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    Pregnant after Tubal and Ablation?
    CamsLeeLee posted:
    So, I have had both a ablation and Tubal Ligation about a year ago and I am currently getting pregnancy symptoms i.e: swollen feet, sore breasts, fatigue sick to my stomach once so far (all this past weekend). I have been pregnant before but, in my mind I feel it isnt possibe for me to get pregnant anymore. Have any of you ladies experienced this or know of anyone that has experienced this?
    My2Monsters responded:
    Wow... I have been searching on this as I am also having symptoms and you posted only a few days ago....

    I am 30 and had my tubes tied in 2005 (during a C-Section) and cryo-ablation in april of this year. All the posts I have found are for people HOPING to get pregnant and wondering if it is an option... Not that I wouldn't be happy if I was but this wasn;t something we set out to do, you know?

    I have concerns about ectopic pregnancy and all the issues of pregnancy after ablatian. But in reading I see that it IS a possibility to carry a healthy pregnancy after one... just concerned. I'm not the type who could easily terminate... even if it was for my own health, as crazy as that sounds.

    I'm not late yet, so I keep telling myself these symptoms (nausea, increased urination, lower back pain, firmer lower abdomen, etc) are just in my head and I need to just wait it out until next week before really worrying. But I swear time is going by soooo slowly! I still have light periods after the ablatian so I am actually QUITE thankful for that right now, so that I'll have a better idea if it happens or not.

    I knew almost INSTANTLY that I was pregnant with my first child (literally two days after we had sex) and with my second, I didn't find out until almost 3 months because I ignored symptoms due to the fact I was on birth control that only allows for a period every 3 months... well that one never came. Hahaha

    We have had two surpises already... our daughter was at a time I shouldn't have been fertile and my son I really shouldn't have been with the birth control... SOOO you can see I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we defied these odds as well.
    yogagirl29 responded:
    Im a 44 year old mother of 2. I had a tubal about 20 years ago and last June I had an ablation. I've not even entertained the crazy thought that I could be pregnant but am now a month late with my period. And I am always spot on with that even after the ablation. Is there anyone out there that has become pregnant after both?????
    karencariveau replied to yogagirl29's response:
    I had a tubal in 2006 an endo ablation in 2011...had horrible menstruation until my ablation...after the lineing shed like 3 weeks...i havent had a spotting or bleed or menstruation, thought that i was going crazy that i was prego, that was early august of the ablation and now its 10/14. and i swear i am preggers. please people help if any info. do get me wrong, i wouldnt b sad if i was. But really is it possible???
    truewyatt responded:
    Anything is possible; I have a friend in Florida that had her tubes tied 15 years ago and she ended up having a baby girl about 11 years ago.
    of if you have missed your period then I would test or you could just go to your Doctor for a blood preg test.
    Brandy 39, dh 40, ds 2, dd 11 months, lost 6/08 and 9/09. EDD 3/28/12 green team.
    trclark78 replied to truewyatt's response:
    I had a tubal after a c section in 2011 and an ablasion not long aafter havent had a period since but now i am all the sudden throwing up just comes out of no where and am spotting took two pregnancy tests and it didnt show negative are positive i have pains in my abdomen and back i didnt think it was possible and if so it will probably be a tubal pregnancy ha? I havent took precaution because in my mind no period no baby but i was told by a nurse i still ovulate ! who knew ! anyone ever had this happen to them and been pregnant ?
    trclark78 replied to trclark78's response:
    Any help is greatly appriciated
    butterflygirl_530 replied to trclark78's response:
    I had my tubes tied in 2011 after my c-section. I have not had an ablation ... but i am almost 8 weeks pregnant. So yes I believe it can happen. Have you used FMU? If not then do that and if it still comes up nither neg or pos then I would call and make an appt. Hope this helps and Keep us posted.
    An_245232 replied to trclark78's response:
    I have had a tubal and ablasion .Haven't taken a pregnancy test but I am having the same symptoms as you .severe pain in the left side of my abdomen and back pain.feeling sick to my stomach.
    LTucker replied to butterflygirl_530's response:
    How is your pregnancy going? How and when did you find out? Was it the same as your last pregnancies?

    LITTLEMOMMMAOF3 replied to yogagirl29's response:
    What is a ablation? i just had a tubaligation 14 yrs ago and i havent had my menistration since sept 1st could i be pregnant?
    ChelseyShawn responded:
    I had an abolation 3 years ago and a tubal ligation over a year ago. I am now 15 weeks pregnant. My doctor and everyone around me is so surprised. When I told my boyfriend that I should have a pregnancy test, after having all the pregnancy symtoms, he thought I was over thinking it. He picked me up one and I took it right before bed and it immediatly went positive. The next day I went to the doctor and had an ultra sound, and found out I was 7 weeks at the time. I'm now in my second trimester. I am still in disbelief, but I am proof that anything is possible!!!
    Limeygirl36 replied to ChelseyShawn's response:
    I read your post and wanted to check in to see how you were doing. I am 37 years old , had a tubal and an ablation in 2005, After some life changes, divorce and a new beginning...we are talking about the possibilities of having a baby. I have read so many different stories about the effects and I wanted to get your perspective on this matter.
    Casfelder13 responded:
    Yes I had mine done two years ago & I have da sore breast da fatigue I have the sharp pain in my side craving the most outrageous things that I ate with my daughter that I wouldn't dear eat any other time I wanna find out if I'm pregnant but then I don't because of the risks that comes with it so I'm afraid to find out the results but I know I have to get it done as soon as possible
    tykimom replied to yogagirl29's response:
    I am wondering how this turned out? Were you pregnant?

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