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    So my boobs itch and more signs
    sammyroowho posted:
    So I am having a number of driffent symptoms of pregnancy. I have takeing 2 home PG test and the have been neg. I am on the pill but missed it for a week I havent had a period this month. so on with the signs My nose is working overime. I can smell anything and everything. I was smelling the metal of the zipper of my coat and my boyfriend thought I was loosing it. Then diffrent things at resturants. I am always tired now no matter how much sleep I am getting. Just in the past two days my boobs have been itching like crazy. I will get a sudden sharp pain in the but it doesnt last. Is is posible that I am pg?? I go to get my yearly on the 3rd! Cant wait I need some answers! Anyone with input please respond. I am going crazy.
    xj852123 responded:
    My boobs itched like crazy before I even found out that I was pregnant. They itched so bad I made them bleed
    Hamilton99 responded:
    I haven't had itching on my boobs, but mine have been extra sensitive and hurt. I also have been getting that sharp pain in the butt (not a normal occurrence for me) and, like you, they don't last. How much longer until your period, or did you miss it already? I'm having very similar symptoms and am not sure yet! My period is not due until the 2nd so I am waiting until Wednesday to take another test...taken two already and gotten BFNs.
    sammyroowho responded:
    How long did it take you to find out after your boobs itched? I am really discourged because I am getting neg test! I just can't shake the feeling that I am pregnant. both me and my boyfriend and I are having dreams about it. Then I just have a gut feeling.
    love411 responded:
    it sounds to me like you are definetly pregnant!sometimes it can take a long time for the test to come back positive even though you are pregnant.whenever I got preg. I always had what my husband called the " bloodhound nose" meaning I could smell something a mile away long before anyone my breast started itching long before they began hurting!good luck with your appointment but your gut instincts are usually always right so chances are you already know the answer.
    sammyroowho responded:
    Thanks to everyone who replied! It really does help the antsie wait! I can't wait untill my doctors appt. on Monday/ I think we are really excitied and hoping that I am pregnant. We are ready now. So wish me lots of baby dust.
    bethaney12 responded:
    When you take ur preg test make sure to take it the first time you go to the bathroom to get the most accurate results

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