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    Waiting for miscarriage
    Guennie posted:
    Two months ago I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I was told I could wait to miscarry naturally, use some medicine that would induce a miscarriage but would be really painful, or have a D&C. My husband and I decided we wanted to let my body take care of things naturally so we opted to wait. I've been going in for weekly ultrasounds so my doctor can monitor me closely. I can't believe it's taking this long. This is so unbelievably hard.

    I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there who waited to let it happen naturally and had to wait a long time? My doctor says he is now officially impressed with me for hanging in there this long. Most women reach the point where they can't take it any longer and decide to use the medicine or have a D&C by now. This experience is emotionally trying to say the least. There is no closure. I don't understand why my body isn't letting go.
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    I had a D&C so I don't know hun. I hope it happens for you soon though, it's hard to move on when you're still going through it....
    nnygirl responded:
    How did things turn out for you? I am in the same boat u were...i just found out i lost out baby at almost 9 weeks yesterday and i can either let it miscarry naturally or have the d and c...i want to let it happen naturally but at the same time i want it done and over with...
    Guennie replied to nnygirl's response:
    I am so sorry for your loss. My situation was not at all the normal turn of events and I do not want to make you even more nervous, but I will tell you what ended up happening. We thought I miscarried twice, but it turned out I just passed blood clots. The second time I was so sure it had finally happened because the blood clot was so huge I thought it was the placenta. When they did the ultrasound that week everything was still in there. My doctor finally said it was time to intervene and I needed to make a decision whether to try the medicine or have a D&C. I chose to try the medicine.

    I went through 14 hours of labor. It was very painful. I passed a lot of stuff and hoped it was finally over. But when they did another ultrasound everything was still there, it hadn't worked. I had just passed more blood clots. So after all that waiting and after going through the pain of the medicine trying to induce a miscarriage, I ended up having to have a D&C anyway. It's all over now and I really just can't believe everything that happened.

    I don't want to scare you with my story, my doctor said he has never had a patient go that long. I am the first he's ever had where this has happened. Most people do miscarry naturally if they opt to wait it out. I know what a difficult and scary decision it is and my heart goes out to you. Big hug.
    nnygirl replied to Guennie's response:
    Actually i went to somethign very similiar to that. I started having my miscarriage friday night. Started out like a normal period and cramping but just got saturday night i was in excrutiating pain and soaking a pad every 20 i was passing blood clots the size of baseballs..i was for sure i was passing my entire was fiance rushed me to the ER because the OB nurse said i was probably hemmorhaging...they pain was awful and they said some compare it to labor...i laid there waiting for the OBGYN for five hours...when she got there i immediately went in for the D and C...took about an hour total but i am so glad i had it done because there was no way i could have continued to go through with the pain and blood loss...the whole experience was very OBGYN said that there was a ton of blood and clots still inside but most of the fetus was gone so she didnt have much to remove.

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