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    Pregnancy losses and stillborn at 35 weeks
    An_265485 posted:
    It's been 3 months now since we lost our daughter. She was 35 1/2 weeks. It's been an emotional roller coaster. I cry all the time and don't want to even get out of bed or be around people. Just when I think I'm having a good day and being around people someone says something hurtful just like pouring salt into my deep wounds. The hardest part is seeing people and they ask me where's my baby since my belly is gone. I cry everyday. I've started blaming my doctor and even God for putting me through this and I wonder why my prayers haven't been answered as a person who had strong faith. We have been trying to conceive for 3 long years now. Prior to my stillborn baby girl I had 4 miscarriages. 2 weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant once again. What great news!!! Only to be cut to my heart once again after seeing the ultrasound and it was an empty sac or blighted ovum. That makes our 6th loss. I've since fired my obgyn and I'm now seeing a REI. Can't seem to get any straight answers as to why this keeps happening. My body weight is another problem. I'm 20 pounds heavier than before and none of my clothes fit me. It breaks my heart to wear the clothes I once wore being pregnant. I used to wear a size 2 but now I'm significantly larger. I was a very athletic person and loved to workout. Now I can't seem to want to do anything I used to enjoy to do. How can I find hope?
    An_265756 responded:
    I am very sadden by your story. I actually had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks months ago, it was my first pregnancy. So I can empathize with what you are feeling expect it has happened to you more than once and I am sure that is got to be more difficult. I am not sure how much research you have done in regards to the reasons why this has been happening to you. From my experience by OBGYN told me that miscarriages are "normal" in their eyes because it happens in 1 out 3 pregnancies, but he also mentioned that this happens due to genetic abnormalities, something went wrong in the genetic development (in early pregnancies). So I was wondering if maybe you had asked to run genetic tests on any of the babies (fetus)? My OBGYN also told me that usually when a miscarriages happens more than 3 times they suggest you to do certain exams on the fetus. I did not do it because he convinced that it was my first pregnancy and that it was "normal".God forbid, but if I was to have another miscarriage, I will definitively ask to get some genetics test done. I am currently taking a genetic class and I have learned so many amazing things that have help understand how complex and amazing our body is when it comes to DNA replication,and passing on genes,its amazing how much information can be decoded from your DNA. Anyways I don't want to bore you with all that information but in summary what I am trying to say is, if you haven't, then try genetic counseling, maybe your partner and you should get your DNA sequenced. I hope this information helps you a little bit at least. And I sincerely wish you the best of luck and remember that although right now it might seem like your world is crumbling down, everything happens for a reason (regardless of whether you believe in God or not), and sometimes this bad things have to happen to us, to make us strong and better,and then when you least expect it, you get your little piece of haven or then you come to realize the reason why certain things happened the way the happened or just not meant to be.

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