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    Mirena and first time missed period.
    eriii_luvvv posted:
    I got Mirena IUD after my daughter was born in 2010. Normal routine has always been spotting and then a standard icky period during my period time. Pretty regular, and never missed a period, even with the spotting during my off-period days. I've been going through a lot the past few years, and stress has been a key point, but, never affected my period. Within the past few months though, I started taking Doryx for my acne... and then came the other issues - stomach pains, digestive tract sluggish, nauseated with vomiting, food aversion and not hungry, and swelling of my feet, ankles, hands, and face. I'm bloated always, can't lose weight, and joints hurt frequently. So, it was sorted figured out over time that the antibiotic was causing too much good bacteria in my stomach to die and I started taking Align and Priolec to fix that issue. Fast forward to now: I recently stopped taking all my medicines except for a facial cleanser and acne cream. Stomach issues are gone, but now I feel this burning sensation around the bottom of my ribs. Like a hot, pulling, painful pressure, only relief is by pushing down my belly right under my ribs. Also, my back has been killing me lately. Nipples are sore, and feet ache... Been watching my salt intake better than before, and even use NoSalt.... but I'm ballooned up now for a few days. So tired, and feel like my eyes want to fall out of my head. My boyfriend and I moved into a townhome at the start of the month. We don't use protection because I have Mirena, and never had problems before. I was supposed to start on the 21st, but I've had nothing this month. Not even spotting. On the 21st I did have like red tinged pee once, but I only saw it on the toilet tissue, and not again.... I have had cramps in my pelvic region, to where I am pretty sure I'm gonna start, but nothing happens... I also typically can "kick-start" the period if I orgasm about the time I should be getting my period, and I'll bleed following sex... but no blood then either. I tested on the 22nd during the day at work twice.... both were negative. I have been extremely light headed also lately, and dizzy to where I actually feel like I'm spinning in circles if I close my eyes... I'm not nauseated- actually been pretty hungry lately. And my face isn't breaking out like it usually does around the time of my period. Can someone please tell me what is going on or if you have had similar issues....... If I'm not pregnant, then what's happening?!

    *also, I've scheduled to have Mirena removed in February because of the health issues and side effects I'm having.... trying other birth control options.
    CeeJae responded:
    Eriii -

    I have been having similar symptoms the past week and have had my Mirena for 3 years.
    I have taken 4 different pregnancy tests and all are coming back negative. I am a big worrier and I am really stressing out about this! I have thought of going to the doctor for a blood test and see if they can give me perspective on this.
    Have you found anything out since your post?

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