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    can an ectopic pregnancy be saved?
    MargieMillenia posted:
    Does anyone know if the embryo can be implanted in hte uterus after removal from the fallopian tube where is growing now?

    I have been just diagnosed with a very early ectopic preganncy I might have a couple of days to decide if I get surgical removal of the embryo or take a medicine... I feel this is a terrible decision for me to take... I understand my life is at risk but cant seem to concieve the idea of deciding how to get end a life who started in the wrong place?

    thanks for all info u can provide
    Danyelli responded:
    Oh I am so sorry you have to go through with this. I wish I could tell you that they can re-implant the embryo, but I don't think medicine has come this far. I know this decision is gut wrenching for you, but unfortunately it has to be made to save your life. I have not had an ectopic pg. YOu might want to post this question also on TTC after loss or PG after loss (use trig in title) because I know there are many girls who have had to make the same decision.
    sadallthetime1968 responded:

    I am sorry to say that medicine has not figured that one out yet. I had an ectopic pregnancy also. My tube ruputured as I was getting off the plane from my honeymoon, (7wks2d preg). So I didn't have the option to use the medicine and they had to remove my left tube during surgey to save my life. All I kept saying was just move the baby where is should be. My DH tried to comfort me by telling me there was no chioce I was dying, but the desire to protect our babies is very strong. I don't know how you feel but I would feel like I could not pick medicine or surgery because it would mean my baby was gone. But I think that if you think about what chioce gives you more options to be preg again it will make it a little easier. Please don't wait too long, your life is in danger and I am so sorry but there is nothing that you or anyone can do.
    leftemptyinside responded:
    I had an ectopic pregnancy as well. This past weekend I went to ER due to passing out on my way to my car. I had been extremly dizzy for about a week accompanied with some light spotting. I had called my OB, and they said that that was typical in early preg. Not so much with my first 2 preg. I knew something wasn't right. I never had a choice wether or not to use medicine. We were so excited to find out that we were having another baby. Found out at about 2 weeks. I was 7 weeks last weekend. They did an ultrasound and let me see the heartbeat. The tech said that she thought it might be tubal, not to let the Dr. know that she showed me the heart beat. How HEARTBREAKING. Seeing my baby made it so real and then minutes later being told that I would have to terminate it.....or I might die. I am so empty. I am so sorry you are hurting, I am there.
    nikki26042607 responded:
    Last thursday I had to go in for an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding into my stomach from that. After the surgery I was told that I still might be pregnant and if it was in my uterus that I would have to take the medicine to abort it. I called up my sister-in-law who is a nurse and she told me that their is no way of saving the baby. I have had a really hard time with all of this because I have a hard time trying to get pregnant.

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