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    Miscarried twice in a ro
    jjmiller8186 posted:

    I just wanted to get some feedback and opinions from some of you out there. I am newly married and young, so I know there is hope of me having children in the future.

    I became pregnant in Dec. 2010 and miscarried in Jan. 2011 at 6 weeks. Had NO D/C, just cramped and bleed. I had one period in February and became pregnant after that period. I then miscarried very early on 4-5weeks in March of 2011. I also cramped and bleed for this mc.

    Obviously, miscarriages are upsetting, but I want to know what you think. Did we try to get pregnant too soon? Should I have given my uterus some time to regenerate again? My OB said that it's likely possible...but we can't test until I have a 3rd mc.

    Having another would seriously rip my heart out. Opinions? Comments? Any would be appreciated...
    mendezwife responded:
    First of all I'm sorry for your loss's & troubles. I miscarried about 4 yrs ago & just in Feb I gave birth to twin boys & they didn't make it. I was 23 wks. Premature labor. So I do understand.
    I don't think its a matter of trying too soon....something about those pregnancies just wasnt right, thats why they didnt thrive. God has a way of letting go of things that arent right for you.

    But having miscarriages in a row & not keeping pregnancies might be of some concern, since you are young. Young women in their 20's usually have no problems.(if your in your 20's) But please dont let that discourage you.

    Keep seeing your doc & keep the lines of communicatin going. I hope your blessed & able to keep the next blessing that comes your way! take good care of yourself, vitamins, eat right, no drugs, alchol. keeping your body healthy is a good start for a growing baby! good luck to you!
    myRaymond responded:
    I am so sorry for losing your angels. Those words really do not show how apologetic I am. I lost my little boy Raymond at 23 weeks due to PROM ( premature rupture of the membranes). My doctor advise me if I wanted to conceive again to wait 3 to 6 months before trying again. As of right now and it has been 5 weeks and 2 days and I am not thinking about conceiving again. I'm trying to get me together emotionally. I really feel like you should give your body a little break. I told my doctor I did not want to take any birth control pills or anything with hormones because I want my body to have a full break free of all horomones. I do take folic acid vitamins to keep my body strong because when we miscarry or loose a baby it does take a toll on our bodies. Take a little break and get your body back right. Even though women are on the clock when it comes to children you said you are young so you have a little time on your side. Take time to pamper yourself and get the emotional part together, so you will be good when your blessing does come for good. Trust God and much prayer for you. Much peace and love

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