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    No pms symptoms. could i be preggo?
    LadyEinVA posted:
    Hi. My husband and I have 2 girls and we are ttc #3. Well, each month, when i thought i had "symptoms", it turned out that I wasn't pregnant, but now this month, I have no sign of pms, which is unusual for me. Is it normal to miss pms symptoms one month, or could I possibly be pregnant? BTW, last night, I ate pizza, and I all of a sudden became so nauseous. I love pizza, but I thought that was weird. Should I test, or should I not worry about it? Any help or opinions would be great. Thanks
    B3autifulH3art responded:
    It's possible to not have PMS. I didn't get PMS this month either, my chest just felt fuller, but AF came a few days earlier than normal. I also didn't start having PMS until 2 years ago when I stopped taking Depo.

    Food aversions could be PMS or pregnancy. However, most women don't get pregnancy symptoms until they've already missed their period.

    So you could swing either way.

    Good luck!
    navywife0823 responded:
    When I found out I was preg back in Oct I had no symptoms at all either...I just took test b/c I had one laying around. We were trying to conceive but I didn't think I was pregnant, and I WAS! How far away is your cycle? You could always try those "5 Days Sooner" Tests...that's what I did! GOOD LUCK for baby #3!
    LadyEinVA responded:
    Hi.. Well, I am not expecting AF to show up until Jan.14, but I am hoping she will stay away. Just briefly now, I started to feel a little bit of cramping. It's not the feeling I usually get whenever I am due to start AF, but it feel different. Thanks for the response.

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