than many eggs, and more potassium than any food, and it is an excellent source of B vitamins. It is also rich in copper, magnesium, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, inositol, and vitamin E. One TBSP contains 3 milligrams of iron and over 100 milligrams of calcium.....Varicose veins, arthritis, ulcers, dermatitis,hair damage, eczema, psoriasis, angina pectoris, constipation, colitis, anemia, and nervous conditions may respond to supplementing the diet with this mineral-rich molasses." I do not have information on the maple syrup. I did check out the calorie content and the BSM has about 11 calories less per TBSP. Price comparison is about $7.00 for 32 oz. of BSM and $8.65 for 12.5oz. of maple syrup. as I said in another one of my posts, we are poor so I really have to count pennies in order to make payments on this computer.
    abc4me replied to ADHisStory's response:
    jb, my thoughts are with you and your husband. I'm glad you've joined us here. As ike said, why not save your worrying for when you might need it. I guess I'm pretty cool by disposition, but worrying doesn't help anything and it's a lot of wear and tear on your energy and attitude. (I know, easy to say..) Your husband needs all the positivity you can muster.

    Adhisstory, no worries at all! Your postings are very helpful and informative. I appreciate the support you and everyone else offers.

    My husband's follow up after surgery went well. We learned that cells were found in only 4 of 15 nodes removed with the tumor, so that's encouraging. Our first appointment with the oncologist is tomorrow. We're very curious about how that will go. Timing is never good, but this comes on the heals of losing my mom recently, and Murphy is working on us but good these days with deadlines and politics at work. My husband and I are self-employed, so we are lucky to have some flexibility, but we also are where the buck stops, and it has been stopping often!

    We got a juicer, but I have to be honest; I don't get it. I mean I get the health benefits of juicing very clearly, but so little juice comes out of some things, and what a waste all that pulp is! We can't possibly use all of that in creative ways. I'm thinking smoothies are more efficient for fruit. Maybe I'm just too new at it.

    Good thoughts to all -


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