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    riverratttt47w posted:
    I recently had a cancerous tumor removed from my small intestine this past July and been having rough time still and GI doc says my body needs time to heal as they ripped apart my artery when removing the tumor and had to have emergency surgery that night to repair and blood transfusion twice. I had an appointment with my diabetic doc aand she seen I wasn't looking so good and had a full body scan done on me and got the call finally after 2 weeks and nurse told me I needed to get into the doc as soon as possible as I had more tumors I guess but lower this time and I as if it was more cancer and yes it is. been having bad bloating, gas, pains, cramps nausea, vomiting, sweats and chills and hard time with bowel movements and don't seem to be able to empty my bowels and my stool is narrow and most of the time in little pieces as its hard at times to get out and I know I am not done but just cant go anymore. I see cancer doc for first time but was wondering if I may have colon cancer now from the cancer spreading as I already have a number of health issues without this.
    annajen responded:
    It sounds like they already told you the results of the of the full body scan and confirmed it was cancer. Those symptoms you mention that you are having sounds similiar to the symptoms I experienced with my colon cancer, in which a tumor was recently removed from the large intestine. I underwent surgery for it's removal and now undergoing preventative chemotherapy to help prevent 'floating' cancer cells from lodge elsewhere and starting up again.
    46Hope responded:
    With your full body scan, you said the result is cancer. I had trouble with bowel movement after resection it was hard, painful to go I drank lots of water, days later I bled doing # 2 I drank prune juice and felt better. Then had diarrhea, every time I went it was painful burning, so doctor recomended preparationH ointment, was cancer free but came back, to make the story short I have had 4 surgeries, quimio, radiation, lost hair but grew again, now I am getting preventive quimio last surgery was June 26, 2013. Always ask questions, do not wonder, they will tell u the truth. Have positive thought, also prayer help a lot, do not be afraid, God is with you always. Take care.
    sam1985 replied to 46Hope's response:
    For best cancer solution visit =
    46Hope replied to sam1985's response:
    Thank you Sam1985, I will visit the site. There is always information out there that migth help deal with this. God bless u.
    riverratttt47w replied to 46Hope's response:
    sorry took so long to get back but been through a lot in the past couple months. I have to have a second surgery this time I have to be cut open, first doc thought having to do the whipple thing but GI doc did EDG biopsy and ultrasound and told me she did think it was as bad as the scan was showing but I still had to have surgery so I go this Wednesday to talk with him to find out for sure whats to come. and yes I do have faith I will do fine as I tell my wife, stay strong as I need you to be so I can be. I can take care of me if I have to take care of her. thank you and blessings to you
    riverratttt47w replied to 46Hope's response:
    still haven't had surgery as of yet, seems they think I need a whipple and really not sure about the surgeon I have as he doesn't talk with much confidence in himself to even doo the job so that doesn't give me much trust in him. going to see a new surgeon and see what he has to say and hopefully he or she will know more about my surgery and some experience as I just cant go with other surgeon.
    riverratttt47w replied to annajen's response:
    I was told by a second opinion cancer doc that treatmeat wasnt an option for me and only surgery to remove. waitin on seeing another surgeon to give me a second opinion on the whipple surgery and hopefully he has some experience. seems things just feel more and more going downhill everyday as I cant eat as I just don't want anything but my wife makes e try and eat supper with her and I try and drink ensure to help. still having problems with bowel movements and emptying them. been a little rough ride to say the least but I am keeping my faith

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