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    Struggling after a miscarriage
    An_243065 posted:
    I lost my baby Nov 21, 2011. I was told to wait to get my cycle before trying again.I got my cycle on Dec 29,2011. I used the ovulation kit by clear blue easy this month and it never showed that i ovulated. Is it possible that I didn't ovulate and is that normal following a miscarriage.
    An_240941 responded:
    Did you miscarry naturally or have a d/c? Maybe your hormones haven't evened out yet? I don't know really, I never used an ovulation kit, I just kept trying & said if it's meant to be it will be.
    jent82 responded:
    I am sorry for your loss. I have never had a miscarriage - I went into labor at 24 weeks and my baby girl died two hours after I delivered her-so i'm not sure hormone wise if your body is back to normal yet
    I personally have never used a kit but was told by my friend that it is possible to ovulate and the kit doesnt work. I guess you have to have obvious temperature changes for the kit to work properly. I charted my temperature when we began trying; I am going to do that again next month when we can try again.
    i'll keep you in my prayers.
    alaska_mommy responded:
    So sorry to hear. Your body might need another month to get back to normal. I wouldn't worry just yet. Give your body time to heal.
    I just had a miscarriage last week. So I feel for you.
    12KAREN replied to An_240941's response:
    I went for a u/s and there was no heartbeat. They gave me the option to let it happen naturally or take a pill to speed up the process. I miscarried on the 21st of nov. My cycles have always been off so that's why i have to use a ovulation kit. I finally started my second cycle Feb 1, so I hope I ovulate this month with no problems.
    vybe77 replied to 12KAREN's response:
    With the start of every cycle it brings along the knowledge that you did indeed ovulate..if you got your monthly then your egg did it's thing the opks just didn't do theirs..
    What could of happened is that you might have had a very short LH surge and so missed it..if you are familiar with opk testing you'll know that the luthenizing hormone (LH) will start to rise as your ovulation approaches..when this LH peaks is when you get a positive to tell you that ovulation will occur within 1-2 days..if you test once a day only, it's possible for this LH surge to have passed by in between the two times that you tested in those 2 days..what I do is that once I see the live starting to darken..still not a positive, I start testing twice a day to make sure I don't miss it..
    January was the first time I used opks and I got a positive on CD18..keep it up, you might just need a little more practise with them..good luck in your TTC journey and don,t hesitate if you need to talk

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